Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 161

Under the gaze of the man leading the quicksand, Tan Yuping subconsciously took a few steps back, just now, he felt like he was being targeted by a poisonous creature that would not die.
In fact, when there is anyone who insults the reputation of the quicksand, the quicksand people, indeed, will not die!
The battle, too, was on the verge of breaking out.
“Make a move!” Jin Xin shouted, waved both fists, and went towards the leading man of Quicksand to meet him.
Their fight, not like the TV series of martial arts masters as magnificent, but also similar to the movie martial arts scenes, and more bloody, whether it is sharp edge, or quicksand, they are experienced veterans, move without a bit of mercy.
The three people who have been standing at the end of the quicksand team, with large earlobes, will look in three directions, each seeking, they look, are hiding in the shadows of the newcomers.
These police team followed the newcomers, in addition to Han gentle, who have seen such a scene, were scared, when they saw the quicksand people looking for, there is absolutely no point to resist, body a scurry to escape.
Jin Xin dodged the knife of the person leading the quicksand and shouted, “Tian Rui, go protect the newcomer.”
“Good!” Tian Rui nodded, did not hesitate, kicked away the person in front of himself and ran towards the back.
This time, the police team followed the sharp edge, plus Han gentle, including a total of three people, respectively, hiding in three places, two of them, has been chased to flee, only Han gentle, still staying in place, did not move.
The man with the big earlobes in Quicksand, his eyes exposed in the air with a touch of fierceness, reached towards the corner where Han tender was, and grabbed his hand. A second after he reached out, the fierce eyes instantly disappeared, turning into a touch of panic, he desperately wanted to pull his hand out, but simply couldn’t do it, and then, he saw a hand knife slash heavily on his neck, making his eyes close and fall forward.
Han tenderly looked in front of her, just now, she barely saw how Zhang Xuan struck, then restricted the other party’s hand, so that the other party could not move at all.
Strength crushing, complete strength crushing, this scene in front of you, let Han tender some want to cheer out the impulse, this is their own man, no matter how strong the enemy, in front of him, always so unbeatable.
What happened here, and no one noticed.
“Go, I’ll take you out first.” Zhang Xuan pulled Han tender’s arm, not wanting to get involved here.
Han tender nodded, she was not a deadhead, knew that such a battle was not something she could get involved in, followed behind Zhang Xuan and felt her way towards the outside of the factory.
The factory is very dark, the battle is also very intense, some people fierce fight, simply did not notice Zhang Xuan and Han gentle two, but there are quicksand people saw them both, towards them both, all by Zhang Xuan single-handedly easily solved.
The two of them are the two of them, and the two of them are the two of them.
Before Zhang Xuan had time to open the closed factory door, the door was kicked open from the outside, outside the factory, there were more than twenty people from Quicksand, surging in towards the factory.
In itself, the sharp edge in terms of numbers is not much advantage, and now the quicksand came so many people, the sharp edge can be said to be completely underdog.
“Stop, no more fighting!” Jin Xin yelled, his uniform, has been cut countless tiny mouths, blood from these small mouths spread out, just now, he in order to buy time for Tian Rui, one person to face the four experts of the quicksand, completely at a disadvantage.
Under this yell of Jin Xin, both sides tacitly stop, who know that any further fight, can not please.
Needless to say, the sharp edge, in the case of far fewer than the other side, but also to protect the three newcomers, simply can not do.
And Quicksand, although they can win this time, but no one is sure to be able to wipe out the sharp edge of the people, as long as they escape one, these people, also do not want to leave China.
“Quicksand, have you really decided to fight us to the death?” Jin Xin covered his left arm, where he was most severely injured, having been viciously slashed.
“We, the people of Quicksand, are never cowards, you insult our dignity, you have to bear our wrath!” The man leading the quicksand kept staring at Tan Yuping.
Now Tan Yuping had seen the situation in front of him, not daring to say a word, falling into silence, his face a blue and red, feeling embarrassed and humiliated.
Zhang Xuan pulled Han gentle to stand behind the sharp-edged crowd.
Tan Yuping, who was being stared at by the quicksand leader, seemed to have found a venting point and looked at Zhang Xuan, “Cowardly as a mouse, just know how to run!”
Zhang Xuan directly opened his mouth to dislike back, “Run what? You do not run to continue to fight ah!”
“Kid, you do not challenge my bottom line!” Tan Yuping viciously glared at Zhang Xuan, just now, he was beaten and suffocated, face, body, received a lot of punches and kicks, a ball of anger is burning in the heart, at any moment may explode, sharp edge of the people he can not beat, but now this outsider, he still do not care.
Tan Yuping’s arrogant look amused Zhang Xuan, “I said, you just screamed at people quite happily, what, you can’t beat them and then vent your anger on me?”
“Kid, you’re provoking me!” Tan Yuping took a step towards Zhang Xuan and crossed over.
“That’s enough!” Jin Xin bellowed, “Tan Yuping, pay attention to me!”
Tan Yuping’s face showed a hint of struggle, and finally stopped in front of his body, not making a move, but with a threatening taste on his face.
Jin Xin looked towards the leader of the quicksand and said, “Today, our target is the prickly peak, but such a thing happened, I think the prickly peak has long been aware, how about this matter, let’s forget about it? If you leave now, I will never count your trespassing in China!”
The leader of Quicksand laughed coldly, “That’s a good point, your sharp edges trampled on my dignity of Quicksand, today there must be a result!”
“What result do you want?”
“Very simple, he dies!” The leader of the Ryuusha extended the folding knife, and the tip of the knife pointed directly at Tan Yuping.
Tan Yuping’s face changed violently, a brush of white, the situation was now clear, if the quicksand really wanted to kill himself, no one could protect himself.
Jin Xin frowned, “Riusha, you just want my sharp edge people, when we sharp edge is what, let people bully the soft persimmon?”
“Those who insult my quicksand, will not stop until they die!” The leader of the Quicksand retreated again with his feet, his folding sword gripped back to his waist, and he might fire at any moment.
Between the two sides, the atmosphere became abruptly grave.
At this moment, a discordant sound broke the stagnant atmosphere.
Zhang Xuan’s cell phone ringing one after another, message after message sent, in this coarse atmosphere extraordinarily ear-piercing.

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