Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 270

“That’s right.” Xiao Shan nodded and gave Zhang Xuan an approving glance, “Xiao Xuan, you have really grown so much in so many years.”
Zhang Xuan smiled a little, “Godfather, let’s talk about the information, actually I’m a little curious, those who want information, how do they know if you have backups?”
“This reasoning, right, it does not make sense, but it is actually very simple.” Xiao Shan smiled to himself, “this technology can be known, is kept in paper form, that means, we have internal problems, the people who caught Yang Xiong, there are definitely our own people, this information is really not true, only our own people know.”
“That’s why your research is so slow, in fact, it’s also to wait for this person to appear, right?” Zhang Xuan instantly stated the key point.
“Right!” Xiao Shan snapped his fingers, “During the research, Yang and I used half of the fake information, this time we took it out, although it will affect our progress later, but it will also allow us to unfold our fist, after today, it will be a time when every second counts!”
“Seconds must be fought?” Zhang Xuan slightly puzzled, “Godfather, you mean those people also want to ……”
“That’s right!” Xiao Shan did not even wait for Zhang Xuan to finish his words, he knew what Zhang Xuan wanted to say, “Xiao Xuan, your active thinking, really surprised me, there are few young people, can be like you, just like you think, they want to register this patent once and for all! Once they register this patent, they will no longer be afraid of others researching it.”
Zhang Xuan did not say a word.
Registering the patent of this hydration energy, behind this, how many hands are controlling it!
A single power, absolutely impossible to do this thing, also do not dare, really if a power is doing, will be instantly erased, apparently, this is a silent tacit agreement, the information in hand, research, invention, registration, and then destroy the technology, then everything is back to normal.
Water turned into energy affects too many industrial chains.
Water can directly generate electricity to produce energy, so that nuclear power plants will usher in the closure, thermal power plants are also immediately closed, the general manufacturers themselves with water to generate electricity, power companies closed, high-voltage transmission technology was knocked into the cold, oil powers will cease to exist, heavy industrial impact, will sweep the world, to be precise, this may usher in a new round of revolution!
A thing that can affect so many interests, too many people do not want to see its appearance.
Just when Zhang Xuan was thinking about these issues, the cab had already arrived at Third Avenue.
Advocate Bar, not some large bar, this bar is located in a corner, the door lights appear dim.
The location of this was very bad, several stores around the bar had closed down, and once the night came, the bar’s dim lights lit up with a kind of lonely feeling.
Accompanied by Zhang Xuan, Xiao Shan took the information and walked to the door of the bar, just as he arrived, the bar door was opened from the inside.
The entire interior of the Advocate Bar was dark, and the person who opened the door was a man with a mask, who obviously did not want to reveal his identity.
“Where’s the stuff?” The other party let out a hoarse voice.
Xiao Shan raised the kraft paper bag in his hand and said, “I have to see Mr. Yang first.”
The masked man waved his hand behind him, and in the darkness, Yang Xiong was escorted out of the bar, although it looked like, Yang Xiong showed that he was not injured, but he could also feel Yang Xiong’s wretchedness, a boss of a top group in Hangzhou, being treated like this.
“Old Xiao.” Yang Xiong opened his mouth and shouted, his face was full of guilt, this time, if not for the problems he had here, it would not have happened.
Xiao Shan nodded and threw the kraft paper bag in his hand forward.
The other party took the paper bag, his eyes swept back and forth on Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan once, and walked to the bar without saying a word.
Yang Xiong was then escorted and stood at the entrance of the bar.
About a few minutes later, the word “release” rang out in the bar.
The man holding Yang Xiong pushed him with his hand, and Yang Xiong stumbled out of the bar.
Those people inside, there is no intention to kill Yang Xiong, for them, Yang Xiong live or not, it does not matter to them, they only value this technology.
To kill Yang Xiong, it is just adding to the trouble.
Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong did not say a word more, first quickly leave the place and call a car.
It was not until the car that Yang Xiong spoke out, “Old Xiao, it is certain that our guess is correct, there is a mole, how much is left in your hand this time?”
“A little.” Xiao Shan smiled bitterly, “combined with the ones you left behind, there should be no problem.”
At the beginning, Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong two people, each left a little bit of core technology, this core technology has not been taken out, because of the existence of this core technology, the two people have in the other side will get the research information can still struggle with each other’s capital, at the same time, the core technology of the pair of points, but also to limit the two sides of Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong, once who has a problem, the other side have to do their best to save.
Both as the helm of a large group, its means and brain, has long thought of things that others have not thought of.
“Old Xiao, I have two things to say to you.” Yang Xiong took a deep breath.
“Go ahead.”
“The first thing is that my son is still in their hands, and until my son returns, we can’t just start research!” Yang Xiong said two things, placing this first, indicating the importance of itself.
Xiao Shan frowned, but also expressed his understanding, if Milan was captured and used to coerce himself, he would also absolutely put Milan’s safety first.
“Yes.” Xiao Shan nodded, “But what certainty do you have that you will know when Haifeng will return.”
Yang Xiong pondered for a moment, “They won’t kill anyone, their purpose now is only to coerce us, they don’t know about the existence of the core technology, my son will be back the day after tomorrow at the latest, so while waiting for this matter, we can carry out the second thing first.”
“Go ahead.”
“Find someone!” Yang Xiong gaze with a solemn, “As far as I know, the other side has a very top team will take over this project, we want to catch up with them to research it and register the patent, we must find some top talents in the field of scientific research, Lao Xiao, love is love, business is business, what we set at the beginning, you should still remember, right?”
“Don’t worry.” Xiao Shan nodded, “the amount of shares after the completion of the matter, and the research progress equal amount.”
Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong had agreed that the project would be jointly developed, and the distribution of profits would depend on who made the biggest contribution to the research.
Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong parted ways after the cab drove out for a short distance.
After re-calling a car, Xiao Shan and Zhang Xuan headed back home together. On the way, Xiao Shan kept making phone calls.
“Sorry Mr. Xiao, it’s hard to help you since we just encountered a problem during this time.”
“Mr. Xiao, it’s really unfortunate that I’m abroad and can’t return in the near future.”
“Mr. Xiao, I’m sorry.”
A few calls in a row went out, and the answer received was completely unexpected by Xiao Shan.

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