Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 219

Zhang Xuan’s words fell, towards the body of Meng, a kick.
Zhang Xuan’s kick, Meng did not react, was kicked backwards out.
These social youth around Zhang Xuan, who did not expect Zhang Xuan said to do it, until Meng fell to the ground, screaming, they reacted.
“Grass, still fucking dare to do it, get him!” The group of social youths shouted and rushed towards Zhang Xuan in unison.
“Don’t fucking move!” A light chanting drink suddenly sounded.
The group of social youths who were just about to make a move heard this voice, just like a rat seeing a cat, and all stood there obediently.
A woman of thirty years of age, with an enchanting and charming figure, walked over with cat steps.
Seeing this woman, the group of social youths all lowered their heads and respectfully called out to Sister Hua.
Brother Meng also hastily climbed up from the ground, standing aside with his head bowed.
The moment she saw Zhang Xuan from the monitor, she hurried to the lobby, ready to say hello to this big man, to see what can help, the last time, Sister Hua remember clearly, this is a word to make the young master kneel down the top role ah.
As a result, just as she arrived at the hall, Sister Hua saw the scene of Zhang Xuan’s hands, which made her inwardly cry out badly, guessing that there was another unattractive goods, and provoked this big man.
“What’s going on?” Sister Hua asked to Brother Meng.
“Sister Hua, this kid fucking ……”
Before Brother Meng could finish his sentence, he was slapped in the face by Sister Hua with a crisp sound!
Sister Hua’s action stunned Brother Meng and these social youths, they couldn’t understand why Sister Hua was beating one of her own.
“Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, I didn’t know ……”
“All right, call Zhou Xu.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand impatiently.
In every place, there are rules in every place.
This casino of the Zhou family was too unruly.
Although it was just a small place, not worth mentioning in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, it was no exaggeration to say that among such black forces, Zhang Xuan was like an ancient emperor, since he saw it, it was necessary to take care of it.
Seeing that Zhang Xuan was too lazy to talk to himself, Sister Hua didn’t dare to say much, and hurriedly called Zhou Xu.
“Young master, that Mr. Zhang is here and says he wants to see you.” Sister Fa rushed to the phone and said.
On the side, Meng and others, widened their eyes, they realized that this time, they had kicked the iron plate, this person in front of them, but they knew the young master!
Five minutes after Sister Hua made the call, Zhou Xu appeared in front of Zhang Xuan with a sweaty head, you can see that he was in a great hurry to get here, afraid to make Zhang Xuan wait a second longer.
Because Zhou Xu knows very well that this is the top character who can destroy the whole Zhou’s with just one phone call.
The first time Zhang Xuan saw Zhou Xu, he said: “Kneel down!”
Kneel down these two words into the ears, Zhou Xu simply did not dare to have a trace of hesitation, in front of so many people, kneeling on the ground.
Meng and others, at this moment there are mountains and rivers of water tumbling in their hearts, they originally thought that the youth in front of them, just and the big young man know, but now it seems that it is not like that at all ah!
A word, can make the big young man kneel in front of so many people, even the big young man’s old man would not have this ability, right?
“Mr. Zhang, I don’t know where I have offended you?” Zhou Xu asked with a pleasing face, cautiously.
“Your Zhou family, planning to buy and sell here by force? And plan to keep my sister here?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“People from the Zhou family?” Zhou Xu was full of doubts, in this place, the Zhou family’s people, only one of themselves ah.
Zhou Xu looked at Sister Hua, who moved subtly and pointed at Brother Meng and others.
Zhou Xu instantly reacted, it is these few unopened eyes goods, offended Mr. Zhang.
Zhou Xu was too late to chastise Brother Meng and the others, waving his hands and explaining to Zhang Xuan, “Mr. Zhang, you misunderstood ah, these are not our Zhou family members at all, they are just a few dogs!”
“Zhou Xu, don’t tease me.” Zhang Xuan shook his head and spoke softly, “Just now they clearly told me that they can represent the Zhou family, they are the rules here, they are the law here, even if the police come, they can’t do anything to your Zhou family, right? I want to try and see if the Zhou family is as powerful as they say.”
When Zhou Xu heard this, his face turned pale with fear, he didn’t care about his face or anything like that, he kowtowed to Zhang Xuan and admitted his mistake, “Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
“That’s enough.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “In your Zhou family’s field, I came twice in total, both times I saw this kind of people, how you Zhou Xu control, I probably know clearly, remember, do not let me meet a third time, I and you Zhou Xu, should not have a good friendship!”
“Definitely! Definitely!” Zhou Xu knocked his head on the ground with a thud.
Qiu Yu and his father Qiu Hua stood behind Zhang Xuan, both looked at Zhang Xuan with an incredulous look, although they did not know anything about the Zhou family, but they also knew that the person who could open up such a large casino, that must have power and influence, but just this kind of person, seeing Zhang Xuan, just like seeing grandfather, afraid that Zhang Xuan was not satisfied at all.
“Let’s go girl.” Zhang Xuan patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, took Qiu Yu, and walked towards the outside of the casino.
It was not until Zhang Xuan left the casino that Zhou Xu dared to stand up from the ground, and he placed his gaze on Brother Meng and the others.
At this moment, Meng and other people’s faces were pale, and their hearts were shivering involuntarily in fear of their bodies.
Zhou Xu took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice: “Cut off all their tendons and hamstrings, and arrange for someone to take care of them every day, I want these people to live worse than death!”
When Zhou Xu said the word “care” again, he deliberately increased his tone.
When Meng and the others heard this, their legs went limp and they knelt down, kowtowing frantically and begging for mercy.
“You guys, you’re really bullying, since when do cats and dogs dare to represent my Zhou family? Is my Zhou family so cheap! All wasted!” Zhou Xu waved his hand, his body full of hostility.
Zhang Xuan took Qiu Yu father and daughter to leave the casino, he did not have to care about Meng and others, he knew that these people, finished, so wild, no one in sight, bullying men and women, no matter what happens, it is to blame, if you are not here today, just look at them like that, Qiu Yu the girl absolutely can not leave the casino intact, this kind of scum, one more waste, the world is one less!
Zhang Xuan got the car, gave a call to Bai Chi, after a few minutes, Qiu Yu’s cell phone, received a text message alert from the bank, the huge amount of one and a half million, so that Qiu Yu tears, with this money, her life will be able to resume the right track.

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