Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 200

Right in the summer, above the top, there are fires burning, but Xiao Chen heard Zhang Xuan’s voice, but there is no reason to shiver a cold!
Xiao Chen took the gun and pushed it against the back of Zhang Xuan’s head, which could bring him courage, “Zhang, you’re fucking threatening me?”
“I give you the opportunity to count to three, you do not receive, do not blame me.” Zhang Xuan tone is calm, all relaxed, people familiar with Zhang Xuan understand, the more he behaves calmly like this, the closer to the edge of anger, once his anger burns up, no one dares to face directly.
Zhang Xuan gently raised his eyelids, and said without looking back, “One ……”
“Three!” Not waiting for Zhang Xuan to finish, Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and spat out, “What, the surname Zhang, Laozi just does not take the gun, what can you do to Laozi!”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan faint smile, “immediately you will know!”
The moment the word “had” fell, Zhang Xuan suddenly turned around, standing behind Zhang Xuan Xiao Chen, only to feel a pain in the wrist, and then, the original pistol in his own hands, has been in the hands of Zhang!
Chen’s first reaction was, “Impossible!
It was too fast! Even the elite of the team could not take the gun from their hands so easily, how did he do it!
Zhang Xuan grabbed the gun, loaded it, and then put the muzzle of the gun against Xiao Chen’s head, a set of movements in one fell swoop.
When Xiao Chen fully reacted, he was confronted with the black muzzle of the gun, emitting an icy cold.
Zhang Xuan’s finger on the trigger, he only needs to gently pull less than half a centimeter distance, it will kill Xiao Chen.
The moment Zhang Xuan grabbed the gun, those people who were fully armed with Xiao Chen, in the first moment, aimed their guns at Zhang Xuan.
A full dozen gun muzzles were able to, in the first moment, beat the target into a sieve.
“What are you doing, put the gun down! Crouch down with your hands on your head!” A stern voice rang out, warning Zhang Xuan.
Xiao Chen licked his lips and smiled at Zhang Xuan, “What, the surname Zhang, I can’t see that you still have this skill, then what? You beat me to death?”
Xiao Chen eyes, full of disdain.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze was flat, and the more than ten guns aimed at him, he did not take it to heart at all.
“Put the gun down! Do you hear me! Put down the gun, hold your head and squat to the side!” A stern shout from the side sounded again.
“Zhang, shoot! How dare you! Shoot me! I beg you!” Xiao Chen had a playful face, obviously not taking Zhang Xuan seriously.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “Yeah.”
When Zhang Xuan said the word “Yeah”, Xiao Chen’s originally disdainful eyes instantly froze.
He saw that those comrades surrounding the side, pointing their guns at Zhang Xuan’s head, in this instant, all appeared a red dot.
Chen had been in the army for so many years, he knew too well what those red dots represented.
At the same time, those who were pointing their guns at Zhang Xuan also found the red dots on each other’s heads, and their expressions instantly became serious.
Zhang Xuan looked at Xiao Chen, the corners of his mouth held a smile, “You said, let me kill you?”
At this moment, this smile of Zhang Xuan’s expression, in Xiao Chen’s opinion, is so scary.
Xiao Chen gulped his saliva fiercely.
“Say it, did you tell me to beat you to death?” Zhang Xuan once again opened his mouth and asked.
Xiao Chen opened his mouth, unable to say anything.
Bai Chi stood aside and saw this scene, his heart was anxious, he did not think Zhang Xuan was joking at all, Bai Chi was sure that as long as the boss opposite the man dared to talk tough again, the next second, here at least a dozen more corpses.
Bai Chi looked left and right, and finally put his eyes on the ambulance on the side and rushed over.
“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law! You quickly persuade my boss!” Bai Chi was outside the ambulance, banging on the door.
The car door opened.
Lin Qinghan, who was lying in the ambulance, looked at the handsome youth in front of him suspiciously, “You are?”
“Sister-in-law, my name is Bai Chi, you quickly go to persuade the boss, now only you can persuade him ah!” Bai Chi looked anxious and pointed a finger to the side.
Lin Qinghan looked in the direction Bai Chi pointed, was also stunned, she only saw Zhang Xuan pointing a gun at Xiao Chen, could not see anything else, but this is also amazing enough.
Lin Qinghan did not say a word, remove the oxygen tube in front of the nose, the action is still a little difficult to get out of the car, in the white pool’s support, stride towards the place where Zhang Xuan ran.
“Boss, boss, sister-in-law is here!” Bai Chi shouted at Zhang Xuan from a distance.
Zhang Xuan turned his head to look, and the moment he saw Lin Qinghan, his face full of frost, turned into a spring breeze.
“Why don’t you take a good rest in the car?” Zhang Xuan smiled at Lin Qinghan, with love in his eyes.
“I …… I’m a little uncomfortable, can you stay with me?” Lin Qinghan looked at those who were pointing their guns at Zhang Xuan and said with a worried face.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan nodded and threw the pistol he was holding casually to the ground, “But you wait for me, I have a matter to talk to Nantian.”
Zhang Xuan did not even look at Xiao Chen again, turned around and walked towards the place where Nantian was.
In the moment Zhang Xuan turned around, Xiao Chen gasped a few times, just now, he felt as if a big mountain was about to press on him, making himself suffocate.
Xiao Chen looked at Zhang Xuan’s back, now in his eyes, there was no longer that contempt, but mixed with fear, he, what is he?
Zhang Xuan walked up to Nantian.
Nan Tian was not as arrogant as Xiao Chen, his gaze was full of apologies, “Zhang Xuan, I ……”
A muffled sound came.
Zhang Xuan punched Nan Tian’s abdomen fiercely, and this punch made Nan Tian’s entire body bend up like a cooked shrimp, and his face turned red.
Zhang Xuan looked at Nantian with cold indifference in his eyes, his voice, clearly ringing in Nantian’s ears, “This time, for the sake of Qing Han, I will not kill you, from now on, I do not want to see you again, and you do not deserve to see her, remember what I said, I am not joking with you.”
“Right …… sorry ……” Nantian covered his abdomen and spat out with difficulty.
“You’re sorry, not me.” Zhang Xuan indifferently looked at Nan Tian, then turned around and walked towards Lin Qinghan with big steps.
Nan Tian looked at Zhang Xuan’s back, his eyes filled with complexity.
“Team Nan, he is also too ……” Xiao Chen ran to Nan Tian’s side, his face ugly as he opened his mouth, he was just halfway through his sentence when he heard a few light sounds.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and you will be shocked to find that the armored cars behind you have all been blown out of the tires, and the infrared sights that were locked on everyone’s heads have all disappeared.
This proves that just now those infrared sights, is not a joke.
Nantian laughed bitterly, “I’m really, too presumptuous, the man that Qing Han likes, how can he be an ordinary person?”

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