Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 185

Yinzhou Third People’s Hospital, a man and a woman are lying on the hospital bed, the woman is full of bruises, but with a smile, the man has difficulty moving, but his heart is elated.
Last night’s play in Zhongqing Park gave himself a million dollars, enough to live in style for more than ten years!
The two men are now full of thoughts about how to spend the money, for what will happen to the one they slandered, they do not even think about it.
While the two were still thinking about their bright future, several people in civilian clothes rushed into the ward and without saying a word, they pressed the two up.
“Who are you people? What are you doing?” The man being held down roared loudly.
“Cut the crap and come with us!” A leading man in civilian clothes shouted sternly.
The man in the hospital bed paled, then thought of something and pushed the man in front of him, “Fuck you.” The man in plain clothes who was holding him down was pushed away by him, and he jumped out of bed and ran outside the ward with his legs.
The woman with a bruised face also ran away.
Seeing the two fleeing, the men in civilian clothes did not go after them, but instead showed a cold smile.
In a deserted corridor of the hospital, a sweet-looking nurse, without slowing down, put a needle on a syringe, took off the work tag on her chest, then pulled out a fanged ghost face mask from behind her and put it on her face, she looked at a man and a woman running out from the end of the corridor, took a demonic pace, pinched the syringe and walked towards them.
Hellraisers, walk in every city in this world, they will be summoned at any time to complete their mission, there are not many hellraisers, but everyone you meet, could be a hellraiser.
The young nurse walked up to the man and woman, raised the syringe in her hand, and stabbed down the aorta of the man in front of her.
A few seconds later, a man and a woman were lying in the corridor, their faces filled with pain, their bodies pumping out non-stop, and white foam spilling out of the corners of their mouths.
After doing all this, the little nurse took the mask off her face, re-hung her badge, and walked into the next ward like a nobody, smiling as she played off the fluids for the patient.
Silver State Police Department, Han gentle eyes red standing in the director’s office, she also did not sleep all night, she was in this office, has been waiting for several hours.
It was only at noon that the director arrived with a flourish.
“Gentle ah, what is the matter, I still have a meeting in this hall in the afternoon!” The director wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead.
“I want a document, to go to the army to mention people!” Han tender stared at the director, said with a firm hand.
“Raise people?” The director’s face is puzzled, “to mention who?”
“You’ve seen it, the scoundrel you let go last time you caught him.”
“Him?” The director’s face changed, for Zhang Xuan’s identity, the director had always been very evasive, he only knew that Zhang Xuan’s identity was very high, so high that the provincial leaders had to be careful with it.
“I want the document, there is no!” Han gentle no nonsense, once again asked.
“Gentle ah, you first take it easy, at least you have to tell me what happened, right?” The director wiped his sweat.
Han gentle used a short two sentences to explain the matter, the director also realized the seriousness of the matter, normally, the troops have absolutely no right to arrest people.
And now, the troops directly over the police department, to make arrests, but also the arrest is so a big man, really be blamed down, their own head this wusha is likely to be unprotected ah!
Thinking of this, the Secretary did not dare hesitate to take Han gentle to the military zone, the road will be the police lights up, traffic lights also do not look.
When arrived at the military zone, the scene in front of the Secretary and Han tender are a little frosty.
The two of them saw that the big names, who are usually seen only on the news, were standing on the playground of the compound, while Ning Changhe, the head of the military district of Ning Province, had removed his shoulder patch and was standing aside, with a despondent face.
“This ……”
The chief and Han gentle glance at each other, the two did not have time to think more, ran up in stride and saluted the eight leaders.
“Police chief? Is there something wrong?” Minister Guo of the Ministry of Security frowned, he was in a bad mood right now, just now, when he investigated the military district of Ning Province, he found too many things that made him feel sick.
“This ……” The director saw the security minister and hesitated a little.
“I came to find my friend, the troops crossed the police force and directly arrested people, not in line with the rules!” Han gentle could not care less, in the night she learned of Zhang Xuan’s accident, she felt like she was about to go crazy.
There are countless times, it was Zhang Xuan stood in front of himself, solving one difficulty after another for himself, and now, when something happened to Zhang Xuan, he couldn’t even help a little, he couldn’t even see him!
“Your friend?” The security minister frowned, “What’s your friend’s name?”
“Zhang Xuan.”
“Zhang Xuan!” Upon hearing this, the security minister gave a startled cry, “Girl child, Zhang Xuan is your friend?”
“Yes.” Han tenderly nodded her head.
The security minister examined Han Gentle from head to toe, “What is your relationship with him?”
“Ordinary friend.” Han said.
The security minister gave a light laugh, “You don’t look like an ordinary friend with this anxious look.”
“The two of us ……” Han tenderly wanted to say something.
The security minister laughed, “Okay, I probably understand, Zhang Xuan is already fine, you don’t need to worry about him, go back.”
“It’s okay?” Han’s gentle eyes widened.
When the director next to him heard this, his body involuntarily shivered, he had been in power for so many years, how delicate his mind was, just by looking at the security minister’s attitude, he probably understood that these big shots, probably came because of Zhang Xuan.
The first thing you can do is to take a look at the situation and see what you can do.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.
Yinzhou First People’s Hospital.
Lin Qinghan sat by the hospital bed, took out the chicken soup he just bought and gave Milan a bowl.
Looking at Lin Qinghan’s disheveled hair and haggard face, Milan said with concern, “Qinghan, did something happen?”
“Nothing.” Lin Qinghan shook her head gently and tried to squeeze out a smile, “It’s just something that happened at the company.”
Milan took a sip of the chicken soup in the bowl and asked, “Is it about Zhang Xuan? Did you have a fight with him?”
“No.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, her face all despondent.
All along, Lin Qinghan had always been the role of a strong woman, as if nothing could be difficult for her, no difficulty could knock her down, but this time, Lin Qinghan felt powerless from the bottom of her heart.
From the morning until now, she used up all her contacts, but in the end, she could only listen to the fate of God.

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