Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 236

Lin Qinghan drove and slowly drove in the direction of home.
All the way, Lin Qinghan was thinking about what Qin Rou said just now.
The man’s dignity, trust, these are all impacting Lin Qinghan’s mind.
Before this incident happened, Lin Qinghan never realized this problem.
Before, Lin Qinghan felt that she fell in love with Zhang Xuan and could do her duty as a so-called wife, but now she found that she was not worthy of being a wife, just like Qin Rou said, she couldn’t even trust Zhang Xuan!
A deep sense of self-blame filled Lin Qinghan’s heart.
While passing by the CBD, Lin Qinghan saw that banner after banner was being pulled on the streets of the CBD commercial center.
Vaguely, Lin Qinghan saw his name on these banners.
The Mercedes GT made an ear-piercing scraping sound and stopped on the street in front of the CBD business district. Lin Qinghan drove the car to the business district and saw that there were many people gathered under the banners, pointing at them.
The Lin’s building, which was being rebuilt with the top two floors, was also crowded with people.
Looking at the words on the banner, Lin Qinghan’s body trembled with anger.
Lin’s group, do a lot of evil, the president Lin Qinghan harbor her husband Zhang Xuan, rape and insult her!
Such a banner was completely pulled over the entire CBD business district.
In Yinzhou, who does not know the Lin Group, now such a scandal, naturally attracted a lot of eaters, those reporters, but also will not let go of this opportunity, one by one crowded around the Lin building, doing a variety of reports, some of the media, in order to attract attention, but also made up one story after another.
“Zheng Shao, how do you think this is done?”
In a simple restaurant, Zheng Chu satisfied looking at the banners hanging everywhere, “this time do a good job, your benefits will not be less.”
Zheng Chu’s heart, already imagined how to combat Zhang Xuan, dare to make himself so embarrassed at the party, but also punched himself, spoiled his good deed, if not to teach him a lesson, he is the young master of the Zheng family, will not be in vain?
Downstairs, at the time Lin please Han saw these banners, her phone, began to ring like crazy, only to answer a call, said a dozen seconds, and found that there are three or four missed calls on the phone, all just did not call in.
“General Lin, it’s not good, something happened!” Secretary Li Na’s anxious voice rang out over the phone.
Besides Li Na, the shareholders of the company, also almost blew Lin Qinghan’s phone out of the water.
Lin’s is a large enterprise, as the leading business circle in Yinzhou, Lin’s every move, are noted, this time out of such a thing, the reputation of Lin’s is a great loss not to mention, but also on Lin’s stock, caused a serious impact, in this banner hanging out in just half an hour, under the role of artificial, this news has occupied the headlines in Yinzhou City, many people are talking about this matter.
The constant ringing of the phone distracted Lin, so she simply turned on the flight mode, got out of the car and walked towards the nearest banner.
When she got in front of the banner, Lin reached out and ripped it off.
“Who are you? You!” A young temporary worker who was hanging the banner looked at Lin Jianghan with an unhappy face, “What, you think you’re arrogant and domineering because you’re a beautiful woman? Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up!”
“Did you hang this banner?” Lin invited Han to look at the youth in front of him and questioned.
“What, I hung it, what’s your problem?” The youth had an arrogant look on his face.
“Do you know, you do so, deliberately violate the reputation of others, I can completely sue you!”
“Sue me? Fine, you go ahead and sue! I’d like to see how you want to sue me.” The young man’s face was full of care.
Just as he finished speaking, he heard a “click”.
Lin Qinghan took out his phone and took a picture of the youth and the banner together.
This action of taking pictures made the youth explode on the spot, and he, who was still acting somewhat unconcerned, cursed on the spot: “Bitch! What the hell are you taking pictures of? Delete it for me!”
Lin Qinghan ignored the youth, took his phone, walked to another banner, and took a picture of the person who set up the banner along with the banner.
Lin Qinghan had just finished taking this picture when she felt a push on her shoulder.
Lin Qinghan turned around and saw that it was the young man who had just snatched her phone.
“What are you doing, give me back my phone!” Lin Qinghan grabbed it and intended to get his phone back.
The youth easily dodged the grabbed Lin Qinghan, a dirty smile on his face, his finger kept sliding Lin Qinghan’s phone screen, “tsk, many photos, ah, really beautiful, hey, I like, ay ah, this body is good, OL uniform, ah, this long skirt I also like, if pressed in bed, must be wonderful, this well, tsk, good. ”
The youth flipped through Lin Qinghan’s phone album while tasting his head.
“Quickly give me back my phone!” Lin Qinghan shouted angrily, the youth’s nasty words made her extraordinarily angry.
Some of the surrounding onlookers, hearing Lin Qinghan’s drink, all looked this way, the effect of a beautiful woman is always better than a man, when it became clear that it was the youth who grabbed Lin Qinghan’s phone, some of the onlookers spoke out, chastising the youth, telling him to return the phone to Lin Qinghan.
“Fine, give it back.” With a grin on his lips, the youth smashed Lin Qinghan’s phone hard towards the ground, and the screen shattered directly.
“Oops!” The youth deliberately showed an expression of surprise, “Sorry, my hand slipped.”
The youth’s action, a person can see that he did it on purpose.
Lin Qinghan a sullen breath from the bottom of his heart, encountered this kind of scoundrel, she now simply can not think of any good way, a cell phone in the eyes of Lin please Han, no more valuable, but this mouth of nostalgia, really hard to swallow.
Lin Qinghan picked up the phone from the ground and turned around to leave, but it was already too late.
The incident that just happened made many people gather here, including many reporters, and some people recognized Lin Qinghan at first glance, and immediately surrounded Lin Qinghan.
“Mr. Lin, I am a reporter from Qiamang TV, I would like to ask, this time your husband has such a scandal, are you, as a wife, really willing to continue to cover up?”
“Mr. Lin, I am from Black Fruit TV, it has been rumored that you are not married, may I ask if you have been hiding your marriage?”
“Mr. Lin, I am ……”
A large group of people, completely surrounded Lin Qinghan, all kinds of questions, extraordinarily tricky, none of them is a good answer.

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