Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 245

Milan’s father, Xiao Shan, looked at Zhang Xuan and didn’t say a word, but could tell that Xiao Shan’s breathing, gradually became rapid.
Milan’s mother, on the other hand, her eyes were red and she let out a silent whimper.
“Mom and Dad, you guys are ……” Milan looked at the situation in front of her and was filled with fog.
“Mi’er, he’s your Aunt Song’s son!” Milan’s mother did not hold back, tears and voice together.
“Aunt Song!” Hearing this name, Milan’s body shook.
Similarly, Lin Qinghan’s expression, too, became very wonderful.
Lin Qinghan and Milan were close friends and had heard Milan speak about many things.
The tumor, which would keep metastasizing and infecting the patient’s heart, bone marrow, and brain, was affected, and the person suffering from this disease, without a suitable bone marrow transplant, could be said to be hopeless.
Milan has long told Lin Qinghan, she is a child picked up by her parents, when the sepsis attack, Milan’s parents now, there is no way, even if they want to replace the bone marrow, can not afford the money, every day to see Milan in pain, the two of their hearts like a knife.
Good at that time, Xiao Shan found a voluntary bone marrow donor, that person, is Zhang Xuan’s mother, Song Xiang.
This is a very ordinary woman, her name is very ordinary, people are also very ordinary, dressed not very good, can even be called rags.
The couple, Xiao Shan, took Milan to Yinzhou and had their bone marrow replaced.
At that time, Milan, only eight years old, Zhang Xuan ten years old.
Perhaps at that time, Zhang Xuan’s mother, has already thought of a way out, she made the request, is to hope that the couple Xiao Shan, in the future, if possible, can take care of their son.
When the bone marrow transplant was completed and Milan’s sepsis was completely cured, Xiao Shan couple gathered some money and wanted to repay Song Xiang, but they couldn’t find Song Xiang people.
In the year Zhang Xuan fourteen years old, met Xiao Shan, told Xiao Shan, his mother left, when Zhang Xuan, also lived in Xiao Shan home for a period of time, when Milan was only twelve years old, Xiao Shan home is not in Hangcheng.
Zhang Xuan is the child of a life-saving benefactor, Xiao Shan couple, treating Zhang Xuan, as if he were their own son.
At that time, Milan also said to Zhang Xuan that he would marry him when he grew up.
Xiao Shan couple also thought well, on the Zhang Xuan raised together, when the two children are older, they arranged for them to start a family, is also a beautiful thing.
Unfortunately, things did not develop in the direction that Xiao Shan and his wife wanted, Zhang Xuan lived here in Xiao Shan after three months, leaving a letter, quietly left, this away, is ten years.
Ten years of time, can change too much, Xiao Shan couple, has grown gray hair.
When following Zhang Xuan’s ass, shouting to marry him the little girl, has grown up, and even the ten years of no news, the little girl, have forgotten Zhang Xuan’s name.
And Zhang Xuan, in this ten years, also from a helpless person, become the king of the underground world.
This time, it was Zhang Xuan’s first meeting with Xiao Shan and his wife after he left ten years ago.
Even after ten years had passed, Xiao Shan and his wife still recognized Zhang Xuan at a glance, and as for them, apart from more white hair and more wrinkles, there was little change.
Milan’s mother slowly walked up to Zhang Xuan, reached out and touched Zhang Xuan’s cheek, her eyes were very red, tears could not stop flowing, her voice choked: “Child, you left without saying a word at that time, this departure, is ten years ah!”
“I ……” Zhang Xuan opened his mouth, could not say anything.
The poor life in the early years, let Zhang Xuan than the same age is much more mature.
Fourteen-year-old Zhang Xuan, in order not to drag Xiao Shan couple, silently left, did not expect, ten years later, Xiao Shan couple’s life, also on the right track, living in a house of tens of millions of dollars, watching these two elders live a good life, Zhang Xuan also feel happy for them.
“Well, well.” Xiao Shan in the end is a man, not like his wife so out of shape, “today’s daughter also came back, also brought back Xiao Xuan, this is a good thing ah, look, Qing Han this girl also came, also have not seen two years, really more and more beautiful, quickly, sit at the table to eat, today, really three happy family ah, no one less, have to drink two glasses ah! ”
Xiao Shan turned around and took a bottle of wine.
Milan’s mother wiped the tears on her face and said to Xiao Shan: “You, just look at the opportunity to drink!”
“What, you still won’t let me drink with Xiao Xuan?” Xiao Shan took out a bottle of beautifully packaged wine.
Zhang Xuan recognized the wine in Xiao Shan’s hand at a glance, “Mao Wu will meet, limited to 2,017 sets worldwide, Uncle Xiao, your wine, not everyone can drink ah, today I am blessed.”
Once Xiao Shan heard this, he gave a thumbs up to Zhang Xuan, “Xiao Xuan, you can ah, a glance to see my baby.”
Milan’s mother saw Zhang Xuan did not see outside at all, a smile of relief appeared on his face, “Xiao Xuan ah, your Uncle Xiao this wine, have not been able to drink, today you came, you two let loose to drink, come, quickly on the table, Qinghan, sit down.”
Milan’s mother even greeted Lin Qinghan to sit down.
Lin Qinghan’s gaze swept back and forth between Zhang Xuan and Milan, her eyes filled with a complex look.
I remember when I was in college, Lin Qinghan and Milan liked to lie on the lawn of the school and fantasize about what kind of husband they would find in the future.
Lin Qinghan said she wanted to find a man who was proficient in all things piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and had the same hobbies as herself, and now, Lin Qinghan had found one, although the beginning of the acquaintance was not perfect, but now, Lin Qinghan was glad that she knew Zhang Xuan.
At that time, after Lin Qinghan finished his heart’s ideal object, he would also ask Milan to see what kind she wanted to find.
Milan said she didn’t have that many ideas, she just wanted to find a figure that had blurred in her memory, but the odds were like finding a needle in a haystack, I’m afraid there was little hope in this life.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.
Lin Qinghan replied at that time, you want to come to my husband to relieve the boredom, I naturally is no problem.
This was just a joke at the beginning.
Now, Lin Qinghan found the person she wanted to find, Milan, also found, only, the two of them looking for people, is so coincidental.

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