Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 265

Jing Ruoxi took out the handcuffs, just walked to the thugs, a reaction, beautiful eyes to Zhang Xuan, “Who did you call stupid?”
Zhang Xuan leaned on the car door, glanced at the mouth, “I can call who else? Meaning there is someone else here?”
“You!” Jing Ruoxi cheeks bulge, but did not speak again, honestly took out the handcuffs, the gangster cuffed, while the other party’s headgear off, is a Zhang Xuan very ordinary middle-aged man, almost forty years old.
Zhang Xuan tsk two, rushed to Jing Ruoxi said: “This is also the age of ah, if others are ten years younger, on you this stupid kind was killed.”
Jing Ruoxi this time did not because of Zhang Xuan’s own name to show what, she knows very well, today if not this man, she would really be miserable.
A drop of bright red, suddenly imprinted into the eyes of Jing Ruoxi, her pupils fiercely tightened, step forward, a face of concern for Zhang Xuan said: “You are injured?”
“You do not nonsense!” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, “Bullets hit you you are not injured ah!”
“Shot!” Jing Ruoxi pupils steeply dilated, just ready to speak out, by Zhang Xuan a slap to the head.
“What is shot, rubbed the skin just.” Zhang Xuan pulled up his sleeve, on his arm, there is a sweet red wound, with a burnt smell, it is just pulled away from Jing Ruoxi caused.
Although only a small wound, but also look at the heart of Jing Ruoxi tight, this is what he just saved himself caused ah, if a little deviation, what would be the consequences, that critical moment, who can know where the bullet hit?
Thinking of this, a strong feeling of gratitude, rushed to the heart of Jing Ruoxi.
Zhang Xuan looked at his cell phone, wondering what the situation on Lin Qinghan’s side, there is a message from Lin Qinghan on the phone, saying that they have arrived at the police station, is making a statement, the criminals were subdued.
Zhang Xuan put away the phone, rushed to Jing Ruoxi said: “Stupid, you wait back to the police station if you take me a ride ah.”
Jing Ruoxi look surprised: “How do you know I’m going to the police station?”
“Say you stupid, really did not call it for nothing!” Zhang Xuan slapped his head, “you handcuffs are out, I guess you arrest people is to play some tricks can not?”
If Milan was here, he would have heard what Zhang Xuan’s mouth was saying about tricks, but Jing Ruoxi did not hear the deeper meaning of the words, she was a little embarrassed, her own performance, indeed, is a little stupid.
She has informed the team, let the team bring people over.
Although Jing Ruoxi is only a small criminal police, but her old man’s relationship, that is not the usual hard, the interpol team captain heard Jing Ruoxi fought with the criminals, the other side still has a gun, almost scared soul, quickly put down all the work at hand, with people rushed towards this.
While waiting for the police to come, Jing Ruoxi looked at Zhang Xuan with great curiosity, “Are you a professional bodyguard? Or are you a mercenary? Where did you get your skills?”
“I have a friend who has lived for more than 130 years and still smokes and drinks every day and lives in style, do you know why?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically.
“Why?” Jing Ruoxi subconsciously asked, she has never heard of people who live one hundred and thirty years old and still smoke and drink every day, could it be that this person’s body, has something to do with these?
“Because he never minded his own business.” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth, took out his phone and opened a funny software to watch it.
Jing Ruoxi stunned, then raised her small fist and waved it at Zhang Xuan, meddling? He said I meddle? Really!
Jing Ruoxi angry, but do not know what to say, this person is really too rogue!
If it were anyone else, dare to talk to Jing Ruoxi like this, Jing Ruoxi would have greeted with fists.
But it was Zhang Xuan, just now, Zhang Xuan not only saved Jing Ruoxi’s life, but also helped her to catch the criminals, and Zhang Xuan showed his skills, all make Jing Ruoxi curious, for Zhang Xuan, she really can not give birth to any anger, and even have a strong curiosity about Zhang Xuan.
Soon, more than ten police cars with sirens, came to the scene.
As soon as the police cars stopped, each car rushed down several people, the leader of which a middle-aged man, but also a little pale face walked up to Jing Ruoxi, concerned to ask her if any place is injured.
“I’m fine, but he, in order to save me, was grazed by a bullet, if not for him today, you probably would not have seen me.” Jing Ruoxi pointed at Zhang Xuan.
Hearing this from Jing Ruoxi, the arriving police officers all looked at Zhang Xuan with a grateful face.
The middle-aged man at the head of the group hurriedly went to Zhang Xuan and held Zhang Xuan’s right hand with both hands, “Little brother, thank you so much for your bravery and courage in fighting the villains, you must be awarded the Good Citizen Award! Say, which unit you are, our city bureau immediately make a banner to send you.”
When the middle-aged man asked Zhang Xuan which unit, Jing Ruoxi on the side also listened with ears, wanting to know.
“I’m just here to travel, I’ll leave in two days, my wife is still in the city bureau, you guys take me there.”
“Good, no problem.” The middle-aged nodded in a hurry, “You take the head car, take the head car.”
Jing Ruoxi, who was standing on the side, when she heard that Zhang Xuan had a wife, there was a slight uncomfortable feeling in her heart, but she didn’t react too much.
With the police car open road, the speed is fast, and soon Zhang Xuan arrived at the police station.
Today, the nineteenth floor of the club such a terrorist attack case, in the City Bureau also caused a great reaction, you know, the club, are the city’s well-known entrepreneurs ah, really have a long and two short, the top to pursue down, is not a trivial matter.
When Zhang Xuan arrived at the city bureau, see those entrepreneurs are standing here.
“Mr. Xiao, it’s not that I have a long mouth, your godson, unreliable, when it comes to throwing you away, this kind of person, belongs to the type of wolf.”
“That’s right, Mr. Xiao, people’s hearts are separated, you have to look at people carefully, do not let some wretched people, will cheat you.”
There are several bosses, said to Xiao Shan.
“You guys don’t talk nonsense, my husband is not that kind of person!” Lin Qinghan stood beside Xiao Shan and opened her mouth, fighting for justice, according to her understanding of Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan was not that kind of person who would run when he saw danger at all.
“Oh, is not that kind of person, who can say it is accurate, beautiful, you say your husband left you and ran away, how uncomfortable it is, how about following me?” Shan Zhuang came from the side, he held a cup of coffee, not at all look formal, this city bureau, can be his territory.
“I said, what are you? Talk to my wife like that again, don’t blame me for tearing your mouth off!” Zhang Xuan came from the side and stood between Lin Qinghan and Shan Zhuang, staring at Shan Zhuang with an unkind face.

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