Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 230

At ten o’clock in the morning, White Rose contacted Zhang Xuan and said that she had received notification from the other side that all the major organizations in the northwest, were headed to the Deserted Beach Wall.
This place, the Deserted Beach Wall, is well known in the northwest.
Just like its name, the desert wall is a large desert Gobi, a desolate, the entire desert wall, stretching nearly three hundred and forty kilometers, there are many explorers, like to prepare enough dry food, hiking through the desert wall, may do, really very few people.
Before entering the desert beach, some people even feel fun, just a little more sand, dry some, bring enough water is nothing, the night can also come to a desert campfire and so on.
But here you will find that the endless desert, can not distinguish the direction, the hot sun is so hot that every person is red, if not well dressed, smear the sunscreen, two hours can put people sun exposure skin.
White Rose drove Zhang Xuan into the deserted beach, along the way, Guo Fei and said a lot of unkind words, Zhang Xuan are ignored.
After entering the deserted beach, the deserted beach, which was rarely populated, today there are many people appear, occasionally on the way, can also meet people greeting with white rose, which are people from the underground world.
The appointment was made in front of an earthen mountain wall, and for the terrain here, White Rose seemed to be as experienced.
In front of a cliff in the desert, there was a large deep pit, the pit was in a circle, at least five meters deep, and the radius reached twenty meters.
White Rose told Zhang Xuan that this deep pit, has existed for a long time, even if the yellow sand flows, this deep pit always exists, and has not been filled.
At this moment, around the deep pit, has surrounded a number of figures, is waiting for the appearance of the person behind the curtain, these underground forces, are unruly people, now called here, and waiting aimlessly, but no resentment, because they are clear, when the person who gave the commission mission, from the island of light!
To the people of the island of light, even if only the island’s lowest status, they do not dare to show a little arrogance.
On the side of the deep pit, Guo Fei and more than ten youths greeted each other warmly.
“Brother Guo, where is the kid you mentioned?” A youth with dyed red hair asked to Guo Fei.
“That doesn’t matter.” Guo Fei reached out his hand and pointed.
The ten or so youths looked at the place Guo Fei pointed to and saw Zhang Xuan who was standing next to White Rose.
“Brother Guo, that boy does not look very good ah, thinking that the white rose on this taste?”
“Which has our brother Guo look majestic ah!”
“Go, teach them a lesson!”
A group of people hooked shoulders and walked towards where Zhang Xuan was standing.
When looking at the group of people and Guo Fei walking together, White Rose had a bad feeling, and after she looked at Zhang Xuan, she hurriedly walked over towards Guo Fei and the others.
“Guo Fei, what are you planning to do here?”
“Not doing anything, sister-in-law!” The red-haired youth laughed playfully, “Just now that kid, provoking us brothers with his eyes, we plan to go educate him!”
“Who is your sister-in-law, if you scream again do not believe that I will tear your mouth?” White Rose glared at the red-haired youth, and then warned, “There are big people around today, don’t cause trouble!”
White Rose’s words were actually a hint to Guo Fei, the word “big shot” was bitten very hard by White Rose.
But Guo Fei simply did not understand the meaning of white rose, only as white rose said the big man, is that from the island people.
Guo Fei smiled playfully, “the big man on the big man, our underground world, itself is the winner is king, rely on fists to speak, meaning that the big man will break the rules? These brothers of mine, but also not let people bully!”
“Yes, dare to provoke us with the eyes, I would like to see what he has the ability.” The red-haired youth clenched his fist, greeted the brothers behind him, and walked towards Zhang Xuan.
These men all had smiles on their lips as they gathered around Zhang Xuan, thinking about how they should teach this kid a lesson later.
“Guo Fei, I advise you, tell your men to be more restrained!” White Rose rushed Guo Fei and warned.
“Lan Xin, you also said, this is my brother, not my men, how can I order them? Is it hard to say that you want to fight with them?” Guo Fei stood in front of White Rose, blocking her path, so that if White Rose made any moves, he could stop them at the first opportunity.
Seeing the red-haired youth with people getting closer and closer to Zhang Xuan, two SUVs suddenly drove past the red-haired youth and others, bringing up a burst of sand and dust.
“Grass, who is so blind!”
The red-haired youth and others cursed angrily and looked towards the two SUVs, and saw the two cars stop, the doors opened, and in each of them, three people stepped down.
A total of six people, four men and two women, dressed in ordinary, all the simplest sportswear.
The red-haired youth and others frowned, they had never seen these six people, all unfamiliar faces.
Zhang Xuan, on the other hand, acted a bit stunned the moment he saw these six people, these six people, the one walking in the forefront, was clearly Bai Chi, and behind Bai Chi, followed by Redhead, Poseidon, Moon God, Future, and Ferraith respectively.
“Boss!” As soon as Bai Chi and the others got out of the car, they greeted Zhang Xuan.
“What brings you guys here?” Zhang Xuan looked at Bai Chi and the others and frowned.
“Boss, if we weren’t severely tortured, this idiot wouldn’t even be willing to give us the word.” Red hair looked at Zhang Xuan, “We have been brothers for so many years, this time it is our own family in trouble, we own family, of course we have to come to see.”
“That’s right boss, otherwise you think I would like to come to such a place ah?” Poseidon looked at the surrounding deserted beach with a disgusted face, he hated this dry environment very much.
Although the Moon Gods did not say anything, but the firmness on their faces told Zhang Xuan, don’t you think of driving us away, we are not going to leave.
Zhang Xuan looked at them like this, helplessly shook his head, “Hey, you guys …… line it, then stay together to see.”
Standing aside, white rose, listening to the red hair and others to Zhang Xuan’s name, felt a pang of trepidation, with the owner of the holy ring called brother, so think, their identity is called out.
That is, the owner of the King’s Ring!
Looking at such a battle, White Rose felt shocked, one Saint Ring owner, six King Ring owners, such a battle, even to go to any corner of the world, will make people feel frightened!
Don’t look at these seven people, standing here, looking lonely, but the huge power behind them, is unimaginable!
The red-haired youth and the others bushed the dust in front of them, put their hands in their pockets and stared at Bai Chi and the others with displeasure, “Hey, kid, do you know how to drive? Get your ass over here and apologize to the old man!”
“You want to apologize?” White pool looked at the red-haired youth and others, the corners of his mouth hooked up a wicked smile.

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