Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 168

Compared to Yi Hai, who had climbed to a height of more than twenty meters, Zhang Xuan was still standing at the rock climbing point.
Zhang Xuan’s performance made the onlookers make a lot of noise.
“This is not afraid to climb, right?”
“Obviously not dare to.”
“A door-to-door son-in-law for money, what will he take to climb up? Who can give him the courage?”
A ridiculing voice came into Zhang Xuan’s ears, those were all people who had good relations with Yi Hai.
Ning stood by the side for a week and looked at Zhang Xuan with a cold smile.
Lin Qinghan hanging a heart after seeing Zhang Xuan give up, also finally let down, she does not want to see Zhang Xuan rushed up to fight for his life.
In front of Yi Hai has climbed to a height of thirty-five meters, there is no deliberately chiseled out of the stepping point, want to climb up, courage strength, the lack of one.
Yi Hai looked below him, the tiny finger-like figure, issued a loud laugh.
“Boy, do not dare to play, do not try to be strong! This is a man’s game, not a little white boy like you can participate!”
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth turned away as he muttered to himself, “I never thought that one day, I would also be called a little white boy, it’s really ……”
Zhang Xuan looked in front of him, that climbing point directly above, there is a stepping point, he looked at that stepping point, his feet slightly back, and then a sprint forward.
His sprinting action, in the eyes of some people, involuntarily snickered.
“What is this kid trying to do? Sprint rock climbing?”
“Watch too many movies!”
The snickers in the crowd were loud, but they stopped quickly.
Zhang Xuan sprinted to the mountain wall, force a leap upward, while extending a hand to grab the stepping point above, a slight force on the arm, the whole person like an arrow, upward, while his foot on the stepping point just grabbed, arm towards another stepping point to grab, again force.
Such action, in the view of outsiders, there is a kind of television warrior flying wall feeling, even if hanging weiya to perform not so comfortable as he.
This set of movements, look at the people who were just making fun of Zhang Xuan shut up.
Zhang Xuan’s suit, did not bind his feeling, but rather give a different sense of beauty, temperament and strength coexist, in that moment, many women’s hearts a feeling that this is what a man should look like, can be gentle and elegant, can be indestructible!
Zhang Xuan a few leaps, they climbed to a height of 30 meters, the total time, less than 15 seconds!
Looking at Yi Hai, who was five meters above him, Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, and his arm once again, grabbed a convex rock, his whole body pulled up, just a few movements, he was on par with Yi Hai.
Zhang Xuan looked at Yi Hai and let out a puzzled voice: “Let you a moment, you just get here?”
Yi Hai face a hot and hot, did not pay attention to Zhang Xuan, cold snort, take out tools, began to climb.
Compared to Yi Hai who used tools to move little by little, Zhang Xuan’s movements were much more dexterous and convenient, and he overtook Yi Hai in just a few seconds, and after a few more seconds, because of the dim environment, Yi Hai could only see Zhang Xuan’s blurred back.
Those who had just mocked Zhang Xuan, all shut up at this moment.
Ding Yun was excited and kept giving a thumbs up, brother, you are really a model in the son-in-law world!
Yi Hai climbed upward for a few minutes, but always can not catch up with Zhang Xuan, which makes Yi Hai anxious, he looked below him, he is now in the forty-meter height, the person below him is not as small as a small thumb knuckle thick.
Yi Hai took a deep breath, as if making some kind of decision, the tools in his hands to the waist a part, learning Zhang Xuan look, unarmed to climb the rock, in order to speed up.
“What is Yi Hai doing?”
“Climbing with his bare hands?”
“He doesn’t have any experience in this area!”
A member of this outdoor club with a solemn look in his eyes, said in a deep voice: “We have tried to climb with our bare hands before, the thirty meters up the mountain wall is very steep, there are very few places to get down, unless you have far more strength than normal people, you simply can not climb up, Yi Hai tried, he can not do it.”
Yi Hai exhaled heavily, he stared at a convex rock half a meter above, counting down in his heart, at the count of one, Yi Hai jumped, hands plucked the convex rock.
When Yi Hai jumped, a cry of surprise rang out from below, the people watching also raised a heart, and when Yi Hai was standing on the convex rock, those people raised a heart to put down.
Yi Hai’s movements, unlike Zhang Xuan so light, every time, will make people fearful, on the contrary, Zhang Xuan in the climbing, the crowd as if watching a show, not the slightest worry for Zhang Xuan.
Everyone, just now, thought that Zhang Xuan was bound to lose, but now, no one thought so anymore.
Just as Yi Hai was trying to climb upward, Zhang Xuan was already approaching the top of the mountain.
There was a rose that was placed in the middle of the crevice.
It was an eternal flower that was placed in the crevice so that only those who climbed up to here could take it.
Zhang Xuan picked this rose and started his journey down the mountain. Compared to going up the mountain, his speed was much slower, but still swift and sensitive.
Yi Hai leaped up three times in a row and managed to grab the convex rock. Although there were no risks and the speed was faster than climbing with tools, the physical exertion on him was undoubtedly huge.
Yi Hai panted heavily, gulping saliva from time to time, now he is dancing on the tip of the knife, a mistake, is to shatter the bones.
Yi Hai also saw a convex rock above his head, his eyes gaze, desperate!
He leapt hard, reached up and grabbed the rock!
Yi Hai’s heart was happy, but in the next second, there was a sense of weightlessness, Yi Hai grabbed the piece of convex rock, fracture, Yi Hai also fell down.
This change, let some women scream.
At this moment, Yi Hai’s heart, only one thought, finished!
This convex rock fracture, the feeling of free fall, Yi Hai more than once experienced, but the first few times, they are tied to the safety rope, but this time, no!
The last line that tied his life, was taken down by himself.
Yi Hai closed his eyes, waiting for death, how he never thought that the final loser, but will be himself.
At the critical moment, a strong arm grabbed Yi Hai’s ankle, so that Yi Hai’s downward momentum jerked.
Yi Hai opened his eyes and saw that the man in a suit, was grabbing himself with force.
“Brother, can’t think of planning to jump it?” Zhang Xuan lightly laughed, arm forcefully mentioned, so that Yi Hai can grab a bump, control the body balance.
Yi Hai eyes complex looking at Zhang Xuan, he knew that he had just half a foot into the ghost gate, but was pulled out of life by the man in front of him.
This scene, look down the mountain onlookers cheered a lot.
Lin Qinghan’s mouth unconsciously emerged with a smile.
This is his own man!

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