Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 274

Zhang Xuan’s analysis caused Xiao Shan’s face to freeze.
A few seconds later, Xiao Shan extended his thumb at Zhang Xuan, “Xiao Xuan ah Xiao Xuan, you really surprised me, if that’s really what you said, then last night, it really was a good show that Yang Xiong directed himself!”
Xiao Shan was silent for a few seconds.
These few seconds, Zhang Xuan did not make any comments, but let Xiao Shan figure it out for himself.
When the elevator reached the first floor, the elevator door had not yet opened, Xiao Shan could hear a clamor.
The moment the elevator door opened, he could see a group of reporters that were crowding the lobby of Yongfeng Industry.
Looking at these reporters, Xiao Shan shook his head, said: “Yang Xiong really made a good move, then lured me into the jar, and proposed to bifurcate the information, last night, self-directed a play, let me take the initiative to take out the information, take my investment of more than a billion to come up with the research results, secretly turn my people, these reporters, should be his initiative to find it, the media as soon as the exposure, Yongfeng Industry The prince was kidnapped for one night, those people outside, naturally thinking that the information in Yang Xiong’s hand has been handed over, will be completely focused on my body, at this time Yang Xiong can be completely at ease to engage in his research, all the things, by me to carry! Sure enough, he is a lord based in the top of Hangcheng, powerful, from the beginning, he is already calculating me!”
“Godfather, so what are you going to do now?” Zhang Xuan asked.
Xiao Shan eyes a little despondent, “difficult, unless I can in the shortest possible time, find the top talent in the field of scientific research, to compete with Yang Xiong, otherwise in the end, I Xiao’s basket of water is empty not to say, will also fall into the laughing stock of this hang city, more than a billion, as a lesson, this matter, I also have a fault, these years of smooth sailing, let me some too careless ah. ”
Xiao Shan sighed.
After coming out from the building of Yongfeng Industry, Xiao Shan kept calling and asking people to find some top talents in the field of scientific research, but this research of hydration energy, which is just to find people to make progress.
At twelve noon, only two people arrived in Hangzhou on time.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan met up with these two researchers at a cafe.
Both of them were in their fifties, and when they heard from Xiao Shan that there were only two of them, both of them said that they could not do anything about it.
“Mr. Xiao, this time’s research is different from the past, if it was just the two of us, it would be difficult to complete some operations, not to mention making a breakthrough.”
“Indeed, if we want to make progress, we must have a team of ten or more people to assist us both at the very least.”
Xiao Shan’s face was all helpless.
Zhang Xuan, who hadn’t spoken much, then spoke out, “Godfather, if you trust me, I can help you get a research team.”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Xiao Shan, who was already a bit dead, immediately came to hope, “Xiao Xuan, you can find someone?”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
An institute interrupted Zhang Xuan, “Young man, the team we want is at the very least the top kind, and it has to be about ten people, how many people can you find for the team?”
Zhang Xuan thought for a moment and held out three fingers, “About thirty.”
“Thirty?” The researcher looked puzzled, then glanced at the person next to him, both of them shook their heads, “Young man, you may not have been exposed to this business, general elite team, rarely have thirty people, normally, ten to fifteen people is already considered more, you want to say thirty people, this kind of team, not up to our requirements.”
“Good, this time the research, is a matter of seconds, you find some uninvolved people, but also just add trouble, hardly help.”
The two researchers, to the team of thirty people that Zhang Xuan said, both expressed some disdain.
Xiao Shan’s heart, which had been raised in hope, was once again extinguished.
Zhang Xuan sipped his coffee and said, “How about this, Godfather, you first take these two to the laboratory, tell me the location, I will first bring them to take a look, if they can help, no better, if not, I will let them go, a dead horse is better than just sitting there.”
“That’s fine.” Xiao Shan nodded and said to the two researchers, “Two, then let’s go to the lab first, the people there are probably already there.”
The two researchers sighed, for the team of thirty people that Zhang Xuan said, the two of them really did not report any hope at all.
Coming out of the cafe, Zhang Xuan went directly to the office.
At this moment, a thirty-person research team was already waiting in the office.
An old man with a mountain peak was standing beside them.
Beside the old man, there was also a youth full of excitement.
The youth was holding a cell phone, rushed to the phone and kept saying: “Dad, I told you, I found a job, you do not want me to go back to inherit your company, can ah, I told you long ago, I want to work, you said I want to inherit your company, in addition to a few pieces of land, a few websites, a few buildings, a few residential areas, more than 100 billion, what else do I have? What else am I? Anyway, I don’t want it, you can give the company to whoever you like, I just turned today!”
If the youth’s words were heard in other people’s ears, they would have thought that the youth was joking.
But in fact, this youth is not joking at all, if Xiao Shan and other people here, will be able to recognize that this youth, is now the leading enterprise in Hangzhou Yu Yuan venture capital boss’s only son, Shang Fa.
A company with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars not to inherit, said he found a job, just turned, to be heard by others, will certainly think that Shang went crazy.
But these people present, none of them will think so, can be responsible for an office, than inherit hundreds of billions of assets, the benefits received, too much, once the contact with this office, in terms of rank, went up a great level.
These top researchers can be found, it means that they contact the underground world, understand the underground world, and the light island kind of behemoth compared to the hundred billion group, but just an ant.
Shangfa hung up the phone, with excitement still on his face, rushed to the old man beside him and said, “Teacher, can I really take up my post today?”
The old man nodded and let out an old voice, “Wait for that adult to come, I will also leave, from now on here, you will be in charge, the rules I have given you, you must strictly comply, I teach you the skills, you must also practice diligently, absolutely no laziness.”
“Do not worry, teacher!” Shangfa patted his chest and promised.
Just as he was talking, a wind bell rang.
The people in the room, at this moment, all stood up and looked towards the office door.

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