Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 241

At 10 pm, the night in Yinzhou, the bar is the most crowded place at this time of night.
The city’s construction is limited, and people are usually restricted in the way they entertain themselves, so most people choose to spend their time by sitting at a bar with friends and having a few drinks.
In a small bar, three youths were sitting at a small table, a few drinks down, the three youths’ voices gradually got louder.
“Xiao Feng, I heard that you did a great thing today, smashing the phone of the president of Lin’s?” One of the youths, full of envy, looked at the person sitting across from him.
“What’s the point, I didn’t know she was the president of Lin, but you don’t say ah, this girl is really, I grabbed her phone, you don’t know the photos in the album, tsk tsk, beautiful, I really want to see that girl pressed to bed, if I can have a shot, less life ten years are willing to ah, ha ha ha ha! The young man named Xiao Feng was full of lewd laughter.
“Hey, you said you pushed that girl a hand, why did not touch two more, this woman, the maintenance must also be very good, just look can think, that skin, absolutely soft ah.”
“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
“That’s absolutely addictive!”
The three youths sat together and let out lewd laughter in unison.
The three of them did not find that, just when they were still imagining, more and more people drinking around their table, even the barman, also disappeared, the bar door, slowly closed.
“You guys really don’t know, when I smashed that pussy’s phone, that pussy’s eyes hated me, you think I’m going to hold that pussy down on the bed and make her look at me, what would her eyes look like?” Xiao Feng squinted his eyes, his mind was already fantasizing about something dirty.
“You don’t stand a chance.” A voice, suddenly sounded next to him.
The three listened to this voice and couldn’t help but shiver. This voice, as if it came from under the nine ghosts, made people feel a creepy feeling in this hot summer.
The three looked towards the side and saw a young man who looked about the same age as himself, standing beside himself.
“Kid, who the hell are you?” Little wind alcohol on the head, the kind of fear shaken off the head, then muddy gone.
“Which hand smashed the phone?” Zhang Xuan’s gaze, looking at the small wind, his eyes, as in a dead man.
“Yo, it’s the helper that bitch found, what, so many people around watching, you guys still want to beat people up?” Xiao Feng shouted, turned his head to look at the people around, but this look, he realized that the situation around, completely changed.
In these people around the table, no bottle of wine exists, obviously, these people are not drinking.
Bar music, somehow also stopped, those waiters, all disappeared, the entire bar atmosphere, somehow, has become very depressing.
Little wind three, then realized that the situation is a little wrong.
“Say, which hand smashed the phone?” Zhang Xuan spoke again.
This time, Xiao Feng did not dare to speak again, he did not even have the courage to look at Zhang Xuan eyes, closed his mouth.
“You two say.” Zhang Xuan looked at the two youths sitting with Xiao Feng drinking.
“Brother, it’s not my business! I work honestly during the day, I don’t know anything.” The youth who had just said some nasty things waved his hands repeatedly, his face was full of fear.
To put it bluntly, they are just some ordinary people, just thinking about something randomly in their heads, feeling very cool, but really against a huge thing like Lin, they say they are not afraid, it is impossible!
Another young man likewise, rushed to admit fault, “Big brother, I …… I also do not know this ah, is to hear people say, this …… this has nothing to do with me ah!”
“I asked you two what, you two answer what.” Zhang Xuan’s voice is very flat, and not full of profanity like others, but the deterrent effect he brings, not the average person can withstand.
Some people, show how kind and amiable they are, but his nature, will not change, if someone says he has changed, it can only be said that he has learned to control his temper.
The king of the underground world, Lord Satan’s majesty, and how many people dare to provoke!
Zhang Xuan showed a good side to talk, that was all in front of people he was familiar with, in front of people he was close to, those enemies of Lord Satan, the evaluation of him, only two words.
This is also, the origin of Satan’s name!
The two youths looked at each other, and both could see that fear in each other’s eyes.
“Last question, which hand smashed the phone, whoever says it first, will go.” Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out again, filling the air with a chill.
“Yes…… yes…… is the left hand.” A young man next to Xiao Feng, shivering and shivering said.
Zhang Xuan did not make a sound, one of the people standing next to Zhang Xuan, directly grabbed Little Wind’s arm and twisted it with force.
Xiao Feng’s arm was spun a whole circle by an irresistible huge force, and one could see that Xiao Feng’s whole arm, was twisted into a twist, and Xiao Feng’s whole face, was twisted to a piece, letting out a painful scream.
This scene, the two friends of Xiao Feng’s face were white with fear.
The person beside Zhang Xuan let go of Xiao Feng’s hand, Xiao Feng’s feet backed up, fell on the sofa, his face was pale, bean sweat emerged from his head, his mouth kept sucking in cold air, but did not dare to be a little disrespectful.
“Big brother! We two are really innocent ah, this has nothing to do with us ah!” The two people next to the small wind, now almost crying, they counted out, these people are definitely not to joke, just that one, directly to the small wind’s arm twisted, not to mention the pain, the rest of his life, it is estimated to be ruined ah!
“No relationship?” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hooked up a smile, “Just now you two, chatting quite happy.”
Two people had a bitter look on their faces.
One of them, in a hurry, slapped himself hard on the face, “Brother, I’m sorry, it’s my cheap mouth, it’s my cheap mouth, let me go!”
“Let you go?”
Zhang Xuan heard today Lin Qinghan was bullied this thing, just a little think about Lin Qinghan before being smashed cell phone, a person helpless look when, feel suffocated in the heart.
And these people, still making fun of this matter, loudly said some nasty things, put on any man, can not bear.
Even the most cowardly man, will not let his woman be bullied by others, not to mention, capable men.
This time, without Zhang Xuan speak, Zhang Xuan behind out of a few people, grabbed the collar of the three small wind, dragged towards the back alley of the bar.
The phone smashed with which hand, which hand will be abolished, with the mouth to be cheap, then let them never say the words.
Zhang Xuan, has never been a merciful person.

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