Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 256

Such a scene made the entire test hall, the crow flies.
Those who can stay in the test hall, more or less have a certain understanding of this industry.
In Hangzhou, the three bodyguards of Yongfeng Industry are the leaders of the industry, their personal experience has always been used to look up to, their strength, is also the goal of many people.
But now, it is these three people, by an unheard of youth, easily defeated!
This can be said, completely refreshed their perception!
As one of the top companies in Hangzhou, the bodyguard of the boss of Yongfeng Industry, how strong is it?
Everyone had guessed that even if it was placed in the whole world, this kind of person, was quite powerful, but now? They understand, their own eyes, is too narrow!
Wu Xin and Sister Hong both, looking at the stage, could not say anything.
Just now, Wu Xin thought that Zhang Xuan was sure to lose, and would lose very ugly, but he did not expect that he would settle the other side with such an overwhelming advantage! It was hard to believe that all those things he had written in his personal experience were true?
If it is true, then what exactly is he?
He participated in the Coronation Gully mercenary war, the Viet Cong rescue operation, and the Suger Devil training camp! Such a person is a killing weapon walking in the world, if he wants, will be able to become a human weapon at any time!
Zhang Xuan easily defeated three bodyguards, there was no smug expression on his face, if it were the previous years, these people, not even qualified to see him, let alone fight with him.
That Wang Lun, who was on the sidelines before, didn’t even make a sound, and left in the dust when everyone was putting their attention on the ring.
Yang Haifeng and Yang Yuan siblings are extremely embarrassed, Yang Haifeng is as resentful as possible, he originally thought that he wanted this kid to pay the price today, but in the end, the other party simply unharmed, this feeling, so Yang Haifeng inside extraordinarily difficult.
As for Yang Yuan, her face was hard to see, in the end, today’s matter, it was provoked by herself, but now it has become like this, she lost completely, hard to see, no need to think, this matter will certainly be spread out, she was privately teased, it is destined to happen, for a person who loves face, this is unacceptable.
Zhang Xuan walked down from the ring, took a white towel, wiped his hands, and said to Yang Yuan: “Ms. Yang, since you won’t let me get out of the ring, I’ll just have to finish beating your people and leave again, if you still want to verify, I’m always welcome!”
Yang Yuan’s face a burst of iron blue, Zhang Xuan’s words, like a thorn, stuck in her heart, just now is their own, saying that they must fight, not to fight can not get out of the ring, and the result, in the end, their own side lost so badly, and that kind of scene, can be described as being completely abused, such a result, let Yang Yuan very down.
Looking around at people pointing at themselves, Yang Yuan, who loves to save face, felt she couldn’t stay for a second.
“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!” Yang Yuan pushed the people around her away and rushed out of the test room in anger.
Yang Haifeng’s face was also blue, and after telling the three bodyguards that they didn’t need to go back to Yongfeng, he left the place with big strides.
After this incident, Lin Qinghan did not have the mood to go on in the talent market, and left the place towards the art center, counting the time, the long queue at the entrance of the art center should have almost entered.
Just when Zhang Xuan three people left the talent center, more than ten young people in suits, both male and female, walked up to the seventh floor.
One of them held an introduction card in his hand, walked up to Wang Lun, took down the introduction card with eleven million annual salary and replaced it with another one.
The introduction plate this time there is no dense small print, only a few simple introduction.
Name: Wang Lun
Annual salary assessment: zero
Such an introduction made Wang Lun instantly explode, and made a displeased voice on the spot, “What qualifications do you have to make such an assessment? This price, it’s not reasonable at all!”
“Sorry, Mr. Wang Lun.” A young man walking at the front spoke up, “This is the most reasonable price, a person with questionable character, any more talent, will become worthless, and you, are the kind of person with questionable character, this price, is the price given by our center, if you are dissatisfied, you can not stand here.”
Wang Lun swept his eyes at the people in front of him, then sneered, “Joke, you guys think I’m willing to stand here? The annual salary of eleven million is not yet put in my eyes by Wang Lun!”
Wang Lun pushed down the introduction sign in front of him and left with a face full of disdain.
Just when Wang Lun was still on the elevator between the seventh and sixth floors, his phone rang.
“Mr. Wang, our company, is bankrupt ……”
The phone call, was from Wang Lun’s secretary.
“Bankruptcy!” Wang Lun’s mouth opened wide because of the other party’s words, “How could it go bankrupt!”
“Suppressed by the large consortium funds, the other party is completely desperate to play, invested nearly ten billion, completely crushed our company …… General Wang, it is said that you seem to have offended someone ……” the secretary said cautiously over the phone.
“Offend someone?” Wang Lun subconsciously looked up, and saw that the young man in a suit, the leader, was looking at himself with a sneering gaze.
This kind of gaze, as if it was the fiercest ridicule in this world, rang in Wang Lun’s ears.
Wang Lun’s face was as ugly and pale as white paper.
Outside the talent market, Zhang Xuan’s trio walked towards the art center with laughter.
“Qinghan, Zhang Xuan’s annual salary is on one billion! You spent 20,000 a month to recruit, this may be the easiest money you’ve ever made in your life!” Milan looked Zhang Xuan up and down, still somewhat unable to believe this evaluation price of Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan was likewise a bit incredulous, although she gradually, had discovered Zhang Xuan’s excellent side, but she didn’t expect this side to be so amazing.
“Zhang Xuan, you won’t really explode the question bank of other people’s center, right?” Milan still had some doubts.
This center, in Hangzhou City enjoys a reputation, it can be seen how large the knowledge of the question bank, even if the kind of well-known institutions of learning to come, do not dare to say such words as explode the question bank, Zhang Xuan unexpectedly did, and still exploded several professional question bank.
Zhang Xuan scratched the back of his head, “They these questions, I happened to have seen before, and then ask something else, I guess I can’t answer.”
For Zhang Xuan this answer, Milan only used huh to express his inner thoughts.
When the three walked to the art center, they found that the long line at the entrance was gone, and after going through the security check, the three of them jumped into the ocean of art.
Lin Qinghan has long wanted to participate in this exhibition, but never had the opportunity, this is the fulfillment of her long-held wish.

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