Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 199

All the way down to the fourteenth floor, where it is finally no longer dense smoke, Zhang Xuan breathed heavily, held Lin Qinghan to the window, and forcefully pinched the woman’s human center point.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds.
Time slowly passed, but the woman in his arms, but not a bit of movement.
Zhang Xuan is a man who does not cry out in pain when a bullet hits his body, and now tears flow from his eyes.
Inhaling a large amount of poisonous smoke is different from ordinary illnesses, if Lin Qinghan is unconscious for too long, even he, the living king of hell, is powerless to return to heaven!
If Lin Qinghan died just like that in front of Zhang Xuan, he would never forgive himself!
“Qinghan! Wake up! Qinghan!”
Zhang Xuan pinched Lin Qinghan’s midsection, broke open her small mouth, took a deep breath, and gave her artificial respiration.
The woman’s originally rosy lips had become dry and cracked, without a trace of blood.
Now Lin Qinghan, only feel so tired, really tired, no strength at all, no strength to move, no strength to speak, not even the strength to open their eyes, but she can hear, there is a voice, constantly calling for themselves, this voice, is their own in desperate times, miss the person.
She tried hard to open her eyes and wanted to tell this person that she could hear.
Zhang Xuan looked at the woman who did not move a bit in front of him, tears could not help but flow down.
In the most desperate time, she appeared in front of him like an angel, brought himself hope, let himself live in that cold winter, when he was tormented by the disease, it was also her, let himself overcome the disease and live.
From many years ago, Zhang Xuan told himself that he was not living for himself, but for this woman.
But now, he is standing on top of the world, able to look down on the world, he is called the Living King of Hell, able to keep people alive, he is called Satan, a metaphor for the god of this world, but he can only watch you, unable to do anything about it.
“Wake up!” Zhang Xuan yelled, took a deep breath, and once again crossed towards Lin Qinghan’s mouth.
This breath, like a magical power, from the mouth to Lin Qinghan’s body, the woman slowly opened her eyes and saw the man lying in front of her body, wet face by tears.
“You …… kissed me?” The woman let out a tiny voice, her small face, showing a touch of panic.
This tiny voice reached Zhang Xuan’s ears, like heavenly music, he looked at the woman in front of him with surprise, and then, forcefully put the woman in his arms.
“You’re okay, great, great!” Zhang Xuan had a feeling of incoherence, “You scared me to death, scared me to death ah!”
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan’s appearance and buried her head in his arms, “Fool.”
Zhang Xuan hugged Lin Qinghan and slowly walked down the building from the fire escape, at this moment, the firefighters also picked up the extended fire hose, rushed into the building and began to put out the fire.
The moment Zhang Xuan walked out of the building with Lin Qinghan in his arms, outside the building, a cheering sound rang out.
Secretary Li Na with joy in her eyes, excited tears are flowing out.
Just now, Zhang Xuan climbed up from the 17th floor alone, and carried Lin Qinghan leaped down, everyone saw the scene in their eyes.
Nantian looked at Zhang Xuan, who was holding Lin Qinghan in his arms, and could not say a word.
Xiao Chen glared at Zhang Xuan with hatred, “Damn it, I can’t believe I let this punk get the limelight!”
The ambulance arrived here long ago, the doctor with a few nurses, the first time rushed to Zhang Xuan’s side, put Lin Qinghan flat on the stretcher, connected her to the oxygen mask, the current situation, Lin Qinghan may pass out again at any time.
Zhang Xuan’s body was soiled with smoke, he took a towel and casually wiped his face.
Bai Chi came here early, and when he saw Zhang Xuan appear, he handed Zhang Xuan a piece of clothing.
Zhang Xuan put the clothes on, walked over to Li Na and asked, “What’s the situation, how did the building suddenly catch fire?”
Lina replied, “It’s a drill.”
“A drill?” Once he heard these two words, Zhang Xuan instantly thought of a possibility.
“Hmm.” Li Na nodded, “That friend of Mr. Lin, named Nantian, borrowed the building for a drill.”
“Nantian!” Zhang Xuan’s gaze, instantly coalesced, while flashing a cold aura, he looked to the side, Nan Tian was standing there in full armor.
A wave of violence surged to Zhang Xuan’s heart, he ignored the many loaded elites standing there, and walked over with big strides, “Nantian, you fucker! Get your ass over here!”
Zhang Xuan’s voice was loud, like a mixed bell ringing, and it reached Nantian’s ears.
At once, Nantian and the people around him all looked over towards Zhang Xuan.
“Surnamed Zhang, what are you shouting! I’m telling you, speak with a little more respect!” Xiao Chen pointed at Zhang Xuan and warned.
Zhang Xuan ignored Xiao Chen, clenched his fist, and walked towards Nantian with big steps.
Exercise! What kind of troop drill would stage a high-altitude firefight in a densely populated haunted area! If, he just came back a few minutes late, in case on the way back, he ran into two more red lights, then what a consequence now!
“Nantian! I told you to get over here! Do you hear me!” Zhang Xuan yelled at Nantian.
“Zhang, did you not hear my words, I told you to speak with respect!” Xiao Chen walked towards Zhang Xuan, he is now in a very unhappy mood, this incident, the top will certainly investigate, then his own disciplinary action will be less, it was annoying enough, this Zhang also came to spill the beans? If he was not this waste married Lin girl, which will happen this kind of thing.
Xiao Chen is full of irritation no place to vent, now see Zhang Xuan, want to use him as a vent.
“Zhang, stand still! Don’t move!” Xiao Chen reached out, stopping Zhang Xuan.
“Get lost!” Zhang Xuan pushed Xiao Chen away in annoyance.
“How dare you do it? It’s against you!” As soon as Xiao Chen saw Zhang Xuan reach out first, his heart was happy, backhanded a punch towards Zhang Xuan’s face, he has long wanted to beat Zhang Xuan not a day or two, today finally found the opportunity to do it.
Xiao Chen thought that he could definitely give this punk in front of him a direct knockdown on the ground with this punch, but he was wrong.
Facing Xiao Chen’s punch, Zhang Xuan held it with his backhand, then twisted it with force, the exaggerated force directly twisted Xiao Chen’s arm backwards in a circle, the painful Xiao Chen couldn’t help but scream out.
“Get lost!” Zhang Xuan pushed Xiao Chen aside with one hand and walked towards Nantian.
Xiao Chen, who was subdued by Zhang Xuan’s move, only felt a hot pain on his face.
“The surname Zhang! How dare you attack the police! The sky is the limit!” Xiao Chen took out a pistol from his waist, stepped forward and put the gun against the back of Zhang Xuan’s head.
Zhang Xuan’s steps forward suddenly stopped, he did not even turn his head back, he knew what was on the back of his head, is what.
At this moment, Zhang Xuan’s tone of voice, completely changed!
Having a conflict, and drawing a gun, are two completely different concepts.
“I advise you, put the gun away!” Zhang Xuan’s tone was icy cold, like the cold wind of the waxing moon.

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