Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 231

The wheel marks that the two SUVs had just pressed out became the dividing line between the two groups of people at the moment.
“Redhead, did you see that, that kid has the same hair color as you.” Ferreth came up to the redhead’s ear and whispered, which was obviously picking a fight.
“It’s okay.” The corners of the redhead’s mouth curled up in a fierce smile, “Wait until I rip his head off and bury it in the dirt, you won’t be able to see it.”
“That’s right.” Ferreth nodded, indicating that he understood this kind of thing very well.
The red-haired young man looked at Zhang Xuan and their bland look, his heart could not help but rise up with anger, “Laozi asked you to apologize, did you not hear?”
“I also asked you, are you sure you want us to apologize?” Bai Chi spoke again, “How do you want to apologize law, sorry?”
“Humph!” The red-haired youth sneered, his gaze glanced back and forth at the future and the Moon God, these two women, although they covered themselves tightly, but still could see the exquisite body, as well as the stunning face.
The red-haired youth reached out and pointed to the future and the moon gods, “Let them both, come over here and apologize to the old man! Otherwise, I don’t mind teaching you the rules of this deserted beach wall.”
White pool a dragging hand, rushed the moon god and the future said, “Come on, people flip you two, you two go.”
“Good.” The Moon God smiled sweetly and walked with lotus steps towards the red-haired youth’s group, her toes already stepping on that dividing line.
Looking at the back of the Moon God, the redhead shook his head and said to Fereth: “Hey, it seems I don’t have a chance to rip that guy’s head off, these people, who are they looking for, but they have to go for these two women, haven’t they heard that the most poisonous woman’s heart?”
Feireth nodded in deep thought.
In the underground world, everyone fears Lord Satan, not only because of Lord Satan’s powerful strength, but also because of Lord Satan’s feared bloody methods.
Among the ten kings of the Island of Light, there are two people whose methods can be compared to Lord Satan’s, except for the White Pool, who is known as Calamity, is the Snow Mountain Moon God! This woman, when holy like an angel, when terrifying, will make the devils of hell tremble!
The Moon God slowly walked towards the red-haired youth and others, and her wiggling fingertips hid sharp blades, and those who died under her would hardly have whole bodies.
Just as the Moon God immediately walked in front of the red-haired youth and others, the little brother who was following the red-haired youth, pulled down the red-haired youth’s sleeve.
“Big brother, look at that!”
The little brother reached out towards the other end of the deep pit and pointed.
The red-haired youth looked and saw a figure hidden in a black cloak, and the appearance of this figure caused a touch of respect to appear in the red-haired youth’s eyes.
This black cloak, made entirely of linen, the entire cloak, are a pure black, without a pattern.
In the underground world, not everyone can wear this black cloak, all those who wear black cloak, have a uniform name.
Hell servant!
Just like the Hell Walker, no one knows what a Hell Servant looks like, that black cloak that hides their entirety.
The appearance of the Hell Walker represents the harvesting of life.
And the existence of the Hell Servants is the spokesman of the Island of Light, their words, representing the words of the Island of Light.
The red-haired young man and the others who were still very aggressive, all behaved submissively when they saw the Hell Servants appear, and no longer dared to have an overbearing appearance for fear of causing discontent.
“Come back first.” Zhang Xuan also spoke at this time.
Hearing this, the Moon Gods, who had already walked in front of the red-haired youth, turned around and walked back without a moment’s hesitation.
They called Zhang Xuan brother and brother, but they were 100% executing any of Zhang Xuan’s orders.
The red-haired youth and others just don’t know that just now, the god of death almost, took away their lives.
The appearance of the hell servant, let everyone, all focus on the past, originally this place is still a little noisy, now silent ravens.
The hell servant slowly raised his sleeve, took out a golden key, and then threw it towards the deep pit in front of him, emitting a hoarse voice, making it impossible to distinguish between men and women, “The master said, this time the task, some difficulty, who can get the key, the task to whom, after the task is completed, with the key to the island.”
After the hell servant finished, without another word of nonsense, slowly turned around and walked slowly towards the opposite of the deep pit.
The golden key, emitting a dazzling light in the sunlight, fell in the very center of the deep pit.
Standing next to the deep pit of more than a hundred people, tacitly into silence, you look at me, I look at you, look at each other.
Then after ten seconds or so, as if they had agreed, they all rushed towards the deep pit, aiming straight at the key.
Climbing to the Island of Light is a dream come true for anyone present.
So, the big battle, a touch of it!
There are no rules in the underground world, or rather, there is only one rule, and that is, the winner is the king, and whoever has the biggest fist, speaks.
It was like a gyro ring, everyone was frantically heading to the center of the deep pit to defeat the person in front of them.
The red-haired youth and others did not move, they looked at the people in the deep pit, gulped saliva, just now they, although they acted arrogant, that is also treated Zhang Xuan, but to the rest of the people in the pit, they do not dare to have any arrogant heart.
The pit, but there are two second-rate organizations exist, and they, but third-rate organizations, the gap between second-rate organizations and third-rate organizations, is extraordinarily obvious.
White Rose also did not move, although she is the leader of the Thorn Rose, her own strength is not bad, can compete with the people in the pit, but now she, mentality and the rest of the people, completely different, she is very clear, what kind of people exist in the presence, this time the key of the fight, in the end, is likely to be just a farce.
“Say, what else did that person tell you.” Zhang Xuan’s voice, suddenly sounded behind White Rose.
White Rose jerked back, she didn’t even notice when Zhang Xuan came behind her, which made White Rose had to be shocked in her heart, the terrifying of the Holy Ring possessor, really can’t be speculated by herself, just now if he wanted to disadvantage herself, she would have died.
White Rose gulped saliva, some difficult to say: “Lord, I ……”
“Say it, I don’t blame you, she already knows I’m coming, right?” Zhang Xuan looked towards the key in the deep pit.
White Rose nodded, “My lord, she knows all of it.”
Zhang Xuan asked, “Tell me, how can I see her?”
“That lord said, get the key and you can see her ……”
“Get the key ……” Zhang Xuan kept staring at the deep pit, his mind in deep thought, Chessia, what do you want?

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