Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1383

The three-day agreement, in a very short time, spread to the ears of the major Qi refiners.
Everyone is waiting and guessing what the clan is going to do next. After all, Li Zhantian, one of the strongest members of the Li family, was cut off by someone from time to time, and fled away. Now If you want to send a master to come, what level is that there are only a few spirit control clans in the world, but one Emperor Wu, can Emperor Wu make a move?
The clan quickly gave the answer to this speculation. One night, the clan was silent, but when the sky first broke the next day, the army of the clan appeared in Yinzhou, tens of millions of Lijia Village, and the five clans were all together. Twenty people came out of every clan.
A whole team of a hundred people gathered from the five clans appeared, and there were five of them. The powerhouses of the same level as Li Zhantian. Only one step away can step into the strongest person who controls the spirit. This is the strongest manifestation of the clan’s strength. , And among the remaining ninety-five people, thirty people have the power to empower gods, and the rest are in the late stage of Qi Condensation. It can be said that this luxurious lineup, even the return to the ancestral alliance, the gods’ retreat, and the sacred heaven If you don’t come out, you have to ask that in this world, there are only five major clans that can come up with such a luxurious lineup.
A whole clan team of a hundred people walked into Lijia Village. Those Qi refiners wanted to go to the village to see what happened, but they were stopped by nine innings. They couldn’t force it through, and they could only stay outside, waiting for the result.
The strength that a hundred-person clan team can show is too terrifying. If you have the same level as Li Zhantian, then five people.
Thirty masters of god-given, even listening, all make people tremble.
This group of people walked into Lijia Village, and it was definitely a stormy sea. No matter how strong the person inside, they could not resist such a force. The majesty of the clan really did not allow provocation.
Although the clan has been silent for a long time, the strength it exhibited instantly made people understand that a clan is a clan, and if it is not born, it will definitely stand at the top of this food chain.
On this day, someone saw that above Lijiacun, aura was full of energy.
On this day, someone saw that there was sword energy coming out, and the sharp edges were far apart, and they all felt clearly.
On this day, someone saw smoke and dust in Li’s village.
On this day, at noon, the clan members came out. However, when they entered, there were a hundred people. When they came out, the number was less than fifty. Of the five strongest people, only three came out, and all three of them came out. Severely injured.
The clan members left directly, no one knew what was going on in Li’s village.
“Those who provoked the clan were beheaded”
This message, from nowhere, immediately caused a riot.
“Sure to be cut”
“The clan masters all come out. If you can’t kill one more person, then it’s too unreasonable.”
“Not necessarily, you have to wait and see.”
“Waiting for something, if you are waiting for that person, the clan will leave if you are not killing that person, where is that person?”
“Yes, but I have to say that that person is super strong, the clan left so many people, and lost two strongest people before beheading that person.”
“He is also provoking the clan. If you change to another power, I am afraid that you can’t stop this person.”
Various voices spread among different Qi refiner forces. When the clan left, until late at night, no people appeared. After another day, Lijia Village was still peaceful.
“It’s completely over. That person is dead, and the clan members do not appear. Sure enough, the power of the clan is not something that everyone can provoke.”
“Yes, the clan has been passed down for so long, and that background is not what we can imagine.”
“Dare to provoke the clan, this person, I am afraid that he has eaten the courage of the bear heart and leopard.”
When it gets dark, the eyes of many Qi refiners have to leave, because the so-called three days are about to pass.
In the periphery of Lijia Village, the people from the Ninth Bureau also guarded here for three days.
“Boss, we should go too.”
“Don’t go.” Zhao Ji shook his head and lit a cigarette. “Wait until he comes out.”
“Wait for him to come out” The Ninth Bureau member repeated Zhao Ji’s words, then his eyes widened suddenly, “Boss, you mean him”
“Yes, he will come out.” Zhao Ji nodded very confidently.
“Boss, if he is dead, the clan will have no one to come again this day and a half. Doesn’t that mean” one person stared in the direction of Lijiacun incredulously.
There was a smile on Zhao Ji’s face, “Yes, that is to say, people from the clan, I’m sorry.”
Clan Recognition
Five clans recognition
As one of the four great Qi refiners in the world, the clan was killed by a single person. This
The members of the Ninth Bureau who heard Zhao Ji’s words already don’t know how to express their inner thoughts. It’s a bit scary to say this.
When night fell completely.
Standing in the middle of Li’s Village, Zhang Xuan raised his head and looked at the sky. Tonight’s night sky, there are no dark clouds, and the crescent moon is high.
Around Zhang Xuan’s body, Lijiacun had long been turned into ruins in the fire.
The village chief of Lijia Village, standing aside, his eyes dull, the moment he escaped from the clan army, he maintained such a look and never changed.
As a branch of the Li family, the village head of Li’s village is very proud in his heart. In his eyes, as a branch of the Li family, this is tyrannical capital, otherwise he would not condone the people in the village to do those things in the first place. He wouldn’t imprison Qin Rou as a poultry for a little bit of trouble, but from the moment the clan army left, the arrogance in his heart, the arrogance that accompanied him all his life, was completely shattered, on the surrounding ground, Lying with the corpses of the clan members, it was shocking. Such a scene, like a heavy slap, waved to the clan’s face.
However, it has been a day and a half. The clan has no action. The three-day appointment is completely over at the moment when night falls. The clan is afraid.
“It seems that the clan is not as strong as you think.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth and looked at the village chief of Lijiacun. The big tree that I rely on really can’t keep a stubborn leaf.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he turned and left. Village Chief Li’s sluggish pupils suddenly bulged, and a smear of blood appeared from his neck. Then, the bloodstains circled around his neck, and the head of Village Chief Li rolled to the ground.
Starting today, Lijiacun will completely disappear in Yinzhou, and, starting tonight, a person’s name will resound throughout the world of Qi refiners.
Zhang Xuan strode and walked out of the Lijia Village. The moment his figure walked out of Lijia Village, the whole world of gas refiners was boiling.
The one who provokes the clan is dead

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