Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 283

This hydration energy technology, for the future, is not a particularly novel thing, the future of the perennial contact with fire crystal, for this kind of thing has been immune.
But for ordinary researchers, this is a milestone research result, enough to excite them to stay awake all night.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan yawned and walked out of the Hangcheng Science and Technology Research Laboratory, this night he slept, but Xiao Shan and others really had a feeling that they could not blink their eyes, each with dark circles under their eyes, but also looked very exuberant.
If they didn’t have to register their patents today, they probably wouldn’t have been able to leave the lab.
At nine o’clock in the morning, Xiao Shan and Yang Xiong, almost at the same time, stepped out of the laboratory door.
“Mr. Xiao, this is really congratulations, I hope Mr. Xiao will eat meat and leave a mouthful of soup for me, Mr. Yang.” Yang Xiong rushed to Xiao Shan and extended his hand.
Xiao Shan laughed out loud, “Mr. Yang, you’re just slapping me down, how can I, Mr. Xiao, your Yang’s tactics, I can’t even catch up with Xiao Shan.”
The meaning of Yang Xiong’s words was that he wanted to have more shares in this patent, but Xiao Shan’s words didn’t leave Yang Xiong any chance.
“Then I wish Mr. Xiao, in the future, to carry this patent forward.” Yang Xiong patted Xiao Shan’s shoulder, his eyes looked at Xiao Shan with deep meaning, and then turned his head to leave.
Secretary Zhao was already waiting for Yang Xiong at the entrance of the research center with a car.
Yang Xiong sat on the back seat with an unhappy face and asked directly, “How is it, has the person been contacted!”
“Contacted.” Secretary Zhao handed a new phone to Yang Xiong.
Yang Xiong took the phone and found that the phone was open, he was just about to ask how the other side was doing, when he heard a rebuke ring out from the other end of the phone, “Yang, you’re fooling me? I brought you the technology prototype, and now you give me such results? I watched the press conference of your Yongfeng, your son was arrested and the technology was leaked, right? If you don’t give me an explanation on this matter, consider the consequences yourself!”
The person on the phone hung up the phone without waiting for Yang Xiong to reply.
Yang Xiong listened to the busy sound on the phone, and his face was as ugly as it could be.
At that time, he deliberately brought in reporters and said that Yang Haifeng was kidnapped, in order to put other people’s attention on Xiao, so that he could study at ease.
But plans always catch up with change, Zhang Xuan for Xiao Shan to find these people, completely disrupted all of Yang Xiong’s intentions, Yang Xiong invited those reporters, held those press conferences, in the end, it is a cocoon.
Xiao Shan side, the registration of patents and a series of things, Zhang Xuan also do not understand, anyway, the matter here is over, he is ready to go back to Yinzhou.
Zhang Xuan and Xiao Shan stood at the entrance of the Institute, just about to give Xiao Shan to say that he was going back, a yellow Porsche 718 stopped in front of Zhang Xuan.
The window was rolled up, and the one sitting on the main driver was none other than Milan.
“Zhang, get in!” Milan shouted at Zhang Xuan.
“What is it?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously.
“Cut the crap, get in and I’ll tell you.” Milan tossed his head.
Zhang Xuan was speechless, pulled open the car door and sat on it.
The Porsche 718 brought up a roar and drove away quickly.
Zhang Xuan leaned on the passenger side, “What to do ah, I plan to return to Yinzhou.”
“Tomorrow, my father gave me a task, I went by myself is too boring, call you on.” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
Zhang Xuan opened the handbag and saw that it was a western-style suit.
“What am I wearing this for? There will not be any party, right?” Zhang Xuan guessed.
“Nonsense! Besides a party, what else would be so boring?” Milan rolled her eyes, “Yang Haifeng is probably there, you can help me take care of him.”
Zhang Xuan was speechless for a while, so he was the shield.
The time of the party is noon, the location in a large private club inside, Milan told Zhang Xuan, this party, are the younger generation, she attended the party’s purpose is to want to get in touch with the heir of Yu Yuan venture capital Shang Fa, now Xiao research out such a big project, must find some big investors, otherwise Xiao’s assets, it is difficult to use this technology on a large scale in a short period of time.
Hang City Long Mountain Club, covering an area of tens of thousands of square feet, the club has mountains and water, the environment is extremely beautiful.
Shang Fa was bored to stay in the club, today he actually did not want to come at all, but could not carry his old man bombarded with phone calls, so he came.
What he wants to do most is to improve his strength, and then, like the teacher, can take over a variety of tasks.
In the past, Shang Fa felt that he had everything, as long as the money, what you want, but after contacting his teacher, Shang Fa understood that those what is worth tens of billions of old bosses, in the eyes of the teacher kind of people, and ordinary people are no different, if you want, he can make any person can not see the sun tomorrow, money, is always outside the body, the only personal strength is strong, is accompanied by their own.
This party belongs to the younger generation, as the only heir of the leading enterprise Yu Yuan Ventures in Hangzhou, Shang Fa can be said to be the highest identity of a person in this party, but all who come to this party, none of them do not want to curry favor with Shang Fa.
Some people know that Shang Fa recently like some martial arts combat class things, specifically to find some combat sparring experts to fight with Shang Fa, formed a special combat ring.
Originally, these combat sparring experts still want to let Shang Fa two moves, but after the real fight, they realized that the prince of Yu Yuan Ventures, the strength is not their own can compare.
With these people to fight, Shang Fa also feel bored, this is not at all on the same level? Now he wants, not to defeat others, to get a sense of honor, but want to get stronger, the only way to grow with people stronger than yourself.
A Porsche 718 parked in front of the Longshan Club, this 700,000-plus sports car, at the moment, compared with other luxury cars on the club’s parking lot, looks mediocre, and can even be said to be somewhat cheap.
Zhang Xuan, dressed in a black suit, got down from the passenger side.
The main driver’s door opened, Milan wearing a sky blue dress, shoulder-length short hair for her to bring a different temperament, the British, but also with a touch of . This is the first time I’ve seen a woman who wants to conquer….
Stepping on a pair of beige high heels, Milan’s entire body looks tall and beautiful, the long skirt that covers the body, so that Milan’s S-shaped figure is perfectly displayed.

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