Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 211

This time, Lin Qinghan finally understood what Zhang Xuan just said his friend was a little too warm and polite meant, which made her a little embarrassed, and hurriedly greeted everyone to the table.
“Come on, come on, let’s sit down, waiter, serve the food.”
Lin Qinghan greeted the good wine and good food on the table.
As a businesswoman, Lin Qinghan’s social nature is very strong, Bai Chi and other people are extraordinary, and not what shy goods, although it is the first time to meet, but also very easy to chat together, those topics, chatting Lin Qinghan giggling and happy.
During the period, Lin Qinghan curiously asked the future and the Moon God where to buy the clothes, she thought it was very beautiful, she also want to have a set.
The moon god and the future said that they could give Lin Qinghan a set.
Zhang Xuan sat aside, listening to the odd, the future on the piece of okay, it is said that the future got the support of the state, took a lot of high-end materials to engage in inventions, the results made a Chinese ancient costume with the same flight suit out, Zhang Xuan guessed that it should be the future on this, not to mention the cost of how much, is some materials, extremely rare, money can not buy.
And the Moon God on the piece of it, is the ancient Moon God Temple of the Virgin passed down, to put it bluntly, is a relic, the entire Moon God Temple is only two pieces.
Perhaps the Chinese do not understand the definition of the Moon God Temple, but in the border of India, no one does not know the Moon God Temple, which is a large religion with millions of believers, its influence is very frightening.
A meal was eaten happily, Lin Qinghan called everyone’s name before, still felt a bit awkward, slowly became familiar.
But what Lin Qinghan did not know is that these names she shouted, whether it was Tel, or Lilith, or Locke, are all names of Western demons, each and every one, are extremely representative.
Women together, the topic is nothing more than cosmetics, luxury goods.
And men together, that is the sparring and bragging.
Underneath the Xin Kai Hotel, five unlicensed vans were parked, the doors opened, each vehicle, seven people came down, a total of thirty-five people, all dressed in black Zhongshan suit, standing underneath the Xin Kai Hotel.
A middle-aged man with a flat head and a leading cane in his hand stood at the front, staring at the door of the Xin Kai Hotel.
“Chief, this is it, the intelligence said that the woman booked a box of five nines.” A man whispered at the flat-headed middle-aged man.
The flat-headed middle-aged man nodded and spoke softly, “Tell everyone to spread out and enter, first Dark Night failed to take over this mission, and then Stabbing Rose lost more than ten people in Silver State, that woman definitely has experts around her, this time our entire elite of Hidden Kill went out, only success, no failure, the opportunity to go to the island, can be too rare.”
The man beside the flat-headed middle-aged man nodded, then issued an order down, the thirty-five people originally standing in front of Xin Kai Hotel, all dispersed.
The flat-headed young man pinned his cane, took out a white handkerchief and put it in front of his mouth, coughed twice, and walked into the door of the Xin Kai Hotel, in his pocket, there was a picture of Lin Qinghan.
Hidden Kill! This is the entire northwest region, the second strongest assassin organization among the underground forces, more powerful than the Stinging Rose, which is feared.
The number of hidden killers is small, but every one of them is elite, and its chief, even has a super high record of 100 killers!
The moment the head of Hidden Kill walked into the Xin Kai Hotel, the red hair who was still talking and laughing in the box changed his face, but it was only an instant before his face returned to normal.
Red hair smilingly said to Zhang Xuan: “Boss, I heard that you have a two pot head in China, the wine is very strong, I kind of want to try ah.”
Zhang Xuan and red hair and others, are life and death brothers, not exaggeratedly, one of them as soon as the pants, the other one knows what the other is going to fart, red hair just said this, the people in the box, except Lin Qinghan, all realize that something is not right.
“Red hair, I’ll go to buy you, two pot head? I know which is the strongest, go, sea god, accompany me a piece.” White pool said and stood up, greeting Poseidon to get out of the compartment door.
Neptune nodded.
Only when the two had just gotten up, they saw Lin Qinghan stand up, “I’ll go, you guys are guests, how can I let you go buy it.”
“Right, you guys sit down, my wife and I will just go.” Zhang Xuan gestured at Bai Chi and the others.
Bai Chi and the others nodded and sat down again.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan walked out of the box side by side, that kind of two pot head is not available in this hotel, have to go to the supermarket outside the hotel to buy.
The company’s main goal was to find out that the people of Hidden Kill did not find Lin Qinghan’s figure.
When Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan left, Bai Chi spoke, “Redhead, what’s the situation?”
“I feel something is not right.” Redhead shook his head.
Everyone present knew that the red hair’s spiritual sensitivity was far beyond that of normal people, somewhat similar to that of the unpredictable, although not as exaggerated as what was written in the books and acted in the movies, but the premonition of certain things was still very accurate.
Subconsciously, everyone looked to the future.
The future took out a small square with two centimeters on the side, after flipping back and forth a few times, the small square like a folded phone, was laid into a slim tablet, the screen at the moment, can see everything in the Xin Kai Hotel.
The future has a habit of hacking into a place’s monitoring equipment every time we visit a place, and what is shown on the tablet now is what the cameras in the Xin Kai Hotel have taken.
The crowd looked at the tablet computer and saw at a glance the head of the hidden kill who was holding a cane and was walking towards the entrance of the box.
At this moment, the people of Hidden Kill did not know that their whereabouts, had been completely grasped, and they scattered into the Xin Kai Hotel, then gathered in front of the box door of Five Stripes Nine.
“Chief, the intelligence shows that there are several other unrelated people with the target, should we make a move.”
The head of Hidden Kill looked at the box door in front of him, pinned his hands to the leading cane, and said with an indifferent expression, “Kill them all!”
The Hidden Kill crowd nodded, and with a cold killing intent on their faces, they walked to the box door and pushed it open.
The compartment door opened.
Several people who were sitting inside the box, all with smiles on their faces, looked at the door.
The people of Hidden Kill, the first time they rushed towards the box, they are experienced killers, are elite, since they decided to put everyone including the target to death, there will not be the slightest hesitation.
They licked their lips bloodthirstily, and the people in the box, in their eyes, were about to become a corpse?
“Who’s on?” Bai Chi shook his glass of red wine, obviously the killers had already rushed to the box, and he was still not slow.

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