Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 2223 (END)

The sky is full of flowers and rain, and roses representing romance and love fill the sky.

This scene immediately attracted countless lights.

Shen Meng became excited in an instant, and said to Lin Qinghan full of ostentation: “Lin Qinghan, it seems that I have to invite you to my wedding now. I didn’t expect that my husband would be so romantic.”

At this time, the sky full of petals fell, and Shen Meng stood proudly among the sky full of petals, just like the heroine in the fairy tale.

Shen Meng glanced around, and finally fell on Lin Qinghan.

At this moment, Shen Meng felt extraordinarily refreshed. When she was in school, Shen Meng also considered herself a beauty, but whenever Lin Qinghan was there, she was a beauty that no one cared about. This made Shen Meng always treat Lin Qinghan in his heart. There were great grievances, and after so many years of graduation, Shen Meng finally found his place.

So what if your Lin Qinghan is a beautiful woman, and what about your Lin Qinghan’s popularity? But today, I Shen Meng is the absolute protagonist.

Thinking of this, Shen Meng couldn’t help but glance at Zhang Xuan beside Lin Qinghan.

Zhang Xuan clutched his stomach and rushed to Lin Qinghan to say, “My wife, I’m going to the toilet.”

After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he ran away in a hurry.

In the sky, the rose petals fell, and the dense helicopters turned on the searchlights and shone downward.

At this moment, the lawn where Lin Qinghan was located was like a stage with a light show, beautifully beautiful.

Night view, roses, lights, sea breeze.

The high platform built in the distance suddenly lit up. It turned out to be not a high platform being built, but already completed.

At this moment, the sound of sweet music sounded. The sound of music came from underground, forming a surround sound effect, enveloping everyone present.

The complacency on Shen Meng’s face became more and more permeated. All of this not only represents his heart, but also a manifestation of financial resources!

In silence, in this largest hotel, so many layouts.

Shen Mengshi Shiran walked to Lin Qinghan’s side and smiled: “Lin Qinghan, you don’t have to be envious of some things. On your terms, you can find some good ones. My husband has several good choices. They are all single. Although they are divorced, all of them are rich. Do I need to introduce you to them?”

At the moment when Shen Meng’s voice fell, in the surrounding speakers, a deep and slightly hoarse voice suddenly sounded. It was a piece of music, which song of the god of song, there was you along the way.

You know it’s not easy to love you

It takes a lot of courage to be God’s will, right?

I can’t say a lot of things because I’m afraid you can’t afford it

Do you believe that I met you in this life

It’s God’s will that I owe you in my last life, right?

Let me fall in love with you and let you leave me

Maybe it’s already destined in reincarnation that I should return it to you in this life

The singing voice was full of affection. With a burst of piano music, Lin Qinghan stretched out her hand to cover her small mouth. She didn’t hear the voice at first, but now, she heard it clearly. The singer was Zhang Xuan!

As the searchlight from the helicopter came in the sky, the high platform was suddenly illuminated. A pitch-black piano flickered under the light. Behind the piano, a person in a suit was wearing a suit and his fingers jumped back and forth on the keys.

When Shen Meng saw the person on the high platform, his eyes widened, this… isn’t this the husband of Lin Qinghan? Why is he sitting there? This wedding is for yourself, shouldn’t it be your husband who is sitting there?

The piano sounded, becoming more and more rapid, and stopped abruptly at the place where the chorus was sung.

Sitting behind the piano, Zhang Xuan suddenly stood up and looked at Lin Qinghan. Zhang Xuan did not hold the microphone, but his voice spread clearly.

“My wife, I know, I always thought that I didn’t give you a wedding. This is your regret, and it is also my regret. But today, I think we may not need to regret it.”

Zhang Xuan smiled.

“I know, this may be sudden to you. I know that the wedding needs parents to witness, so…”

Speaking of Zhang Xuan’s words, Lin Jianyu appeared under the lights while the lights were flashing, and behind Lin Jianyu, there were old man Lin, Lin Qinghan’s sister-in-law and others.

Lin Qinghan’s eye sockets were red, and there was a sparkle in the eye sockets.

“Of course, there are my parents and my mentor.”

The lights flashed again, and Zhang Weitian appeared. Today, Zhang Weitian is also wearing a suit. Next to him, is a woman dressed in costume. The difference is that Zhang Weitian and the woman’s faces are old and frosty. trace.

Behind Zhang Weitian, it was old man Lu, who also changed his previous appearance, wore a formal suit for the first time, and grinned nonstop with his teeth.

Not far away, Xuantian was also wearing a suit. The clothes worn on Xuantian made Xuantian feel particularly awkward, but on this day, even if he was awkward, Xuantian smiled and wore it out. This is Zhang Xuan’s. wedding!

Zhang Xuan paused and continued: “Of course, it is not enough to be blessed by your parents. So, your friends, they are here too.”

After Zhang Xuan’s words were over, Lin Qinghan was suddenly surrounded by a group of people. Milan took the lead. The rest were Lin Qinghan’s friends. Even Li Qian, who had been serving as a secretary for Lin Qinghan, was called by Zhang Xuan. They were dressed in bridesmaid costumes. , They are extraordinarily beautiful, but the most attractive thing is not them, but the bridal gowns they held together, which shone with splendor under the light.

If Zhang Xuan can be used to make a wedding dress, if it is called the second in the world, there will not be any set of wedding dresses that can be called the first in the world.

“Of course, there are my friends.”

Zhang Xuan smiled again.

The figures of Bai Chi, Red Hair and others all appeared.

“Wife, this wedding, there is no master of ceremonies, because I think that the story between us is not something anyone can tell clearly.” Zhang Xuan strode forward and walked towards Lin Qinghan.

The light moved with Zhang Xuan’s figure.

Zhang Xuan walked slowly to Lin Qinghan, took over the wedding dress, and put on Lin Qinghan.

Although a woman only has light makeup, she can be called the world’s most beautiful at this moment.

Zhang Xuan stepped back half a step, suddenly knelt on one knee, Zhang Xuan took out an exquisite gift box from his arms, and after opening it, it was a ring.

But this ring is not a precious product, but a folded one hundred dollar bill.

In the winter of that year, a cotton-padded jacket and one hundred yuan made a girl imprinted on the boy’s heart forever.

This is where fate begins.

Zhang Xuan carefully took out the folded ring and held it in the air.

“Wife, today, our parents are present, our relatives and friends are here, I want to ask you one question, you, Lin Qinghan, are you willing to marry me Zhang Xuan? From now on, for generations to come.”

Crystal clear tears slid down Lin Qinghan’s face, and Lin Qinghan’s excitement had already made Lin Qinghan speechless.

“Wife, are you willing?” There were tears in Zhang Xuan’s eyes.

From the very beginning to the present, the two have experienced too much, parting life and forgetting each other, but now they are struggling to overcome many difficulties.

Lin Qinghan covered her small mouth, her eyes were flushed, and she couldn’t help nodding, “I’m willing!”



Bai Chi and others roared instantly.

The fireworks bloom in the sky at this moment.

The next moment, luxury cars appeared and approached.

“Ducheng Ji’s family, come to congratulate!”

“Ducheng Jiang’s family, come to congratulate!”

“Ducheng Baijia, come to congratulate!”

“Noah Consortium, come to congratulate!”

One after another congratulatory voices sounded, and everyone who can hear the name is a big family that makes people thrilling!

Shen Meng stood here at the moment, only feeling ashamed.

Regarding Shen Meng, Zhang Xuan didn’t mind at all.

“Everyone, tonight, we won’t be drunk or return!” Zhang Xuan picked up Lin Qinghan and kissed Lin Qinghan hard.

In front of so many people, the woman blushed.

Tonight, the hotel was completely packaged up.

“I’ll tell you, it’s all my brother tonight, so I won’t accept it!” Zhao Ji shook off his arms.

“I’m the first to refuse you!” Quan Dingding grabbed the drumstick.

“Fatty, let’s drink!” Zhao Zhao sat in front of Quan Dingding.

Bai Chi and the others sat boldly in front of Zhao Ji and wanted to taste wine.

“Wa, you guys are bullying me together.” Zhao Ji looked at the sudden increase of so many people in front of him, and shouted, “Lan Yunxiao, Gulidan, come out to pick up the guests!”

On the other side, Zhang Weitian, Sheng Lingyun, Lu Yan, Xuantian, Li Yongcai, Bai Jiangnan and others sat together, pushing their cups and changing their cups.

“Xiao Zhang Xuan, don’t drink and ruin us today, don’t think about the bridal chamber!” Sister Bo yelled, bringing twenty-five people behind her.

This night, the lights were brightly lit, and it was a prosperous age.

(End of the book!)

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