Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 213

After leaving the Xin Kai Hotel, the people of Hidden Kill began their wretched flight.
An unlicensed van was parked in an alleyway, and the head of Hidden Kill, holding a leading cane, was just about to get in when he heard an eerie voice ring out behind him.
“Where to?”
This voice, as if coming from under the nine ghosts, made him feel a severe chill through his bones.
The chief of Hidden Kill slowly turned around, and when he saw the figure with a ghostly mask and a sharp blade in his hand, his face was ashen.
The opponent came with his sword, waved the blade in his hand, and chopped at the head of the Hidden Killer Chief.
The sharp edge of the blade gradually enlarged in the pupils of the Chief of Hidden Kill, and in such a moment, the Chief of Hidden Kill recalled a phrase he had heard someone say before.
Hell walkers, everywhere!
Zhu Ziyu brought her husband and came outside the box of five bars and nine in Xin Kai Hotel, listening to the sound of laughter coming from inside the box, Zhu Ziyu was full of displeasure.
“Husband, they are sitting right here, that Lin’s surname Lin invited them to dinner, and just helped that kid to humiliate me together, you have to take revenge for me!”
“Lin’s?” Zhu Ziyu husband’s face showed disdain, “a small business in a remote area, still can not rebel against the sky? Go, go and meet them!”
Zhu Ziyu’s husband pushed open the door of the box.
The moment he entered the door, the people inside the door subconsciously put their eyes on his body.
When Lin Qinghan saw Zhu Ziyu standing at the door, her face changed violently and she stood up, “Sister Zhu, is there something wrong?”
Today was Lin Qinghan’s first time inviting Zhang Xuan’s friends to dinner, she didn’t want to cause any unpleasant incident.
“Nothing much, just came over to have a look around.” Zhu Ziyu spoke with an arrogant face, “By the way, let me introduce to you, this is my husband, the chairman of An City Puying Business Co Ltd, Fu Ting.”
Fu Ting looked arrogant, after sweeping his gaze around the box, he lingered more on the three women, Moon God, Future, and Lin Qinghan.
Although Zhu Ziyu was also a beautiful woman, she was quite inferior to these three women with different styles inside the box.
After Zhu Ziyu finished, she spoke to Fu Ting again, “Honey, this is Lin Qinghan, the president of Lin’s group.”
“Lin’s Group, I know.” Fu Ting nodded, “I remember a year or two years ago, Lin’s people came to me to talk about cooperation, I refused, after all, only a small company, send a representative to come, it is too insincere, right? ”
This one sentence of Fu Ting covered several meanings, first of all, he did not put Lin’s in his eyes, mocked Lin’s as a small company, and at the same time highlighted his own status.
Lin Qinghan’s face changed and spoke, “Sister Zhu, if you and your lover, are here for a drink, I welcome it, to have other things, sorry, I have important friends here today, we can talk another day.”
“Another day? What’s the point of another day? Look at this group of people, dressed like a brainiac, non-mainstream?” Zhu Zi Yu put her eyes on the redhead and covered her mouth to laugh.
Lin Qinghan slapped a slap on the table, an action that gave a big jump to several people in Bai Chi.
“Zhu Ziyu, you’re going too far!” Lin Qinghan angrily waited for Zhu Ziyu.
Bai Chi shrank his head and whispered to Fei Lei Si beside him, “You don’t say, sister-in-law still has some power when she gets angry.”
“That’s a must.” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.
Zhu Ziyu looked at Lin Qinghan with a carefree face, “What? I said wrong? Lin Qinghan, your taste now, also really more and more disgusting, to be honest, if others say I know you, I feel ashamed, with these non-mainstream sitting at the same table, think about it all feel all squirm.”
Zhu Ziyu deliberately shivered as she spoke.
“Zhu Ziyu, you better show some respect when you speak!” Lin Qinghan gritted her silver teeth, and there was anger in her eyes.
“What if not?” Fu Ting laughed lightly, “You a Lin’s group, I heard that recently took a few big orders, so what? The whole calculation, only ten billion assets, with such a small business, you can still turn the sky?”
He found that after he mocked Lin Qinghan, the other two beauties in the box with different styles looked at him, which made him satisfied, and even thought, if he could take these two beauties to bed tonight, how cool would that be?
The self-satisfied Fu Ting did not know that the future and the Moon God were looking at him like a brain-damaged person.
The boss’s woman to mention assets? I admire your courage, ask Ferris, his old man dare not do this!
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face is a bit gloomy, her face is very unattractive, “Mr. Fu, although my Lin’s is small, it is not to be bullied!”
“Bullying? I bully you? I’m just stating a fact!” Fu Ting clasped his hands to his chest as he once again scanned the people in the box, “Hey, it’s really hard to imagine what a day without money would be like? If every day is rough, that kind of day, I would rather die than live ah, hahaha.”
With a loud laugh, Fu Ting left the box.
Zhu Ziyu smiled faintly at Lin Qinghan, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Lin, my husband is like that, quick to speak, but what he said is also true, right? Small businesses like your Lin’s are really not in my husband’s eyes, and these non-mainstream killjoys, look at the look of each one of them, it’s really disgusting.”
Zhu Zi Yu let out a light laugh, followed behind her husband and left the box.
Lin Qinghan stood in the compartment, her heart racing with anger, today, was the first time she met Zhang Xuan’s friends, and this happened! Angry, at the same time, also made her heart apologize.
“Wife, don’t be angry, sit down.” Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan that all shivered a little look, comforted, for Zhu Ziyu and Fu Ting’s words, they did not even take it to heart, only think that this is two clowns, here to make a joke?
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath and showed an apologetic smile to Bai Chi and others, “I’m really sorry, I ……”
“Sister-in-law! You can not say such things ah, you give us an apology, that is to hit us in the face ah, come, come, first a drink, a drink anything is fine.” White pool raised a glass of wine.
The rest of the meal, although we try to regulate the atmosphere, but what just happened, really let Lin please Han happy, after all, she is the host, but also the importance of today’s meal, such a thing happened, it is difficult to let go.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen this.
The redhead gave a gesture to Ferreth, who nodded and walked out of the box and made a phone call.

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