Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 132

Zhang Xuan this call, pick up the people present are a little confused.
What is the situation, this picture also became too fast, right?
Xu Wan stood up from her seat with a strange expression, walked to the iron cage and picked up the phone from between the bars of the cage.
“Hey sister, well, I’m with my brother-in-law, okay, I’ll give it to my brother-in-law, then that’s it.”
Xu Wan answered a few times on the phone and handed the phone back to Zhang Xuan.
“What is it?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“My sister said that she wants you to arrive home within half an hour.”
“Half an hour?” Zhang Xuan’s face changed, “How long would it take to drive back from here?”
“Uh ……” Xu Wan answered after thinking for a while, “It will take about twenty minutes.”
Hearing this, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay, that’s not too late, when I finish this fight, you wait for me.”
Zhang Xuan said, turned around to look at Bu Ping.
The first thing you need to do is to take a breath when Zhang Xuan answers the phone, and experience Zhang Xuan’s murderous aura, he never wants to experience it a second time, his idea, is to strike directly, since you can’t spell this young man in the aura, then you can beat him in other aspects!
Bu Ping left foot back, made a bow stance, hands flat in front of the belly, a long breath.
“Young man, I admit that you ……”
“Sorry, my wife is urging me to go home, I have to finish quickly.” Zhang Xuan interrupted Bu Ping’s words, squeezed his fist, and then, stepping forward, rushed straight towards Bu Ping.
Zhang Xuan’s movement made Bu Ping’s heart startled and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “So fast!”
The cry of surprise had just fallen, Zhang Xuan had already arrived in front of Bu Ping, a punch out.
The subconscious body twist, narrowly dodged the punch, Zhang Xuan’s fist did not lose momentum, blasted on the iron cage behind Bu Ping, that is as thick as an adult thumb steel bars, was bent by Zhang Xuan’s fist.
The steel bent behind him, gulped saliva, this punch, if hit on his own body, the end can be imagined.
A punch was swung, Zhang Xuan did not stop there, back to a whip leg draw.
Bu Ping grabbed the steel bars above the cage with both hands, avoiding Zhang Xuan’s whip leg, the whip leg on the steel bars, this time not only let the steel bars bend so simple, but kicked off four steel bars in a row, before stopping.
Just now, Zhang Xuan whether the girl, or the three disciples of Bu Ping, it seems too quickly, ordinary people can only see a result, but can not see the details, but now, they see the power of Zhang Xuan’s punch and kick, almost everyone, subconsciously shivered, while thinking, this punch and kick to their own body what will happen? Probably will be killed directly, right?
Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned, teeth bared, once again rushed towards Bu Ping.
“Stop, stop, stop!” When Bu Ping saw Zhang Xuan’s sprinting action, he hurriedly pointed his left index finger at his right palm, “No more fighting, no more fighting, I admit defeat!”
There were so many people watching, Bu Ping was at least the Four Extremes Sect Master, so he was extremely reluctant to admit defeat.
But what could he do if he was reluctant, Zhang Xuan just dodged those two blows, all by luck, next time, Bu Ping did not know if he would be so lucky, under Zhang Xuan’s attack, he did not even dare to fight back.
“Admit defeat? Fine, then I’ll leave.” As soon as Zhang Xuan heard this, he immediately withdrew his hand, hastily pulled open the iron cage fence and walked out, greeting Xu Wan as he walked, “Quickly, quickly, go to the car and show me how long it is!”
“Brother-in-law, there are still twenty-nine minutes, there is no need to rush.”
“In a hurry? Do I look like I’m in a hurry? My family status, may be anxious?” Zhang Xuan said loudly, walking out of the footsteps, but did not slow down a little, still hurried, jogging out of the ring.
Sitting around the community bigwigs, are wide-eyed, a ghost of a look, so powerful and terrifying a master, but is a …… wife control?
Han gentle looking at Zhang Xuan that rush look, a trace of despondency appeared in his eyes, but also just a flash, “Black boss, this fight, count us lucky.”
“Hehe, heroes come out of teenagers, heroes come out of teenagers ah.” Hei Hong gave a thumbs up.
Zhang Cheng several people, also followed Zhang Xuan, got up and quickly walked towards the outside of the underground boxing ring.
Tiger and other people, see Zhang Xuan walking hurriedly, out of the boxing ring, heart a big sigh of relief, look like, this time, should be so uncovered, such a master, certainly will not turn back to find their own trouble to be right.
They had just had this thought when they saw Zhang Xuan, who had already left the ring, return with Zhang Cheng.
“By the way, I forgot to say one thing, that what is called Dragon Brother Tiger, my little brother will go to you later to ask for a statement, do not let me down!” After saying that, Zhang Xuan turned his head and ran away again.
Brother Long and others nodded repeatedly and lost a smiling face, “Sure, sure.”
Their smiles were much harder to see than crying.
On the way back, Zhang Xuan drove, all the way to step on the gas, the people in the car looked at Zhang Xuan this anxious look, covered his mouth and snickered, where there is still a little bit of just killing the master like it.
“By the way Xu Wan, you just gave your sister that we are doing what did not?” Zhang Xuan asked.
Xu Wan shook his head, “No.”
“That’s good.” Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, “Don’t tell your sister that I’m looking for a fight, just say that we’re in the school library reading a book.”
The car to the water township, from Lin Qinghan to Zhang Xuan time, there are still three minutes, Zhang Xuan did not even have time to say hello, directly rushed off the car, running towards home.
With a minute to go to half an hour, Zhang Xuan pushed open the door of his home, and at home, Lin Qinghan was alone, sitting on the sofa with her hair spread out, watching TV.
“Mr. Lin, I’m back.” Zhang Xuan compensated with a smiling face.
“What have you been doing today?” Lin Qinghan didn’t even look at Zhang Xuan and opened his mouth to ask.
“I went to Yinzhou University to give a lecture.”
“I know that, where is it after the lecture?”
“Just had a dinner with Xu Wan and the girls, played for a while, and then ……” Zhang Xuan said, his face a little unnatural.
Lin Qinghan’s voice suddenly became stern: “I didn’t ask you this!”
“That is?” Zhang Xuan looked puzzled.
Lin Qinghan stood up, organized the sky blue pajamas on her body, turned around and stared at Zhang Xuan, “I gave you the phone number of the marketing manager Sun, you haven’t been in touch with him, right? Three days deadline, and the last day tomorrow, how are you preparing?”
“This ah.” Zhang Xuan rubbed his hands and laughed dryly, he hadn’t thought of contacting the marketing manager, “Mr. Lin, I’ve already found my partner, he’ll be here the day after tomorrow.”
“Found? A multinational group of enamel countries?” Lin Qinghan’s bright eyes were filled with doubt.

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