Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 233

Zhang Xuan also put on the ghost face mask, he turned around and looked at Guo Fei.
Just this glance, let Guo Fei have a feeling of suffocation!
This is a kind of fear from the soul!
In the eyes of the people of the underground world, the owner of the Holy Ring is a god!
Because they are also in the underground world, so they know better, the owner of the Holy Ring, how terrifying!
The six people of Bai Chi, without saying a word, walked towards the pit.
The people inside the pit, at this moment, have been killed red-eyed, do not care about anything, when they perceive another person into the deep pit, without even thinking, waving their fists, or take out the weapons they carry, towards Bai Chi and them.
In the face of these people’s attacks, Bai Chi and others did not look.
One man’s fist, which was about to approach Bai Chi’s face, came to an abrupt halt.
The person who swung his fist had already killed his eyes, and just after his fist swung out, he saw the mask with the ghost face on Bai Chi’s face, the presence of which made this person stop his fist alive.
“Earth …… Prison Walker.”
The man who swung his fist hastily put his fist away, his body bowed humbly, and looked at Bai Chi with a face full of awe.
White pool did not pay attention to this person and continued to walk towards the center of the deep pit.
The remaining several directions, red hair and others, also encountered similar things as Bai Chi.
The appearance of Bai Chi and others made the people in the deep pit, all stopped and did not dare to move.
The majesty of the hell walkers, no one dares to touch!
In this way, Bai Chi and the others, without any hindrance, came to the center of the deep pit and got the golden key.
Zhang Xuan stood on the edge of the deep pit, when Bai Chi and the others got the key, Zhang Xuan looked across the deep pit, on the other side of the deep pit, at some point, a beautiful figure appeared, she was wearing black, her figure bulging, even the most critical people came here, can not find a flaw from her figure.
She also wore a ghost face mask, with long silver-white hair, casually draped down.
“All leave.” Bai Chi said in a low voice.
Those who stood in the deep pit did not dare to move, hearing this, as if amnesty, all ran out of the deep pit at top speed, not daring to stay for a moment, and drove away.
See those who drove away, Guo Fei and other people’s hearts are full of envy, but now they, but do not dare to go.
Zhang Xuan slowly took off his mask.
The person standing opposite Zhang Xuan, also took off his mask, what kind of face is that, if someone says, the brightest star in the sky, is her eyes, the curved moon in the sky, turned into her eyebrows, that the world’s softest lines, because she appeared, the world’s most beautiful scenery, can be eclipsed because of her.
Such words will not be exaggerated at all for those who have seen her.
Those who have seen her face cannot use an exact word to describe that face of hers, because any word of praise, which is not enough to describe her, will, in her case, become a derogatory word.
“Chessia.” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth, and in his voice, there was a hint of hoarseness.
“Brother Zhang Xuan, did you miss me?” Checia’s voice rang out with a magnetic quality, filled with an unspeakable charm.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Think.”
Chelsia rushed into the deep pit and ran joyfully towards Zhang Xuan, she crossed over Bai Ji and others, rushed up to the deep pit again, and her whole body jumped into Zhang Xuan’s arms.
Zhang Xuan looked at the delicate body in his arms, reached out and stroked her hair.
“Brother Zhang Xuan, I miss you so much.” Chelsia merely wrapped her arms around Zhang Xuan’s tiger waist, her voice carrying a strong sense of longing.
Bai Chi and the others stood in the deep pit, watching Chesya’s performance, they were not surprised at all, how attached Chesya was to Zhang Xuan, they all knew very well, but they really couldn’t understand why Chesya wanted to deal with Zhang Xuan.
Several people slowly walked up from the deep pit.
Chesya also let go of Zhang Xuan’s tiger waist and showed a smile, “Brother Bai Chi, Brother Poseidon, Brother Redhead, Uncle Fereth, Sister Moon God, Sister Jiang’er, you’re here too.”
“After such a big incident, can not come.” White pool will take off the mask, “Cecilia, those who killed sister-in-law, really you sent?”
As soon as she heard the word sister-in-law, the smile on Cecilia’s face, instantly disappeared, at the same time, her deep blue like the beautiful pupils of the ocean, revealing a dense killing intent, “I sent them!”
“Why?” Zhang Xuan did not understand, “You should know, she and I off ……”
“Precisely because know, that’s why I want to kill her!” Chelsia eyes hatred heavy, “she stole my most important person, her existence, will lead to the destruction of the island of light, brother Zhang Xuan, do you know, you disappeared these months, the people outside, how to talk about us! There are more and more people, began to provoke the dignity of our Bright Island!”
Zhang Xuan did not speak, quietly looking at Cecilia.
Cheshire continued: “There are rumors outside that the drawings of the Fire Crystal are in your possession, brother Zhang Xuan, do you know how many people have boarded Bright Island and asked me to borrow the drawings? A few months ago, who would have dared to do so! Nowadays, they don’t put Bright Island in their eyes anymore!”
Zhang Xuan sighed helplessly, stroked Cecilia’s long and silky hair, and said, “Cecilia, these are just some false names, you don’t need to care!”
“Not a false name!” Chesya suddenly shouted, her appearance, which scared Bai Ji and others, all of them.
“This is our life!” Chessiah took out the five-colored tail ring and grasped it in her hand, “The majesty of our Bright Island was piled up in a sea of corpses and blood, and it was the presence of brother Zhang Xuan that brought deterrence to the outside world! But now what! People outside, all think that brother Zhang Xuan was ruined! The people on Bright Island are all holding their breath, waiting for the day when brother Zhang Xuan returns! But what about him?”
Chelsia reached out and pointed at Zhang Xuan, “His selfishness, his self-interest, he did it for a woman! Abandoning all of us, willing to be a little unknown character, I ask you, when you do this, do you still have a bit of Satan’s appearance!”
“Cheshire! What are you doing? Put your hands down!” White pool reprimanded, Checia’s behavior, obviously has crossed the line.
Zhang Xuan did not care waved his hand, “It’s okay, let her talk, today is our own family talking, there are not so many rules.”
“Huh!” Chessia sneered twice, just sweet look, a gone, “I’ll ask you, are you willing to come back! Do you really want to stay with that woman, have you forgotten our original goal?”
“I will not forget, you have to give me time.” Zhang Xuan said, “I will go back, but not now!”
“So, you want us to continue to wait? The future has not told you, in these months you disappeared, the light island, a total of several times by the outside world lock, how many nuclear bombs, at any time may fall on our heads! Did you?” Chelsia’s tone, became very excited, the last few words, she roared out.

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