Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 164

The amount of compensation is 1.5 times of his entire fortune?
The youth and the young man’s father listened to Zhang Xuan’s words, half a day before they came back to their senses, this is not still saying that they want to force themselves to a desperate path! And this desperate way, more ruthless!
Compensation of 80 million magnesium, for the youth, this life can not do, even if the court to enforce, at most is to sell his family’s entire property, so that his life can not turn over.
And Zhang Xuan, now ask the other party to compensate the family’s total assets of one point five times, generally this kind of business family, even if there is invisible property, not too much, when taking out their invisible property and sell their entire fortune, they may see the amount will be paid back hope, so will go to borrow money, and so on.
Generally this kind of major property loss, can be changed from civil to criminal, when the time comes, in order not to eat jail time, the youth will drain his family of everything, this is the price he paid for what he did!
Zhang Xuan did not say anything more to the father and son, after setting the amount of compensation, there will be a lawyer to deal with this matter.
Just out of the traffic police, Zhang Xuan received a call from Han gentle, said Jin Xin wanted to invite Zhang Xuan to dinner to thank him for his help yesterday, Zhang Xuan knew what Jin Xin meant, just want to pry into their own bottom line and so on, for this invitation, Zhang Xuan directly refused.
Soon, the time came to noon.
After working all morning, Lin Qinghan left the office. This morning, after eating the appetizer breakfast specially prepared by Zhang Xuan, she had a feeling of not being able to finish it, the fragrance, which reminded her from time to time while working, licking her lips like a greedy cat.
When it was time to eat at noon, Lin Qinghan was the first to arrive at the restaurant, but when she saw the ordinary home-cooked dishes in the restaurant, she felt as if she had little appetite again.
She wasn’t hungry, but wanted to eat those delicious dishes made by Zhang Xuan.
Regretfully shaking her head, Lin Qinghan walked out of the restaurant and stepped onto the elevator, her cherry mouth couldn’t help but pout.
Damn Zhang Xuan! Stinky Zhang Xuan! Make delicious food for others! Don’t you know how to make some for me?
Lin Qinghan even imagined in her mind the scene when Zhang Xuan handed over the braised fish and braised pork ribs to someone else, and she felt a little aggrieved.
There is no mistake! I am your wife, okay? Even if you want to cook something delicious, you should be the first to give it to me!
Lin Qinghan pouted and pushed open the office door, and as soon as the door opened, a fragrance came to her face.
Lin Qinghan also opened her eyes wide at this time, she saw, on her desk, Zhang Xuan’s morning roast fish, and roast pork ribs, is steaming hot, the fragrance is emanating from there, in addition to these two dishes they have been thinking about all morning, there is a plate of spinach, a white rice, with a cup of hot water, all placed there, waiting for their taste.
Lin Qinghan ran over in surprise and saw that, on the table, there was a note.
“Mr. Lin, you can’t drink Coke every day, and you can’t eat fruit for lunch every day, you still have to eat rice.” On the back of the note, there was a smiley face emoji drawn on it.
Lin Qinghan “pfft” laugh out, the heart just rose aggression all dissipated, heart while cursing the stinking Zhang Xuan, while happily pick up chopsticks, not even to sit down will be a piece of ribs into the mouth, that stewed crispy ribs do not need Lin Qinghan how to chew, the meat will fall off the bone, very tasty, bite, juice burst, is a beautiful enjoyment.
Lin Qinghan is like a greedy little girl, when she is in a hurry to eat, she goes up to grab, and then licks her fingers clean one by one, it is very cute, three dishes and a bowl of rice, Lin Qinghan unknowingly ate a clean.
After eating, Lin Qinghan half lying above her boss, contentedly patted her belly, burping a full.
This burp just exported, Lin Qinghan like a scared little rabbit reached out to cover her mouth, a pair of big eyes slithering around, and then hey giggle, this moment of her, not a little iceberg female president look, is an ordinary, happy, happy, little woman.
The newly promoted manager of the Business Department 7 is Chen.
Yesterday, Manager Chen asked Zhang Xuan to contact the people of Hengyuan Trade, and as a result, Zhang Xuan was targeted by Li Meiyi and did not talk about anything.
About how Li Meiyi treated Zhang Xuan, Manager Chen naturally did not know, when she learned that Zhang Xuan did not talk about anything with Hengyuan, arranged for Zhang Xuan to make another trip to Hengyuan Trade.
Manager Chen called Li Meiyi in advance and made an appointment with Li Meiyi, saying that Zhang Xuan, a salesman of his department, would visit Hengyuan Trade, and Li Meiyi agreed to all of them over the phone.
When Zhang Xuan arrived at Hengyuan Trade, after explaining his intention, the receptionist of Hengyuan Trade gave Zhang Xuan’s answer in one word.
Li Meiyi said he had something to deal with, let Zhang Xuan wait.
Zhang Xuan this wait, it is an afternoon, near the end of the day, Li Meiyi appeared, sitting in front of Zhang Xuan, put on an impatient look, “Zhang Xuan, right, your plan, I read yesterday, there are a lot of imperfections, you still have to give me a change.”
As soon as Li Mei said that, she flung the plan that Zhang Xuan brought yesterday in front of Zhang Xuan.
When Zhang Xuan brought the plan, it was in a sealed kraft paper bag, and now, the seal of this kraft paper bag was not moved at all, which means that Li Meiyi did not even look at this plan before saying this.
Zhang Xuan was silent for two seconds, nodded and picked up the plan, “Okay, I’ll change it.”
“Then come back to me when you’ve changed it and there are no more problems.” Li Meiyi stood up, stretched, did not look at Zhang Xuan one more time, leaving Zhang Xuan a back, gradually walked away.
Zhang Xuan opened the plan, took a look, the above is a Lin’s cooperation project with Hengyuan, in general, the plan is very good, all aspects are covered, the distribution of profits is also very reasonable, not to mention Li Meiyi did not read, or she read, can not find any imperfections.
After thinking about it, Zhang Xuan added a few strokes to the plan himself, and then walked outside Hengyuan Trade, casually found a print store, reprinted the plan he had perfected, put it in a bag, and gave it to the receptionist of Hengyuan, telling them that it was Lin’s plan and let Li Meiyi have it.
After doing this, Zhang Xuan left Hengyuan.
By the time Zhang Xuan returned home, Lin Qinghan had also arrived home.
Lin Qinghan shed a professional suit and changed into a black dress dress, dainty and beautiful.
“Mr. Lin, you are wearing such a beautiful dress, what should I wear to match you?” Zhang Xuan stared at the woman in front of him and couldn’t shift his gaze.
“Poor mouth!”

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