Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 127

The Dragon in the Green Leaf Society, although the status is not very high, but the popularity, is second only to the several leaders of the Green Leaf, a provincial sparring runner-up title, so that his reputation in the Green Leaf Society extraordinarily loud, vaguely, a kind of Green Leaf double flower red stick feeling.
Now, Long was going to strike, causing a cheer to go up from the members of the Green Leaf Society.
The defeat of more than ten good fighters in a row had made them too stifled and desperately needed someone to get back the scene.
Seeing that Brother Long had such a high popularity, Tiger’s face showed delight.
“Brother-in-law, what do you think of him, what are his chances of winning?” Zhang Cheng looked at Brother Long, who was walking into the iron cage, and asked.
“It’s not easy to say.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “This person, some bottom, him and that girl, it depends on who has more combat experience.”
Brother Long walked into the cage, the iron cage closed, he did not have any unnecessary nonsense, direct action.
Outside the cage, Tiger led a cheering shout.
Inside the cage, the sparring situation was just as Zhang Xuan had guessed, Brother Long, unlike the previous dozen people, fought with the girl back and forth, and even seemed to have some upper hand.
“Little girl, I can’t imagine that you have such an expert in Qing Ye, it’s really rare.” Hei Hong looked at Long and said rather enviously.
The two fists of Brother Long waved with the wind, with the sound of breaking wind, Brother Tiger looked excited, today’s battle, Brother Long must be famous, in the future, this Green Leaf, there must be a place for him!
“Hey, lost again.” Zhang Xuan stood there and shook his head.
“How come?” Brother Qiu frowned, somewhat puzzled, although he and Brother Long and the others did not get along privately, but in this situation, he still wanted his own people to win.
“The early strikes are too swift and do not know how to retain their breath, in this stalemate situation, they will soon be exhausted and fall.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, this Dragon, there is an impetus, but combat experience, too lacking.
As if to confirm Zhang Xuan’s words, Zhang Xuan’s words less than a minute, the cage of Brother Long often misses, by the other side of a few punches on the body, feet back, just when he wanted to counter-attack, the other side of the strong bullying up, so he panicked to resist, and finally was a heavy punch in the abdomen.
The whole person was hit by this punch like a shrimp bowed up, face suffocated red, this ring match, to this also has the result.
Black Thunder to come out with five people to challenge the entire Green Leaf Association, the result is just one person, to challenge the entire Green Leaf experts!
Tiger’s excited look, rushed to the iron cage, when the iron fence opened, the first time into the cage to help Brother Long out.
In Brother Long’s eyes, flickering with a strong resignation.
Han’s gentle voice, once again sounded, “Who else is on?”
This time, the crowd you look at me, I look at you, no one stood out again.
Now who wants to stand out and say on, that absolutely has extraordinary confidence in themselves, more think they are stronger than Long, which will stand out.
But looking at the entire Green Leaf Society, who dares to say that he is stronger than Brother Long?
Zhang Xuan twisted his shoulders, he knew that he could not look any further, do not look at Han gentle female tyrannosaurus now sitting there with a calm demeanor, it is estimated that the heart has long been anxious smoke, if you do not take action, God knows what this female tyrannosaurus can do.
“Is there anyone else?” Han tenderly asked again.
“I’ll do it!” Zhang Xuan bellowed and stood out amidst the surprised gazes of Zhang Xuan, Brother Qiu, and Xu Wan, the three women.
The moment Han tender heard Zhang Xuan’s voice, she had a feeling of reassurance, she glanced back and saw the familiar figure, and was just about to speak when she heard a discordant voice ring out, still from within the Green Leaf Society.
“Get back! Something without rules!” Brother Tiger glared at Zhang Xuan with a gloomy face and loudly scolded.
Brother Long had just lost the battle, and whoever stood out now, was thinking that he, himself, was going to be stronger than Brother Long, unlike others, Brother Long’s reputation in Qing Ye, was propped up by his fist and kick kung fu, including his status, which was also directly related to his being the runner-up in Ning Province’s casual fighting, so whoever thought that he was stronger than Brother Long, didn’t that mean that he also wanted to press Brother Long in terms of his status in Qing Ye?
In the eyes of Tiger, Zhang Xuan and the others, are the little brothers of the head of the leopard, and now the little brothers of the head of the leopard are going to stand out to press their big brother, of course he is not happy.
Zhang Xuan looked at Brother Tiger with a strange expression and did not speak.
Han tender just ready to greet Brother Tiger words also put into the belly, looking at this side.
Tiger saw Zhang Xuan standing there, unmoved, and continued to scold: “What, do I need to tell you a second time? This is where you stay?”
Zhang Xuan was silent for two seconds and raised his eyebrows, “I’m not on, are you? Since you are so arrogant, why don’t you just go up and fight in the ring?”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he casually found a chair and sat down.
“Me!” Tiger had just opened his mouth when he was interrupted by Han’s gentle voice.
“Good, then you go up to fight in the ring.” Han Gentle gave a direct order, although Han Gentle didn’t know what happened between Zhang Xuan and his own men, she was definitely on Zhang Xuan’s side.
“Miss, I’m ……” Brother Tiger fawned, he went up to the ring himself? What a joke, even Dragon is not an opponent, they go up is not looking for death.
“Look at you so big pie, should not be bad strength, go.” Han tenderly nudged the iron cage.
Tiger waved his hand, “Miss, you misunderstood, I just joked with this little brother, he wants to fight, let him fight well.”
“Sorry, I don’t want to fight.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “How can I dare to fight when you have such a big pie?”
Han’s gentle face looked at Tiger with displeasure, “Still not going up? Waiting for me to invite you up?”
“Miss, I’m …… I’m ……” Tiger showed a face of bitterness, do not know what to say is good, he is now wondering, why he reprimanded a little brother, will draw such a big reaction from Miss?
“How many times do I have to say it?” Han gentle’s face had changed.
“No, Missy, I’m …… not afraid to go up there and lose face.” Tiger’s face was embarrassed.
“There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Han gentle smiled, “Go on.”
Han gentle now this attitude, obviously has been laid out, not on the can not.
In the shouting gentle side, those Qing Ye Society backbone, are like looking at fools look at Brother Tiger, for Zhang Xuan, they as backbone, participated in the Qing Ye large and small events, who still do not know this ruthless person, Ah Hu that a small hall head, how dare to rebuke such a ruthless person?
Tiger, with a bitter face, put out his gaze for help, but no one paid any attention.
“Come on, when you were shouting just now, weren’t you quite powerful, why did you wimp out?” Viper, the third leader of Qing Ye, snickered.

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