Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 284

Zhang Xuan and Milan walked into the clubhouse and attracted a lot of attention.
Since Milan was always abroad, few people knew about this princess of Xiao’s.
Milan’s appearance drew many people to come over and take the initiative to send business cards, after all, beautiful women are more desirable no matter where they are.
This kind of party to cope with the scene, Zhang Xuan does not like much, looking for an opportunity, then take the opportunity to slip away, leaving Milan there to chat with others.
“Oh, isn’t this the big hero?” A light laugh sounded in Zhang Xuan’s ears.
Zhang Xuan turned his head and saw that Shan Zhuang was walking towards him.
“What, Big Hero, in what capacity are you here? I remember that no one seems to have invited you to this gathering, right?” Shan Zhuang walked up to Zhang Xuan.
Last time, Shan Zhuang was forced by Jing Ruoxi’s pressure to not make things difficult for Zhang Xuan, and seeing him again this time, Shan Zhuang would not let go of an opportunity to be able to humiliate Zhang Xuan.
“Mr. Shan knows this man?” Another voice sounded.
Just see Yang Haifeng walked over, on Yang Haifeng’s right hand, there was still a circle of gauze tied.
This time, Yang Haifeng had received Yang Xiong’s arrangement to come to this party specially to embarrass Xiao.
Xiao’s registered patent, is bound to find investors, Yongfeng Industry now wants to do, is to stir up trouble in this.
Yongfeng Industry in Hangzhou, or quite a heritage, this is a company that has been rooted in Hangzhou for decades, in terms of people network, not Xiao can be compared.
“What? Brother Yang knows him too?” Shan Zhuang asked.
“Know, of course I know.” Yang Haifeng’s pair of eyes gloomily scowled at Zhang Xuan, “I hate this man, I can’t wait to take this man’s tendons and bones!”
Yang Haifeng raised his right hand, if it was not this person in the first place, how could he have fired those three bodyguards, if those three bodyguards were there, how could he have suffered this crime.
Yang Haifeng now, impose all the fault on Zhang Xuan.
Listening to Yang Haifeng’s words, Shan Zhuang let out a big laugh, “Brother Yang, we both really think the same, I also want to take this kid to the bone!”
Shan Zhuang and Yang Haifeng, in front of Zhang Xuan, said this without any taboo.
For these two people, before when Lin Qinghan was around, Zhang Xuan chose to hold back, afraid that some things involved Lin Qinghan, but now, Lin Qinghan has gone back to Yinzhou, Zhang Xuan if he can still hold back, it would not be him.
Zhang Xuan walked up to Yang Haifeng and grabbed Yang Haifeng’s gauze-wrapped hand, “Tsk, Young Master Yang, what are you, cutting your finger to someone?”
Yang Haifeng coldly snorted, just about to pull his hand back, he felt a strong force coming from his hand, that strong force squeezing the wound on his palm.
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth hung a smile, “Young Master Yang, this feeling is not bad, right?”
Zhang Xuan kept pressing the wound on Yang Haifeng’s hand, which had only just healed a little because of Zhang Xuan’s action, causing the wound to rupture again, and blood gushed out, staining the gauze on Yang Haifeng’s hand red.
Yang Haifeng gritted his teeth and sucked in cold air, “Loose …… loose! You give Laozi loose!”
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly and let go of Yang Haifeng’s hand.
The moment Zhang Xuan let go of his hand, Yang Haifeng took a few steps back, looking at his right hand with a face full of pain, a burst of pain that came from the palm of his hand.
This action of Zhang Xuan was not even expected by Shan Zhuang.
The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth continued to grin, “Young Master Yang, if you want to suffer, just continue, I don’t mind letting you enjoy it more.”
Yang Haifeng had a sinister face, but did not dare to say anything else, except that in his heart, he could not wait to cut Zhang Xuan to death by a thousand cuts!
“You’re here too?” A slightly surprised female voice rang out behind Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan turned his head and saw a tall, long-haired beauty walking towards him, it was none other than Jing Ruoxi.
After Jing Ruoxi came, her eyes locked directly on Shan Zhuang and warned, “Shan, don’t let me see you doing something unseemly, understand?”
Shan Zhuang smiled, “I just came to attend a party, this should not be considered something shameful, right?”
“I hope so.” Jing Ruoxi nodded at Shan Zhuang with a warning in her eyes, then said to Zhang Xuan, “Do you want to go to the side for a drink.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “That’s fine.”
This party, prepared a lot of cold food and wine, Jing Ruoxi from the waiter took two glasses of red wine, handed Zhang Xuan a glass, “have not introduced myself, my name is Jing Ruoxi.”
“Zhang Xuan.” Zhang Xuan took the wine glass and gently clinked it with Jing Ruoxi, making a soft “tink” sound.
Both of them tasted the wine in the cup almost simultaneously.
Jing Ruoxi looked at Zhang Xuan with her beautiful eyes and asked, “Your kung fu, where did you learn it?”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “Self-taught.”
“Don’t believe it.” Jing Ruoxi shook her head, “If you don’t want to talk about it, forget it, but I want to try it myself.”
“How do you want to try?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously.
“It’s very simple.” Jing Ruoxi put the wine glass in her hand to the side, “In this club, there is a special ring, let’s fight.”
Zhang Xuan carefully observed the woman in front of him, in terms of temperament, this woman, more of a bookish aura, if not know this woman, Zhang Xuan really can not see that this is a violent person.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I do not like to fight with women.”
“But I want to make a move with you!” As soon as Jing Ruoxi’s words fell, a kick came towards Zhang Xuan’s body.
In the face of Jing Ruoxi’s sudden kick, Zhang Xuan only reached out to block the side, it was easy to intercept the kick, his hand, just in the bend of Jing Ruoxi’s leg.
Long legs white beauty, elastic.
Jing Ruoxi action does not stop, and swung a fist, hitting Zhang Xuan’s face, the same by Zhang Xuan after the arrival, reaching out to hit Jing Ruoxi’s arm, so that Jing Ruoxi this fist can not play any power to.
Jing Ruoxi wanted to make another move, but Zhang Xuan held his pink fist in advance, and this time, there was no chance to even swing a fist.
From beginning to end, Zhang Xuan held the glass of red wine in his hand, not even a little spilled, and Zhang Xuan himself, is also standing there, did not move a step.
Zhang Xuan smiled, “Beauty, let’s not fight, if we continue to fight, I will have to take advantage of you.”
As Zhang Xuan spoke, he also used his fingers to gently hook the pink fist he was holding in his hand.
Jing Ruoxi blushed and pulled her hand out of Zhang Xuan’s hand with force, “You’re a total bully!”
“Come on beauty, speak with conscience, it was you who made the first move against me.” Zhang Xuan raised his glass at Jing Ruoxi and walked towards the other side with big steps.
Jing Ruoxi stared at Zhang Xuan’s back, and her beautiful eyes were flooded with strange colors.
“This is a master.” A middle-aged man walked behind Jing Ruoxi and exclaimed.

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