Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 134

The person who wanted to kill Lin Qinghan, found it!
Zhang Xuan’s gaze, at this moment, was filled with killing intent.
Seeing such a gaze from Zhang Xuan, Bai Chi prayed in his heart for the person who had provoked Zhang Xuan.
“Who is it?”
“Yanjing’s Su, the specific person, we have inquired, should we do it directly?”
“No need.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I had an agreement with China some years ago, my people, as a last resort, will not make a big scene in China, to kill someone in Su, not a small fight, I will handle this myself, you guys just send me the information of that person.”
“Okay, boss, then I’ll go first.” White pool looked at the wrist piece of Patek Philippe diamond watch, did not wait for the want of the top blue mountain soak, then got up and left the cafe.
Zhang Xuan looked at the message from Bai Chi on his phone, and after a few seconds, deleted the message, the other party’s identity, looks, he had firmly remembered in his mind, and at the same time, gave the other party a dead man tag.
Just out of the cafe, Zhang Xuan received a message from Lin Qinghan with a positioning message.
“Come here quickly, I’ll wait for you here, Milan and the girls will be here soon!”
Zhang Xuan opened the positioning and arrived at the fastest speed.
The place that Lin Qinghan positioned for Zhang Xuan was a single apartment, and as soon as Zhang Xuan arrived, he saw Lin Qinghan who was standing downstairs with an anxious face.
As soon as Lin Qinghan saw Zhang Xuan, she stepped on her black high heels, trotted over and handed a key to Zhang Xuan.
“This is ……” Zhang Xuan looked at the key with a puzzled face.
“Room zero two on the thirteenth floor, you go up first, look like you’re pretending, quick.” Lin Qinghan simply too late to explain to Zhang Xuan, a burst of pushing and shoving, Zhang Xuan into the hallway, breathlessly towards the thirteenth floor.
Lin Qinghan, on the other hand, drove away after Zhang Xuan went upstairs.
Zhang Xuan took the elevator to the thirteenth floor, found the door to room zero-two, and opened it.
The house presented in front of Zhang Xuan was at least 130 square feet, with a large living room, a large single bedroom, a large bathroom, luxuriously decorated, with fine wallpaper on the walls, furniture all high-grade goods, and wooden floors cleaned and spotless.
There is also a study in the house, Zhang Xuan a look at the things in the study, you know what this bachelor pad is used for.
That a sheet of drawing paper, paint, is completely to Zhang Xuan arranged fake identity with well, look at the house, think not Lin Qinghan first day to prepare, some paint, specially opened, used half, the drawing board on the drawing paper, but also already have half of the picture, shaped a flip often people here to paint the illusion.
Zhang Xuan just surveyed the whole house, before a closer look, listened to the doorbell ring.
Zhang Xuan answered, walked to the living room, thought about it, took off his suit jacket, only wore a shirt, then opened the door, saw Milan, Li Ke, and Lin Qinghan three women standing in front of the door, in addition to the three women, there is a strange man Zhang Xuan had not seen, with a moustache, a dirty braid, an artist’s pie, melancholy look can be called a girl killer.
Once Milan saw the door open, she revealed a face of surprise, “Zhang Xuan, you’re really here, Qing Han was just unsure, saying that you’ve been helping out in her company recently and have less time to paint.”
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan laughed dryly twice, his gaze unconsciously looking at Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face was slightly red and her face was a bit unnatural, “Honey, here’s an old friend here, also specializing in painting, wants to see your studio.”
“Hello, I’m Fang Lu, I used to go to college with Qinghan and the girls.” The moustached man with dirty braids extended his palm at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan shook hands with the other party and also introduced himself.
“Mr. Zhang Xuan, I heard from Qinghan and the girls that you are also in the field of painting, here is my business card.”
Zhang Xuan took Fang Lu’s business card and took a glance at it, it said Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association, Senior Member, Chairman of Yanjing Modern Painting Exhibition, both titles, symbolizing Fang Lu’s achievements in this aspect of painting.
“Zhang Xuan, Fang Lu is also engaged in painting, I think ah, you two should be able to talk, otherwise do not paint first, it is almost noon, go out to eat something?” Milan proposed.
At that time, Milan was only thinking of breaking Zhang Xuan, so she contacted Fang Lu, who was a connoisseur in painting, and only a connoisseur could understand some professional knowledge.
Milan knows that Fang Lu has always liked Lin Qinghan, just did not reveal his heart, he said so, Fang Lu will certainly come over and challenge Zhang Xuan, when the time comes, Zhang Xuan will naturally reveal his horse.
The result was that early this morning, she received a phone call from Fang Lu, who informed her that she had arrived in Yinzhou City, which gave Milan a shock, and hastily contacted Lin Qinghan, saying that Fang Lu wanted to communicate with Zhang Xuan about painting.
The reason why Zhang Xuan came to this long-prepared studio first, Lin Qinghan’s intention, is to call Zhang Xuan out of the studio, so that after eating, and then propose to come to the studio, then will give birth to unnecessary trouble, more likely to reveal.
Seeing Milan’s initiative to go to dinner, Lin Qinghan naturally agreed, “Okay, then we will go to eat first, Fang Lu, you are a guest, take you to try our specialties here.”
“Qing Han, dinner is not urgent, you know, I can’t walk when I see paintings, this time I have this opportunity, how can I also communicate with your husband.” Fang Lu smiled a little, lifted his leg and walked into the door of the room, “Mr. Zhang, do you mind if I come in.”
“Of course you don’t mind, quickly please.” Zhang Xuan made a gesture of invitation.
Fang Lu was the first to enter the door and looked around.
Seeing this, Lin Qinghan’s three women could only enter the room first.
“Wow, Zhang Xuan, the environment of your studio is luxurious enough.” Li Ke looked at the whole room, the height of the thirteenth floor, with the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room, you can have a clear view of the outside of the building, and the lushly vegetated park downstairs is a natural beauty.
“Haha, it’s not bad.” Zhang Xuan laughed dryly twice, the view outside this room, he hadn’t had the time to appreciate it properly yet.
Lin Qinghan walked into the door, covertly pulled Zhang Xuan’s sleeve, whispered to Zhang Xuan: “You wait try to avoid communicating with Fang Lu in painting, I strive to help you drag, the two paintings prepared inside, is imitating the sunrise and forest shade of master Firger, are oil paintings, you wait do not say poorly.”

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