Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 180

Just after lawyer Hu’s words, before the police officer on duty could reply, another person walked into the police station.
“Seeing people? No one can see anyone!”
Lin Qinghan and lawyer Hu turned their heads to look, and saw a middle-aged man, also dressed as a lawyer, walk in, “My client is still lying in the hospital, the identification results have come out, second-degree disability.”
“Oh, Wang Cheng, it’s a bit of a pity that you’re a lawyer.” Lawyer Hu looked at the middle-aged man who had just appeared.
This Wang Cheng, in the Yinzhou lawyer community is also famous, specializing in lawsuits for the rich, the ability to reverse right and wrong first-class.
“Surnamed Hu, I’m not here to talk nonsense with you.” Wang Cheng sat down in his seat, “I think it’s better for us to talk about compensation first.”
“Compensation? My husband was slandered!” Lin Qinghan reached out and slapped the table, with anger on her face.
Wang Cheng laughed a little, “Slandered? Madam, where is the evidence?”
“The evidence is right here!” Lin Qinghan took out her cell phone and played a video, which she had just recorded with an eye, the scene on the video was exactly in the lotus pond of Zhongqing Park, but Lin Qinghan did not record the man beating the woman, in her cell phone video, only the man with a dagger towards Zhang Xuan stabbed, Zhang Xuan dodged and kicked over the image.
See this video, Wang Cheng face does not change color heart does not jump, “lady, this is the evidence you say, what can it say? Show how heavy your husband’s kick was on my client’s body?”
Lin Qinghan gritted his teeth and said, “My husband was in self-defense!”
“Justified defense? What kind of self-defense?” Wang Cheng looked puzzled, “Madam, you have to see clearly, in the video, my client did not cause any damage to your husband, instead, your husband was beating my client, how can this be self-defense? This is intentional injury, okay!”
“You!” Lin Qinghan pointed at Wang Cheng and was so angry that she couldn’t say anything.
“Mr. Lin.” Lawyer Hu persuaded, he realized the problematic nature of this issue, and spoke, “This matter, tonight absolutely can not be handled, you give me time, we discuss it in the long run, you first calm down.”
“I don’t have time!” Lin Qinghan shouted, sweeping away her usual stable appearance, “My husband is now being slandered and taken away, how can you make me calm down! I’m just asking, do you police have the right to ask for someone!”
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s all this shouting?” Han Gentle, who was going through the files in the criminal investigation office, heard the sound coming from the duty room and walked over to ask.
When she saw that it was Lin Qinghan, Han tenderly froze for a moment, her expression a little unnatural.
As soon as the police on duty saw Han tender, it was like seeing a savior, “Han team, you can handle this, this lady said her husband was slandered, and was arrested by the army.”
Taken away!
Han tender heart a shock, Lin Qinghan’s husband, is not Zhang Xuan, how could he be taken away by the army people?
Han gentle brow wrinkled, “Ms. Lin, please come to my office and tell me what happened.”
Lin Qinghan was not surprised that Han tender recognized herself, last time when she was attacked in the car, it was Han tender who came to deal with it and took a statement herself.
In Han gentle’s office, Lin Qinghan told Han gentle exactly what had just happened.
“Ms. Lin, your old …… husband, Zhang Xuan, has recently offended anyone?” Han gentle asked while taking notes on what Lin Qinghan had just said.
Lin Qinghan thought about it, shook his head, “should not, he is usually smiling, and also get along, not much temper, should not offend anyone.”
Han tender in the heart slander, your husband good to get along? No temper? You have never seen him get angry!
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.
Han gentle took out her cell phone and made several calls out, the results she got were not very satisfactory, some people immediately figured out the foul play once they heard that the troops were arresting people.
“I just want to see someone now, and you guys are pushing and pushing? Huh?” Han tenderly growled into the phone.
“Master, I’ll make it clear to you today, I have to see the person!”
Lin Qinghan stood aside and looked at Han Gentle’s appearance that was so anxious that she yelled, which made her feel amazed.
Finally, Han gentle with the help of her own master, finally found the channel, can be arranged for them in the military zone, but can see people, will be how to deal with, but also depends on the meaning of the military zone.
After getting this answer, Han tenderly took Lin Qinghan to the military district of Ning Province at the first time.
At the same time, Lin Qinghan asked lawyer Hu to prepare materials, this time the matter, she must not just forget it.
At the same time, a troop patrol car drove into the military compound.
Zhang Xuan sat in the patrol car, quietly waiting, he probably already thought, who is dealing with himself.
Wearing civilian clothes, Ning Zhou stood in the middle of the compound, and when he saw the patrol car driving in, the cold smile on his face grew deeper and deeper.
“Young Ning, the people have been brought in, what to do with them.” A middle-aged man, also in civilian clothes, stood beside Ning for a week and asked.
“Lock him up first and give him some pain.” Ning Zhou ordered, looked at the stopped patrol car, and then left with big steps.
The night was dark, and Zhang Xuan was escorted down from the patrol car, his hands and feet were not bound and he could move freely.
Zhang Xuan looked at the entire military compound, except for a few sentries at the entrance and the people in this patrol car, it was quiet.
With Zhang Xuan’s ability, if he wanted to leave, he could walk away at any time, no one could stop him at all, but Zhang Xuan did not intend to do so.
If you really want to leave today, no matter what the cause of this matter is, automatically can no longer stay in China at ease, this is not consistent with his original intention, he is waiting, at most twenty-four hours, someone will definitely come to deal with this matter.
Zhang Xuan let people put him into a place similar to a confinement room, where there are walls all around, no light, black even fingers can not see, when the door of the confinement room closed, the whole room no sound, extremely depressing, ordinary people stay in this, at most two hours, will face a breakdown.
At 11:30 p.m., a red Mercedes GT drove to the entrance of the military compound and was stopped by the sentry.
Lin Qinghan and Han tender two women stepped down from the car, Han tender made a phone call, and stood in front of the compound gate quietly waiting.
About ten minutes later, a middle-aged man in a military uniform appeared in front of the two women, this man, it was the same man who just stood next to Ning for a week.

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