Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 215

Ferreth like to see Fu Ting’s thoughts, “rest assured, this is true, the official website has the buyer’s photos, you can now go to see, this Patek Philippe HenryGravesSupercomplication, the ordinary model is priced at twenty-four million magnesium, which has including perpetual calendar, Westminster chime chime, sunrise and sunset time and celestial charts, including the twentieth century magnesium banker Graves in New York City home can look up to the night sky, and I this, is a limited edition customized for myself, priced at one hundred and seventy million magnesium, inside the function I will not give you, you class of people can not use, now this piece of watch.”
Ferreth said halfway, holding the palm of the pocket watch to release, this piece of pocket watch worth 170 million magnesium gold naturally fell to the ground, and then was Ferreth raised his foot and crushed hard.
“Now this piece of watch, I do not want, do not doubt, I this action, is in front of you to show off the rich, one hundred and seventy million magnesium gold in my eyes, and a penny, nothing different.”
At this time, Fu Ting’s cell phone rang, is its father called, Fu Ting picked up the phone, the other party’s first words, let Fu Ting face hard to see the extreme.
“Son, something happened at home, outside said you messed with the big man, the company’s stocks were all suppressed, all the outside shares were completely acquired, and then donated, the company went bankrupt, in the past five minutes, my phone was completely blown up by the bank, just took the time to inform you, find a place to hide, this debt, we can’t pay back in this life. ”
Fu Ting face dull, the phone naturally fell to the ground, the screen smashed and shattered.
If you say, just Ferreth’s words, but also let Fu Ting suspicious, then this phone, let Fu Ting no way not to believe, their own family, really broke, because of these people in front of you, this one dress, extraordinarily alternative people.
“Husband, what’s wrong?” Some drunk Zhu Ziyu has not yet reacted to what happened, “quickly open a good room ah husband.”
“Get lost!” Fu Ting pushed Zhu Ziyu away, at this moment, he was full of anger, all vented on Zhu Ziyu, if it wasn’t for this woman giving herself trouble, how could this happen today! It was her! She has ruined his life! It’s her!
Zhu Ziyu’s slightly drunken nerves sobered up at once because of Fu Ting’s action, “Honey, what’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” Fu Ting breathed heavily, “Bitch, I’ll beat you to death!”
Fu Ting was furious and cursed, and slapped Zhu Zi Yu heavily on the face.
The dazed Zhu Ziyu still does not understand what is happening, then see their husband this frenzied appearance, “husband, what the hell is wrong ah!”
“What’s wrong? You still have the face to ask me what’s wrong!” Fu Tingda kicked Zhu Ziyu in the small of her back, knocking her to the ground, “If it wasn’t for you, bitch, how would I have gotten into trouble with these big shots? Hmm?”
“Big shots?” Zhu Zi Yu was still dumbfounded.
“This Ms. Zhu ah, your husband’s company, in just acquired by me, now he, has bankruptcy cackle.” Feireth stood aside, looking at Zhu Ziyu two like a joke.
“Acquisition? Hubby, how can you listen to these brain-dead words? Look at them like this, how ……”
“Cut the crap!” Fu Ting strides over and slaps Zhu Ziyu in the face, making Zhu Ziyu swallow the second half of her sentence before she can say it, “My father just called me already, our family is bankrupt! Bankruptcy!”
Fu Ting yelled at Zhu Ziyu.
“If it wasn’t for you bitch, how could I have encountered such a thing? Bitch! Bitch!” Fu Ting kept waving his slaps at Zhu Zi Yu’s face.
After a few slaps, Fu Ting finally let out the anger in his heart, and a series of remorse rushed to his heart, thinking about what his father had just said on the phone, telling him to hurry up and hide, he was scared to death.
From a broad young man, all of a sudden turned into a street rat, this contrast, Fu Ting can not accept.
Looking at Ferreth and the future, Fu Ting bent both knees and knelt down on the spot.
“A few masters, you guys just spare me, I was also compelled by this woman!”
“Tch.” Ferreth shook his head, “I remember just now someone also said that if the daily rough and tumble, he would rather die, I really don’t know if he can do it, ah, so want to see.”
“No! Grand Master, I was wrong! I was wrong ah!” Fu Ting’s voice was tinged with tears, this feeling of falling from heaven to hell all at once made him nearly collapse, “Spare me once, please, spare me once!”
“Huh.” Feireth sneered, “Come over and lick the soles of my shoes.”
Fu Ting’s face froze, then as if he had made a decision, he crawled towards Ferreth on his knees.
“Get lost!” As Fu Ting crawled in front of Ferreth, he was kicked away by Ferreth, “Just a piece of shit like you, are you worthy of licking the bottom of my shoes?”
“Not worthy, not worthy!” Fu Ting shook his head repeatedly and waved his palm incessantly towards his face, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“Huh.” Feireth sneered, turned around and walked towards the outside of the hotel.
Future Yan smiled, also jumped out of the hotel outside.
Kneeling there, Fu Ting saw with his own eyes, Feireth and Future, getting into a stretch Rolls Royce, the one with the five consecutive Beijing license plate numbers, which filled his face with awe.
In the car, the redhead leaned back in his seat and looked through the window at Fu Ting, who was kneeling in the hotel lobby, “Just let him off so easily?”
“That’s it, the boss is now incognito, just a little discipline.” Bai Chi spoke.
They said a little discipline, there is no point in pretending, if this Fu Ting is the underground world, he dared to insult the Bright Island King Ring owner, he dared to insult Lin Qinghan, now he, has become a corpse.
The extended version of the Rolls-Royce faded away.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan both strolled back home.
The two of them drank a lot of wine in the evening, Lin Qinghan was also a bit drunk, and a blush appeared on her pretty face all the time, which was cute and tight.
“Husband, then said good, when I am busy with the matter at hand tomorrow, we will go out for a spin.” Lin Qinghan stood in front of the bedroom and smiled sweetly at Zhang Xuan.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan nodded and watched Lin Qinghan walk into the bedroom.
“That wife.” Zhang Xuan looked at Lin Qinghan’s wonderful back and rubbed his hands.
“It’s getting colder and colder these days, ah, sleeping alone and waking up freezing at night.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth, there was a room thermometer beside him, the thirty-one degrees Celsius displayed on it, which is definitely a temperature that makes people feel hot even when sleeping naked.
Lin Qinghan blush, “snap” the bedroom door closed, the door came out of the woman’s voice: “beautiful you, you have not officially chased me!”

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