Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 186

Since Zhang Xuan’s accident yesterday, the feeling given to Lin Pleasehan was as if the sky had collapsed.
She had never thought that Zhang Xuan had such an important place in her heart.
Lin Qihan wiped a handful of tears that flowed from her eyes.
“Qing Han, what’s wrong!” Seeing Lin Qinghan in this state, Milan’s heart was also anxious.
“It’s nothing.” Lin Qinghan lay on the side of the bed and gently hugged Milan, “Milan, I just feel so useless.”
“Qing Han, no matter what happens, you should not think like that.” Milan gently patted Lin Qinghan’s back, “You are the president of Lin’s, what can be difficult for you?”
At this moment, Lin Qinghan’s cell phone rang.
Lin Qinghan panicked and quickly took out her phone and looked at it, it was a message from Nantian.
“Qinghan, things should not be a problem.”
Seeing this message, a hint of joy rose in Lin Qinghan’s heart, and she gave Nantian back: thanks, I’ll buy you dinner sometime.
Milan pulled out a tissue and handed it to Lin Qinghan, “Here, wipe your tears.”
Lin Qinghan picked up the tissue and wiped it casually on her face.
Milan stared at Lin Qinghan for a few seconds, but his gaze suddenly focused behind Lin Qinghan, and his mouth was somewhat dissatisfied: “Huh? Zhang Xuan? You came just in time, did you and Qinghan quarrel, I tell you ah, you do not bully our Qinghan! Otherwise I will make you look good!”
Lin Qinghan listened to Milan’s words and laughed bitterly, “You just don’t tease me.”
“Make you happy? What amuse you?” Milan some strange.
“Zhang Xuan where he ……”
Lin Qinghan had just opened his mouth when he heard that familiar voice ring out behind him.
“Qing Han, let you worry.” This voice, it was from Zhang Xuan.
Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Qinghan’s body unconsciously trembled, she slowly turned around, when she saw the man standing behind her, she could no longer suppress the emotions in her heart, got up and directly jumped into Zhang Xuan’s arms.
This sudden entry of fragrant soft into the arms, so Zhang Xuan slightly froze, immediately backhanded arms around Lin Qinghan’s slender waist, gently in Lin please Han’s ear said: “let you worry.”
Crystal tear drops from Lin Qinghan eyes can not stop flowing, her voice with a cry: “You …… you have suffered anything?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan said with a relaxed face, “They know they misunderstood the good guys, they released me, nothing happened, and had a big meal there.”
Zhang Xuan could feel that the clothes on his chest had been wet with Lin Qinghan’s tears, he didn’t even expect that Lin Qinghan would have such a big reaction, which surprised Zhang Xuan.
Reaching out his hand, Zhang Xuan gently hooked Lin Qinghan’s jaw and wiped the tears from her face after letting her lift her head up.
“Look at you, crying like a flowered cat, ugly as hell.”
“You’re the ugly one!” Lin Qinghan raised her pink fist and hammered on Zhang Xuan’s chest.
“Yes, yes, I’m ugly, I’m an ugly bastard, but married to such a beautiful daughter-in-law.” Zhang Xuan held a smile as he stared at Lin Qinghan’s stunning face.
The woman’s pearly appearance was extraordinarily lovely.
Lin Qinghan also happened to see Zhang Xuan’s fiery gaze, the pretty face “swish” immediately reddened, shellfish teeth lightly bit lips, lowered his head.
“Okay, okay, this greasy sour smell can make people sick!” Milan deliberately fan with his hand in front of his nose, “you two are here to see me, or abuse the dog to come? Bullying single people is interesting? Qing Han do you believe I pulled my fresh meat harem in France to kill your Zhang Xuan!”
“Don’t believe me.” Lin Qinghan squinted and smiled, the bright eyes became a curved crescent, “My family, Zhang Xuan, is the most excellent.”
When Milan heard this, she subconsciously looked at Zhang Xuan, she had to admit that Lin Qinghan was right, Zhang Xuan was really excellent, this kind of person who is proficient in several major fields, how many people are there in this world?
Zhang Xuan’s safe return, so that Lin please Han raised a heart finally put down, yesterday night did not have a good rest, today Lin Qinghan also did not go to the company, and Milan chatted with the day, and after Milan fell asleep, she and Zhang Xuan also left.
The two did not drive last night, the car just parked in front of the hospital, Zhang Xuan looked at the woman’s tired look, took the initiative to assume the role of the driver.
Lin Qinghan sat on the passenger side, Zhang Xuan’s appearance, so she felt unprecedented peace of mind, last night, Zhang Xuan did not return overnight, so she felt as if the family was incomplete.
Lin Qinghan’s disgust for Zhang Xuan, long ago all disappeared under the passage of time, turned into a kind of attachment, now Zhang Xuan, is the master of the house.
The woman turned sideways and looked at the man who was driving, she thought, this is so good.
Lin Qinghan thought of last night’s incident, and Han gentle attitude, some curious to ask Zhang Xuan, “By the way, you and the vice captain of the Municipal Bureau of Criminal Investigation team, called Han gentle female police, is not acquainted?”
Hearing Lin Qinghan mention Han tender name, Zhang Xuan some embarrassment, scratching the back of his head with his hand, “That …… why suddenly ask this?”
Lin Qinghan explained, “After your accident yesterday, I went to the police station, Officer Han knew about it, and acted more anxious than me.”
Zhang Xuan’s heart warmed, this feeling of being cared for, he has not experienced for a long time, nodded, “is to know, before and this officer Han had quite a few misunderstandings, later the misunderstanding is lifted, is a friend.”
“Just friends?” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan with a suspicious face and murmured, “How do I feel, she has some interest in you?”
Zhang Xuan a steering wheel almost did not grasp a steady, two dry laugh, did not reply, focus on driving.
After arriving home, Lin Qinghan leaned back on the sofa, her rest has been very regular, suddenly stay up all night, so she looked extra haggard, the woman’s appearance, so Zhang Xuan felt heartbroken, he stood behind Lin Qinghan, hands on Lin Qinghan’s temples, gently for her to rub and press.
The comfort coming from the head made Lin Qinghan gradually close her eyes, her long legs slowly stretched, and her whole body became relaxed, and in just five minutes, Lin Qinghan let out a well-proportioned breathing sound.
Zhang Xuan stopped the action in his hands, slowly held the woman in his arms and walked towards the bedroom upstairs.
Lin Qinghan’s bedroom was filled with the unique fragrance of a woman’s body. Zhang Xuan placed Lin Qinghan on the bed, carefully removed her shoes and socks, put a towel quilt over the woman’s belly, and quietly looked at the sleeping beauty in front of him for a while before Zhang Xuan tiptoed out of the bedroom door.
After returning to his room, Zhang Xuan charged his cell phone, and the first time he turned it on, he received countless messages from Han tender.
The last name Zhang, came out and did not give me to say, is not taking me seriously?

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