Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 126

Brother Qiu looked at the person who spoke with some dissatisfaction, it was Zhang Xuan.
“Kid, do you have any eyesight? How can Ah Meng lose?”
Zhang Cheng also spoke, “Brother-in-law, Brother Mang shouldn’t lose, look at that woman’s size, how could she be Brother Mang’s opponent.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head and laughed: “Size does not mean strength, your brother Mang, looking sturdy and strong, the actual lower plate is unstable, the girl looks young and soft, walking with a kind of dark energy, if I guess correctly, the girl and so on, at most three moves, will be able to put the opponent down.”
Brother Qiu bristled, obviously scoffing at Zhang Xuan’s words.
Zhang Cheng smiled awkwardly, he was not good at refuting Zhang Xuan, but it was also really hard to believe that Brother Mang’s sturdy physique would not be a match for a little girl?
The three women of Xu Wan, on the other hand, do not have so much doubt, in their hearts, now is almost what Zhang Xuan said, they believe what.
The iron cage ring, when the iron fence closed the moment, it means the beginning, only after one side fell to the ground, the iron cage fence will open.
The space inside the cage is not very big, full of calculations, but only thirty square feet, the two people inside the cage, there is no escape.
Mang looked at the skinny girl in front of him, a cold smile on his face, “I really don’t understand, Black Thunder called you to fight, is called you to send you to death?”
The girl stood there calmly, not saying a word.
Mang saw that the other party simply did not pay attention to him, some dissatisfaction in his heart, coldly grunted, cupped fist towards the girl.
Han gentle sitting on a chair, looking at the girl in the cage, willow eyebrows slightly frowned, she does not think, black Hong is deliberately to their own water, from Zhang Xuan that know something about ancient martial arts, Han gentle thoroughly understand what is called people can not look, may you look thin one, can explode out of the power you can not imagine.
Han gentle, then did not think that Mang could win, or rather, she did not think that his side, in addition to Zhang Xuan, who can be sure to win the people sent out by Hei Hong.
Mang walked up to the girl and sneered, “Little girl, you don’t blame me either, to blame, blame the person who sent you up here!”
As soon as Mang’s words left his mouth, he punched at the girl.
The people outside the cage, when they saw Mang wielding this powerful punch, they all closed their eyes a bit intolerantly, as if they had already seen the young girl being knocked over to the ground.
But the truth is, beyond their expectation.
When the fist was about to hit the girl, the girl stretched out her right hand lightning-like, holding the fist of the fierce brother, the powerful fist of the fierce brother, but the girl was squeezed dead.
“This!” The fierce brother’s face changed, subconsciously to draw his fist back, but he found that his fist, as if by a giant pincer stuck in general, can not move.
At this moment, Brother Mang finally realized that something was wrong.
“You!” Mang let out a loud shout, only just opened his mouth.
The girl’s right foot lifted, a whip leg out, heavy on Brother Mang’s thigh.
This time, let the fierce brother felt, as if someone wielded a steel pipe, smashed on his leg, the intense pain came, one of his legs, in an instant became paralyzed.
At the same time, the girl’s wrist force, pinching the fist of the fierce brother, to a clockwise rotation, the force of this rotation from the arm to the body of the fierce brother, in the case of the fierce brother a leg paralysis, directly to the fierce brother fell to the ground, a “poof” sound, bringing up the dust on the ground.
This set of movements, the flow of water, until the fierce brother fell to the ground, some people did not react, in the end what happened.
The girl, still calmly standing there, eyes without ripples, did not even look at Mang.
“Two moves.” The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned as he spoke softly.
Zhang Cheng and Brother Qiu’s expressions were both frozen, not knowing what to say.
Hei Hong’s face, too, was flat, as if such an ending, he had expected it.
Han gentle eyes, however, appeared excited, because she was sure that this girl, practicing also ancient martial arts, as a person who slowly began to contact ancient martial arts, the ancient martial arts powerful, let Han gentle fascinated.
The iron cage opened and several members of the Green Leaf community rushed into the cage and lifted Mang out.
Sitting on a chair with her back to the members of the Green Leaf Society, Han Gentle spoke again, “Who’s next?”
“I’ll do it!” Another person stepped forward, he just saw Mang fall like this, his heart is also a little disdain for Mang, he had fought with Mang before, know Mang’s weakness lies in the lower plate, perennial exercise is to make Mang’s upper body explosive power is superb, but the body is a little uncoordinated, the lower plate is not stable, only to be taken down in two moves.
The iron cage once again closed.
Zhang Xuan looked at the two people in the cage and shook his head, “Still within three moves this time.”
“Not ……” Qiu spoke on the spot, just before the last word can be said, the result was already out in the iron cage, the young girl, once again, only used two moves to put down a Green Leaf humongous general.
Now, even the most nervous person in the field could see that this girl, was not as simple as she appeared.
“Next, who?” Han Gentle spoke again.
Qing Ye came out one person after another, more than ten people, but none of them, was the opponent of the girl in the cage, until no one dared to make another move.
Black Thunder said he would only send five people, and the first one, it turned out, picked all of Qing Ye’s good fighters.
Zhang Xuan stood at the back, every time Qing Ye sent out people, he would speak out for analysis, at the beginning, Qiu took him as a bunch of nonsense, but later, every time Qing Ye came out one person, Qiu had to ask Zhang Xuan first, whether it was possible to win.
Hei Hong watched as one good fighter after another from Qing Ye fell, and laughed, “Little girl, you are using my people, to give you practice, huh?”
Han gentle smiled, “Boss Black, you set the rules, I can send as many people as I want.”
“Of course.” Black Hong nodded, “But little girl, practice, but also have to be appropriate, and then practice, the hearts and minds of the people will be scattered ah.”
Black Hong said while his gaze swept behind Han gentle green leaf society, these society members, now between the expression, all with a kind of lack of confidence, the society more than ten good hands, one after another challenge a young girl, but no one walked through three moves, for them, is a great blow.
“Boss Black, that’s not for you to worry about.” Han tenderly stretched his hand over his head and waved it behind him, “Ah Long, haven’t you always wanted to sit in the position of second leader, today you are given this opportunity, if you can defeat two people, this second leader is for you to sit!”
“Brother Dragon!” Tiger looked at the man in front of him with a surprised face.
In the Dragon’s fist, tied a circle of white bandages, now he, is a little bit remove the bandages, this kind of hand band, is to avoid punching too much power, cause damage to their own muscles, when a fighter remove the hand band, means that he will not leave himself a way out.

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