Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 131

The so-called absolute overwhelming strength, not only in terms of skills, combat awareness crushing the opponent, including their own qualities, is also absolute crushing.
Just like Zhang Xuan, even if he was pinned by three people, even in this small space, he could not do effective dodge, even if he was kicked in the leg, for Zhang Xuan, it was harmless, but on the contrary, the person who kicked Zhang Xuan, at the moment, his legs and feet are painful.
Of course, this is also Zhang Xuan let water, if Zhang Xuan’s current idea is to kill these three people, then the three people in front of you, there is absolutely no possibility, touch Zhang Xuan.
Killing people, and defeating people, in terms of combat methods, are completely two concepts.
Once when Zhang Xuan just contacted the underground dark world, encountered a super expert, when someone asked Zhang Xuan, defeating this expert how sure he was, Zhang Xuan’s answer was, defeating the other party is not the slightest possibility, but kill the other party, there are seven points of certainty.
This is the difference between killing, and defeating a person.
All along, what Zhang Xuan had mastered, was the killing technique.
At this moment, in the ring, what Zhang Xuan relied on, was absolute strength to crush!
After blocking the three people’s attacks, Zhang Xuan also began his counterattack, compared to the three people, Zhang Xuan’s counterattack, there is not much skill, giving people the feeling of only two words, direct!
A fist swung out, swift and irresistible, directly hitting the abdomen of the man in front of him.
The young man who was just swinging his fist at Zhang Xuan felt his stomach gush upward with bitter water, and his whole body could not use a bit of strength, so he naturally curled up together.
The last one, covering his calf, looked at Zhang Xuan with a complicated gaze. The three brothers did not pose a threat to the other side, but let the other side lose their ability to fight in an instant.
After Zhang Xuan struck down two people like lightning, he did not continue to strike, he looked at the third person and opened his mouth to ask: “Still fighting?”
“When ……” the third person was just about to speak.
“Open the door! We’ve lost!” The middle-aged man behind Hei Hong stood up and said loudly.
The young man in front of Zhang Xuan showed a deflated expression, indeed, they had lost, lost completely and utterly.
Hei Hong got up and turned around, looking at the middle-aged man behind him, “Master Bu Ping, this time I have to thank you.”
“Mr. Hei Hong, this is originally a matter between our ancient martial arts, lending you a messenger in the middle, it’s me, Bu Ping, who should have to thank you.” The middle-aged man said, he was wearing a black Zhongshan suit, flat cloth shoes, but there are some master style.
Bu Ping bypassed Hei Hong and walked towards the iron cage.
The gate opened and three youths walked out with each other.
“Master ……”
“Go back to rest, the opponent is very strong, I do not blame you.” Bu Ping patted the shoulders of three people one by one, walked into the iron cage, after taking the initiative to close the gate, the fight between him and Zhang Xuan, will be a game to determine the winner.
The people outside the scene, at this moment, completely saw how strong Zhang Xuan, facing the three young people just that dead-end attack, calmly handled, lightning-like return, that set of movements, as if rehearsed countless times as easy as natural, like a performance show.
The iron cage gate closed, Zhang Xuan and Bu Ping stood looking at each other.
Bu Ping, with his hands behind his back, looked at Zhang Xuan and said, “Young man, you are so young and have such strength, where did you learn from?”
The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned, “No teacher.”
“A good masterless, according to reason, you are also considered a genius, I as a senior, also appreciate you, but your people, killed my own son, just in the fight, you also have a measured hand, should not be a murderer.” Bu Ping stood there, words calm, but in question.
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan lightly laughed, “last time, I understand some of the matter, your son, ruthless, and not blame my people will kill him, if he can be the same as your disciples today, there is room to strike, and will not die a tragic death.”
Bu Ping did not say anything, he clearly Zhang Xuan’s words, his son, his heart is indeed a little wrong, but no matter how, that is his own son, was killed so, how can he sit back and do nothing.
Bu Ping no longer make a sound, Zhang Xuan also no longer make a sound, the two are so quietly looking at each other.
Bu Ping just had a guess, Zhang Xuan is not practicing body, but Qi, he now wants to feel, this young man’s Qi, in the end how strong!
Time slowly passed, Bu Ping’s breathing, and more and more heavy, he kept looking at the opponent in front of him, in the beginning, he was in Zhang Xuan’s body, could not feel a little Qi, but now, he can already clearly feel it, the man obviously did not do anything, but stood in front of himself, from a sheep, gradually became, a lion! As if a fierce beast, at any time will be like himself to pounce.
Zhang Xuan made a slight hand-raising action, but just this small action, but let Bu Ping have a feeling of chest tightness.
The pupils of Bu Ping occurred a violent contraction, because he found, a particularly terrible thing, no wonder just now, his disciple will be this person with qi pressure can not move, when Bu Ping was still wondering, a young man, how to come so terrifying qi, but now he is sure, this young man, has not qi, but …… killing qi!
Aura, can be expressed in many ways, sharp eyes, tall physique, a long time on top and developed majesty, this kind of aura, will make the weak unconsciously bow their heads.
But the formation of killing aura, there is only one, kill! Exactly how many people to kill, there is no definite number.
Bu Ping looked at his opponent in front of him, how old was he? Why would there be such a strong killing aura, so strong that, let yourself, are feeling oppressed!
The feeling that he is now exactly the same as the girl before, in front of Zhang Xuan’s substantial killing energy, feeling weak in the legs and feet, can not rise in the heart of what confrontation, this feeling, so that the heart of Bu Ping, what the hell is this person! How can he give himself such a strong pressure, and this pressure, with the passage of time, is still increasing!
The people watching outside the field, simply can not see, the two people inside the field, what kind of game is doing.
The feeling of tightness in the chest became more and more obvious.
Just when Bu Ping was about to hold out, a strange change occurred!
An ear-piercing cell phone ringing, from the cage rang.
“Hello? Ah? I’m out here, with Xu Wan, really, oh.” Zhang Xuan picked up the phone and said in a quick tone, then waved his hand outside the iron cage, “Xu Wan, come quickly, your sister wants you to answer the phone!”

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