Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 194

The elevator was pressed again with the number of the eleventh floor, and this time it did not stop one more floor, but went directly to the top floor.
Zhang Xuan held a smile at the corner of his mouth.
Many years ago, Zhang Xuan once went to a family alone because of an incident and warned the person at the helm of that family.
Zhang Xuan was not that kind of aggressive personality, on the contrary, he had always acted politely, so the helmsman of that family did not take Zhang Xuan’s words to heart, and the final result was that that family was completely subverted.
Someone once uttered this saying in the underground world, never think that the more polite people are the better to bully, on the contrary, the more violent the storm, the more serene the prelude.
Zhang Xuan looks harmless, but in reality, when he gets angry, no one in the entire underground world dares to bear it head-on.
The name of Satan is not just a matter of words.
As the elevator went up one floor at a time, Bai Chi pulled out a butterfly knife and put it in his hand to play with it.
When the elevator reached the tenth floor, Zhang Xuan took out a dark golden ring and put it on his hand.
White Rose’s gaze, the moment she shifted to this dark golden ring, her legs went weak and she almost knelt down.
“It’s …… Saint …… Saint Ring …… you …… you are ……” White Rose stared at Zhang Xuan with wide eyes, in disbelief.
“Don’t doubt what I said.” Zhang Xuan glanced at White Rose.
Elevator doors open, the youth surnamed Xu with his more than ten bodyguards standing at the entrance of the elevator waiting, when see the elevator with a ghost face mask person, the youth surnamed Xu and others were shocked, really because that mask is too evocative.
“Blue heart, you ……” the youth opened his mouth, want to talk to the white rose, but do not know what to say, the goddess of his heart, but so listen to the words of others, which makes him a heart like falling into the ice cellar.
White Rose ignored the youth, walked out of the elevator, then under the youth’s shocked gaze, kneeling on the ground.
This scene, let the youth heart like a knife.
He has always been proud of his family, but the scene he saw today, all in his proud heart, cut out one knife after another.
Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi both walked out of the elevator, without even glancing at the kneeling White Rose, and walked past her.
As Zhang Xuan took a step, White Rose hugged Zhang Xuan’s calf with a supplicating look in her pretty eyes.
“Thinking about it?” Zhang Xuan touched the ring on his right index finger, “If you’ve considered it, tell me about it?”
“Considered it.” White Rose nodded her head, and her voice was laced with a strong feeling of fear.
“Okay, get up.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand and took off the ring on his hand.
At the same time, Bai Chi also removed the mask from her face.
Seeing this scene, White Rose’s heart that was trembling from fear was considered stable, and at this moment, she panted heavily, just in those first few minutes, it was like she used up all her strength, her body was wet with sweat, and she felt weak in all her limbs.
White Rose slowly got up, moved her fair and slender legs, pushed open the company door and invited Zhang Xuan in.
Zhang Xuan entered and took a glance around, the place is no different from an ordinary company, no one who looks at it would think that this is a killer organization.
Xuan Jian Entertainment in the original city is also considered some fame, one is the company is really big, the original city, many entertainment venues, are linked to this company, the second, this company is not any male staff, all beautiful women.
But who would have thought that these attractive beauties are all thorny roses?
Watching Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi walk into the company, the company’s front desk beauty was just about to speak when she heard the voice of the white rose ring out.
“Close the door and notify everyone to come back.”
Once the receptionist beauty heard this, her face suddenly changed, the so-called closed door, that means, say what others do not know.
Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi both, led by Bai Rose, came to her office.
White Rose’s office is very large, there is an oversized bookcase, see White Rose will be a bookcase to remove a book, the entire bookcase issued a “rumbling” sound, then from the middle of a crack, each side of the separation, revealing a dark door.
Pushing open the dark door, White Rose invited Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi to walk in.
In the dark door, there is a small conference room, on the conference table, there are some photos of the assassination target, one of them, it is Lin Qinghan!
With another “rumble”, the dark door closed, and White Rose knelt down on one knee at the first time.
“I’ve seen the honorable Lord Satan!”
Zhang Xuan picked up the picture of Lin Qinghan on the conference table and put it in his pocket, “Tell me, who gave you the mission.”
White Rose got up, took a deep breath, as if she had made some kind of decision, she walked to the corner of the conference room, where a safe was placed, after opening the safe door, White Rose took out a card as if it was a treasure, “The person who commissioned the mission, I did not see his appearance, he came with a mask, this card, is his payment. ”
Zhang Xuan and white pool looked at the card in the hands of white rose, with the ghost face mask printed on it.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze revealed a hint of coldness among his eyes.
Bai Chi also frowned.
Hell Walker’s people, to commission this mission, the things in it, can be subject to speculation.
“Your mission has failed.” Zhang Xuan took the card from White Rose’s hand.
White Rose lowered her head, not daring to say a word.
“Did you know that Darkness had also taken the same mission?” Zhang Xuan asked as he tore up this card that he had just gotten his hands on.
“I know.” White Rose nodded, “My Lord, this time, all the organizations in the entire Northwest, have taken ……”
Zhang Xuan’s eyes stared, “The entire Northwest!”
“Yes.” White Rose replied, “This time, because of the special nature of the commissioner, all organizations have taken the mission, and the commissioner promised that whoever is able to complete this mission will be able to go to the island.”
“Heh, what a big deal!” Zhang Xuan let out a laugh.
White Rose lowered her head, not daring to say anything extra.
Zhang Xuan pondered for a few seconds and asked, “Is there a way to meet him?”
Knowing who Zhang Xuan was referring to by him, White Rose replied, “He gave us seven days, and after seven days, if the mission is not completed, contact us again.”
Zhang Xuan reached out and knocked on the table in front of him, “In seven days, I will come back, and don’t tell anyone about my appearance today.”
“Understood.” White Rose nodded her head.
The dark door of the meeting room opened, Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi walked out, Bai Chi followed behind Zhang Xuan without saying a word.
Only when they left the entire building and got into the car did Bai Chi speak out, “Boss, who do you think, it could be?”
“It is not easy to say, he left seven days, just want us to bait ourselves, after seven days, everything will be clear, let someone delete the surveillance of this building, we also have to act a little more real.” Zhang Xuan opened the car window and looked at the view outside the car.
The top floor of the building, after Zhang Xuan left, White Rose took out her cell phone, “Lord, he’s here.”

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