Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 275

Zhang Xuan walked in through the door, scanned around, and finally placed his eyes on which old man and Shangfa.
“This is your successor?”
“Yes, Lord Walker.” The old man bowed and nodded his head.
“Very young.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “Now you can go.”
“Many thanks, my lord!” A hint of joy appeared on the old man’s face as he took the black card that Zhang Xuan had dropped yesterday with both hands and handed it back to Zhang Xuan, then trembling, he walked out of the office.
At this moment, the owner of the office, would be completely changed.
Shangfa stood there, standing straight, full of excitement looking at Zhang Xuan, he knew that he would have to serve these people for the rest of his life.
In a chance opportunity, Shang Fa saw that old man strike, from that day on, his outlook on life, was completely changed, and at the same time, he also knew that what he used to face, how small it was.
“Let’s go.” Zhang Xuan spoke at these thirty top scientific researchers, and then walked out of the office.
These researchers were of different nationalities, but they could all understand the Chinese language spoken by Zhang Xuan, and all followed behind him quietly.
Shangfa watched Zhang Xuan and the others leave with a respectful face.
The location of the laboratory, Xiao Shan has sent to Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan told these researchers the location, the first to rush over.
The Hangcheng Science and Technology Research Laboratory, located in the prosperous area of Hangcheng, was where Yang Xiong said it would be.
At this moment, under Yang Xiong’s leadership, a team of twenty people had already prepared and were standing at the entrance of the laboratory, waiting for Xiao Shan’s arrival.
When he saw that Xiao Shan had only brought two people over, the smile on Yang Xiong’s face was already a bit disguised, but on the scene, Yang Xiong still tried to make himself frown, “Mr. Xiao, your people, I’m afraid, are a bit small, right? In this case, it will catch up with the progress.”
Faced with Yang Xiong, Xiao Shan just smiled, now between the two, who knows exactly what is going on, just have not torn the face, “Yang, I will not fall behind in this progress, I am afraid that you are too slow, when you can not share what share, let me Xiao someone’s heart is not happy ah.”
“Haha!” Yang Xiong laughed twice, “Mr. Xiao is really joking, this elite team of twenty people of mine should not be worse than these two, right?”
Yang Xiong’s gaze looked at the two researchers behind Xiao Shan.
Behind Yang Xiong, one of those twenty research team spoke, “Mr. Yang, it seems that this time is not easy.”
“What’s wrong?” Yang Xiong asked.
“The ones Xiao found are the two losers that we removed from the team. It seems that this time, Xiao’s side can’t contribute to the research. The researcher said.
“Look at you, what kind of words are you talking about!” Yang Xiong reprimanded, then said, “The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, Mr. Xiao’s side can not help much, then we play the remaining energy, more work, come on, everyone move, Mr. Xiao, my results, right here, your share, also take out.”
“No hurry.” Xiao Shan shook his head and smiled faintly, “I still have people here who haven’t arrived yet, when all my people arrive, it’s not too late for everyone to start.”
“Your people?” Yang Xiong frowned, he did not think Xiao Shan still have any people, those previously contacted by Xiao Shan research staff, have all been bought by him, can come to two, are lucky.
Yang Xiong was asking, when he saw Zhang Xuan’s figure appear.
“Godfather.” Zhang Xuan shouted at Xiao Shan from afar, “The team is already on the way and will be here soon, but thirty of them haven’t had lunch yet, so you should arrange for someone to prepare it.”
“Okay.” Xiao Shan nodded, and ordered on the spot by phone.
On Yang Xiong’s side, once he heard that it was a team of thirty people, he burst out laughing, “Mr. Xiao, a team of thirty people, what kind of top team is that?”
Those scientific researchers behind Yang Xiong, upon hearing this, also laughed.
In the industry, there is almost an unwritten rule, generally speaking, the number of top teams are controlled within ten people, ten to fifteen people is the most, more, not considered a top team.
Now the twenty people behind Yang Xiong, is a temporary combination of two teams, for that kind of team of more than one person, they heartily look down on.
Xiao Shan’s two researchers are also full of embarrassment, later out, are embarrassed to say that they have worked with a team of thirty people, that is simply to pull down their own value ah.
Yang Xiong tried to collect his smile and asked, “Nephew, the 30-member team you mentioned, when will it come? Don’t delay the progress.”
“They ah ……,” Zhang Xuan turned to look, reaching out and pointing, “this is not, come.”
Yang Xiong a group of people, looking at the eyes towards the direction of Zhang Xuan’s finger, their gaze, full of a high profile, with a look of scrutiny.
The two scientific researchers behind Xiao Shan also looked away.
A team of thirty people, which can be described as vast, including yellow, white, black, male and female, old and young, looked, an uneven team.
But that twenty-person scientific research team behind Yang Xiong, when they saw these thirty people, the arrogance in their eyes, all disappeared, and instead, were replaced with a face of excitement and a face of disbelief.
“Professor Ming Jiayi? Did I see it right? The one walking in the front is Professor Ming Jiayi, right? The person who is known as a milestone in Chinese scientific research!”
“You’re right, not only Professor Ming Jiayi, but also Bart Cameron, Johnny Cameron, and the other two. Cameron, Johnny De Quincey, Adolphus K. Johnny De Quincey, Adolph Hotham. Hotham, I have read their speeches in magazines!”
“Teacher? He’s here too?” Another researcher, hurriedly and quickly step forward, shouted at Zhang Xuan to one of the team of thirty people called, “Teacher! Teacher!”
The person who was called teacher looked at the visitor very suspiciously, “Excuse me, may I ask if you are ……”
“Teacher, don’t you recognize me, I heard your lecture two years ago!”
“Sorry, nothing rings a bell.” The person who was called teacher shook his head regretfully.
Even so, that scientific researcher who went forward did not get angry, because he knew that the gap between himself and the other party, how big, in front of others, he was the top talent in the field of scientific research, but in front of the teacher, he was a little student!
The two scientific researchers behind Xiao Shan, completely dumbfounded.
These thirty people, placed in the world, are the top people ah, two of them, but also the world’s number one technology country, the chief engineer of the Institute of Magnesium! There is also Professor Ming Jiayi, that is a world-renowned figure, today, you have the honor to work with these people? They are their idols!

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