Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 150

Haihu, a famous 5A scenic spot in Ning Province, is a “Silk Road Station” that combines the spiritual beauty of Jiangnan water town with the majesty of the desert in the north of the country.
Although the name of the sea lake, but here you see, not the familiar sky blue sea, but a sea of sand!
The sea of sand is located in the middle of a lake, with a total area of 800,000 square kilometers, of which the lake area reaches 300,000 square kilometers, the rest is all sand.
Among them, sand sculpture is the most famous, every year, there are experts from all over the world, in the sea lake to hold sand sculpture competition, all kinds of entertainment projects about sand is countless.
Sea Lake is about seventy kilometers away from Yinzhou City, will be into an hour’s drive, by bicycle, amateur riders will have to ride about an hour and a half, ordinary people, at least three hours.
Anyway, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan today is out to play, the scenery along the way, is also a kind of enjoyment, this is still the first time Lin Qinghan out so far by bicycle, everything is full of freshness.
For Zhang Xuan, physical strength is naturally not something he should consider, not to mention riding a bicycle far away seventy kilometers, is to carry Lin Qinghan to walk such a long way, is also able to do.
On the way, the two talked and laughed and did not feel bored.
Unknowingly, two hours passed, and the noon sun hit the top of the head, the sun was dry and hot.
Zhang Xuan cycled on the national highway, the green shade on both sides of the road would provide a shade from time to time, ushering in a rare coolness.
“Mr. Lin, are you thirsty? I’ll go buy you a bottle of water.” In front of a roadside stall, Zhang Xuan stopped his bike and bought two bottles of ice-cold Coke.
“Why are you drinking coke?” Lin Qinghan asked strangely.
“It’s addictive.” Zhang Xuan unscrewed the cap from the bottle and took the first large sip, “Uh …… burp~”
A burp came out, and Zhang Xuan showed an expression of satisfaction.
“I’ll just have a bottle of water.” Lin Qinghan put the cola on the stall and replaced it with a bottle of mineral water.
Zhang Xuan unscrewed the cap of the bottle for Lin Qinghan in a gentlemanly manner, and Lin Qinghan took a small sip.
Zhang Xuan could tell that Lin Qinghan’s lips were already dry, proving that she was now very thirsty, but still drank water one sip at a time, without haste, which had something to do with the habits Lin Qinghan had developed since childhood.
“Well, let’s keep going, there are still twenty kilometers, I ride faster, we rush a little before to the sea lake, can play all afternoon it.”
Zhang Xuan continued to pedal up the bike, Lin Qinghan nodded and sat on the back seat.
The sun shines, Zhang Xuan stretched out his arms, ready to wipe the sweat on his face, his arms just raised, I saw a jade arm reached behind itself, the slender little hand took a tissue, in the side of Zhang Xuan’s face gently wiped.
This one action made Zhang Xuan’s heart jump with joy.
“Tired, do not stop to rest.” Lin Qinghan moved gently and still looked a little clumsy, this was her first time wiping sweat for someone else.
Zhang Xuan teeth bared, shook his head, “not tired, this is only where to ah.”
Zhang Xuan backhandedly took the tissue in Lin Qinghan’s hand, “General Lin, you sit, I’ll do it myself, let’s take you out on a bicycle, that has to let you enjoy the emperor treatment in the bicycle to do so.”
Lin Qinghan covered her mouth and laughed, “You’re poor, you, there is no imperial treatment in bicycles.”
“Of course there is.” Zhang Xuan said with a solemn face, “on a bicycle, that is also divided into several treatment, the worst kind, is the two people riding in exchange, and then, is the uphill one pushing a ride, treatment higher, uphill, you sit, I push, we are the highest treatment, the whole ride, the breeze, more comfortable than driving a sports car.”
Lin Qinghan was amused by Zhang Xuan’s words, at the same time, also by Zhang Xuan evoked memories, when he was very young, his mother took himself on a bike, encountered uphill, she pushed, he sat in the car, that was a long time ago, so long that Lin Qinghan is almost forgotten.
Zhang Xuan pedaled hard and the bike ran fast.
Lin Qinghan drank a mouthful of mineral water in his hands, a pair of beautiful eyes but from time to time glanced to the bottle of cola in the basket, deft little tongue cute lick the lips.
After looking at it for a long time, Lin Qinghan seemed to have made some kind of decision, “Zhang Xuan, can you give me your Coke to drink?”
“Sure.” Zhang Xuan didn’t even think about it, so he picked up the cola and handed it to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan looked at the black carbonated drink in her hand, all along, there were many things that she wanted to try, such as singing like crazy, such as being like other girls, being pampered and cute, playing with social software, buying a bunch of snacks that she liked, but the education of her family as a child made her never do anything too radical, she did not go to KTV to sing loudly, did not buy a bunch of snacks, did not buy a bunch of cold drinks in She always made a calm and steady look, in the company, every day a cup of hot tea, see others with a bottle of cold drinks, she sometimes want to drink a sip, but she was afraid that she did, in front of the staff to establish a majestic image will be gone, she seems to have a lot, but even some ordinary people can reach things, she did not go to experience.
Like Coke, when she was a child, her family did not let her touch these carbonated drinks, growing up, the pressure on her, her identity, have made her eliminate these drinks that seem to be only for children, and at the age of early twenties, she went to learn to taste tea and drink tea.
Unscrewing the bottle cap, Lin Qinghan’s pretty face emerged with a touch of joy, like a little kid who did something wrong, sneaking around, quickly taking a small sip of cola, then baring her mouth to experience that gas carried in the cola.
“Mr. Lin, Coke is not something you drink in such small sips, you have to take a big sip, and if you don’t burp, then the sip of Coke is meaningless.”
“Burp? How ugly is that, I don’t want it.” Lin Qinghan shook her head and refused, although she said so, her beautiful eyes carried a touch of intent.
“What’s so ugly about it, you try it, it’s really cool.”
“Try it?” Lin Qinghan looked at the bottle of cola in her hand, raised her jade neck, took a large gulp and drank it, the carbonic acid in the cola reached her stomach and turned into carbon dioxide, rushing out of Lin Qinghan’s mouth, making Lin please Han just like Zhang Xuan just now, unconsciously burping out.
“Uh …… burp~”
This sound just came out, Lin Qinghan pretty face instantly blushed, she has not done such a thing in front of people.
“Haha, how about that, very enjoyable, right!” Zhang Xuan let out a loud laugh.
Lin Qinghan tilted her head and thought about it, then a smile spilled out of her face, “It’s very addictive.”
The addiction Lin Qinghan was talking about was not this sip of cola, but what she had just done, as if she had thrown away all her restraints and was extraordinarily relaxed.

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