Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 18

Zhang Xuan in the global medical community, known as the title of the living King of Hell, there is an old saying in China, King of Hell told you to die on the third night, who dares to stay until the fifth night.
But in the world’s top medical field, this saying has been changed to, Satan stay until the fifth night, King of Hell you dare to call the third night?
He, is the king of hell living in this world.
Once, how many of the world’s top wealthy businessmen, royal princes, state leaders, all want Zhang Xuan’s hand, but Zhang Xuan has never sold anyone’s face, let alone use the most laborious and orthodox massage techniques casually for people to cure hidden diseases.
The first time Milan saw Zhang Xuan’s frowning appearance, his heart was happy, indeed, this person does not know what massage therapy, is completely cheating Qinghan!
“Qing Han, your family Zhang Xuan if you do not want to forget it, I thought of using massage to get rid of hidden diseases, itself is a bit incredible.” Milan looked deflated.
Lin Qinghan’s heart was cold, this girl will not see what it is! Oh my God, if that really happens, then how humiliating I must be! No way, no way!
“Honey, just give Milan a press, just the way you gave me a press.” Lin Qinghan blinked at Zhang Xuan one after another.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan for Lin Qinghan’s request, can not refuse, or rather, in his heart, will not refuse this woman’s request, even if it is excessive, he can accept.
Zhang Xuan walked up to Milan and looked at this short-haired woman with heroic features, “Miss Milan, where are you uncomfortable?”
“The shoulder.” Milan reached out to Zhang Xuan and pointed to the back of her neck.
Zhang Xuan nodded, walked behind Milan and squeezed his hands towards Milan’s shoulders, the moment his own hands touched Milan’s shoulders, Zhang Xuan had a feeling.
After the softness, it is a kind of full elasticity, the skin is not as round and lustrous as Lin Qinghan, but there is a different kind of beauty.
Zhang Xuan’s two thumbs slowly rubbed on Milan’s back.
Milan’s shoulders and neck, because of work, have always been a bit sore, she also often go to some spa, the various massage techniques are also somewhat familiar with.
Now she felt Zhang Xuan’s hand rubbing at her shoulder and neck, clearly just like those ordinary masseurs, relieving fatigue is more or less the same, what healing hidden diseases, is simply nonsense.
Milan organized the language in her heart, just about to speak, she felt a warmth coming from her shoulder and neck, it was like a warm stream flowing through her shoulder and neck meridians, the original soreness, fatigue, in this moment disappeared without a trace.
Before, because of the occupation, Milan every day feel like their shoulders and neck pressed a mountain, in this moment, as if someone will be this mountain from their shoulders and neck away, that feeling, indescribable relief.
Milan’s original words to her mouth because of this feeling was swallowed down, he can really stimulate acupuncture points through massage to achieve the effect of relieving the body of hidden diseases! This kind of technique, if put into Chinese medicine, it is quite profound!
Lin Qinghan looked at the comfortable expression that involuntarily appeared on Milan’s face and inwardly let out a sigh of relief.
It seems that Zhang Xuan still really has some skills, although the massage is not on the stage.
When Lin Qinghan had this idea, she did not know that the massage she thought, placed in Chinese medicine, is the top physical therapy!
Milan’s mood at the moment, can be described as mixed, let her happy is, her body’s hidden disease is indeed relieved, the whole person, from the back to the shoulders and neck, are much more comfortable, worry is, this Zhang Xuan is really capable, want to break him, I’m afraid it’s not an easy thing.
Milan a pair of eyes slithering around, a wonderful way appeared in her mind.
She could not help but think smugly in her heart, a liar, he may have specialized in understanding certain areas, but for these areas in the things, and can not do too proficient, light this top physical therapy through massage to treat hidden diseases, it is enough for him to spend time to study, he had spent time in the enamel country, but even more can fool the royal princess, the western etiquette and enamel meals to understand is not surprising, but the painting, he really understand painting? Or that he has the strength to paint? The first thing you need to do is to find a top expert in painting, and you will be able to unravel his true colors!
Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Milan’s face again.
“Qing Han ah, your family Zhang Xuan’s massage technique is really fantastic! By the way, you still haven’t told me how you two met, was it because of a painting?”
“Bitch, you!” Lin Qinghan gave Milan a white glance, she had thought about how to tell Milan how she met Zhang Xuan, but now that Zhang Xuan was here, she was really ashamed to say those words.
“Tell me about it.” Milan looked like a curious baby.
“Let him tell you, I’m going to bed.” Lin Qinghan directly dumped the pot to Zhang Xuan, himself wearing slippers, “thump” upstairs, hum, this Xuan fancy words, let him go to make up, you can ask him tomorrow.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Zhang Xuan stood behind Milan, squeezing Milan’s shoulders, his gaze was just able to pass through the neckline and see the waves ahead.
Milan stretched out her slender jade hand and fanned her collar, her mouth chanting, “It’s so hot.”
Just after the words were said, Milan put her hand on her collar and gently picked her finger towards the first button below the collar, with little force, the button was broken open by her proud figure, revealing a snow-white piece.
The corners of Milan’s mouth slightly raised, thought, sex embryo, stand back, give the grandmother a good look.
After doing this, as if nothing had happened, Milan touched the phone placed next to her, covertly opened the front camera, wanting to take a picture of Zhang Xuan staring at his own appearance, but she found that Zhang Xuan did not look at himself, no! He wasn’t even paying attention to himself, he was listening to a song with his headphones on and his eyes closed!
A nameless fire burned in Milan’s heart, bastard! I’m not attracted to you as a sex man!
“No more, no more!” Milan twisted his shoulders twice, said with a huff, wearing slippers and went upstairs.
Zhang Xuan took off his headphones, wondering where this woman came from so much anger, looked twice, Zhang Xuan did not bother, sat down on the sofa, poured himself a cup of tea, listening to the piano piece that Yev had just composed and sent him, muttered: “There are still problems when descending D to C, and there is some unnecessary showmanship, adding a large number of decorative notes, so that although it can be in the early part of the piece gives a shocking effect, but it will make the back of the piece seem too flat, ah, hey.”

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