Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 294

Jiang Jing this person, also considered to travel north and south for several years, eighteen-year-old provincial women’s fighting champion, special brigade service for five years, a total of seventeen missions, honored with personal first-class merit twice, second-class merit five times, third-class merit once.
These honors, so that Jiang Jing’s personal resume extra good-looking, but also represents her insight.
In the most glorious five years, Jiang Jing has seen countless experts, but also seen too many ruthless people, but never one, can be like today, just a look, let yourself feel afraid.
To know, Zhang Xuan that look, only subconsciously flowing out, not deliberately.
Although Jiang Jing had already seen that Zhang Xuan was a deeply hidden expert, but for how strong Zhang Xuan was, Jiang Jing did not have a spectrum in his heart.
“You have something on your mind?”
Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out from behind Jiang Jing.
Jiang Jing’s heart skipped a beat, turned around and shook his head, “No.”
“This is not the state a bodyguard should be in.” Zhang Xuan measured Jiang Jing once with his gaze, “If I were your enemy, you would already be dead, this kind of carelessness should not occur when you are on a mission.”
Jiang Jing heard these words and was slightly ashamed, she understood that what Zhang Xuan said was right.
“The time is also late, you go to rest, you do this kind of personal bodyguard work alone, it is also inevitable that there will be distractions, in the future at night, you do not need to get up on time to patrol.”
“But I ……” Jiang Jing opened her mouth and was interrupted by Zhang Xuan’s voice.
“Nothing but, nothing will happen at night, by the way, I see that your lower plate is a little weak, you practice Che Ma Hu Quan?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“Yes.” Jiang Jing nodded, a trace of amazement flashed in her eyes, “Few people know this fist, I didn’t expect Mr. Zhang to be able to say it.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, with 5,000 years of history up and down China, there were many boxing styles, and some of the lesser known ones were indeed almost forgotten.
“Che Ma Hu boxing emphasis on form and intention, there is nothing to do, you can practice bouncing legs, increase your lower stability, since the left leg has been injured, you need to practice more, otherwise after many years, it may become your short board ah.” Zhang Xuan sighed, unbeknownst to him, his words had already turned up a big storm in Jiang Jing’s heart.
About his left leg injury matter, Jiang Jing no one has said, has been well hidden, but now was seen out!
A martial arts practitioner, was seen which has a secret injury, equivalent to expose their own bottom card out.
Zhang Xuan as if he could see Jiang Jing’s concern, lightly smiled, “Don’t worry, I just have some research on medicine, I won’t talk nonsense.”
“Thank you, Mr. Zhang.” Jiang Jing clasped his fist at Zhang Xuan as if he was an ancient Jianghu person, “Then I’ll go rest first.”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded and watched Jiang Jing enter the house.
After Jiang Jing left, Zhang Xuan spoke softly to the darkness, “Find out who moved the hand?”
A figure landed in front of Zhang Xuan and knelt down on one knee, “Found out, it’s the Zheng family.”
“The Zheng family ……” Zhang Xuan’s mouth hooked up a smile, “really appetite is not small ah, want to eat two at once!”
The one who dealt with Qin Rou tonight was arranged by the Zheng family, and the one who dealt with Lin Qinghan was also arranged by the Zheng family, Zhang Xuan thought that it was necessary for him to make a trip to the Zheng family.
Taking advantage of the night, Zhang Xuan walked out of the house.
The company’s information was sent to Zhang Xuan’s cell phone, from the year of birth, to hobbies, including Wang Congfeng’s rooming records, all clear.
Zhang Xuan is not in a hurry, walking slowly, along the way, there is no monitoring can see Zhang Xuan’s figure.
The so-called experts, not only refers to the means of the enemy is very scary, but also lies in the usual details, like Zhang Xuan, in daily life, he has noticed the probes on the street, do something, subconsciously will avoid these probes, which has become a habit in Zhang Xuan’s life.
Zheng Chu’s family lives in the town of Swan Lake, also a wealthy area, the community is almost no board buildings and small high-rise, all garden houses, four hundred square feet is the smallest area.
It was late at night, Wang Congfeng did not sleep, she held the phone, listening to the report from his men, his face was extremely ugly.
A total of two groups of people sent, one failed, and the other, now even contact can not be contacted, two targets, but also have arrived home safely, such a result, obviously Wang Congfeng is extremely dissatisfied!
Opposite Wang Congfeng, sat an old man, the old man shaped like dry bones, fierce look, just like a dry corpse, extraordinarily frightening.
“Madam Zheng, it looks like your people aren’t very giving.” The old man laughed heatedly, his voice was hoarse and uncomfortable to listen to.
Wang Congfeng put down the phone, walked to the bedroom, and soon, came out with a whole bundle of money and put it on the coffee table in front of the old man, “Then I’ll be grateful to Mr. Han for his help.”
This bundle of money, at least two hundred thousand.
The old man smiled heatedly and lifted the money up, “Mrs. Zheng, don’t worry, this time I’ll take care of it, it’s absolutely handy.”
“Mr. Han, I have a question.” Wang Congfeng had a puzzled face.
“Please speak, Madam Zheng.”
“What do you want to do to those two bitches, I can’t kill them yet, I have to make them afraid, and when they withdraw their complaint, then I will take the lives of those two bitches!”
“Madam Zheng, have you ever heard of, Miaojiang compulsion?” The old man gave a sinister smile.
“Compulsion poison?” Wang Congfeng was full of fog, this thing, she had only heard of it in books and movies, in real life, or bluffing mostly.
“Not bad.” The old man’s face showed a proud look, while a hand, in his palm, two maggots of blood-red color appeared, maggots in the old man’s palm ceaselessly wriggling.
Wang Congfeng’s first reaction when he saw the maggots was disgusting.
Each of the two maggots is the size of a small thumb, the body is covered with black spots, the body is also bulging with one pus bag.
At the same time, the old man took out a palm-sized tambourine, hand on the drum, the two maggots began to secrete some black liquid out.
“This parasite, cultivated by a special method, as long as the two bitches down to the mouth, they will cling to their stomach wall, even if surgery open, it is difficult to remove, their body secretion of liquid, can bring great pain, this method, Mrs. Zheng is still satisfied?”
Wang Congfeng nodded, “Very satisfied! I will find someone tomorrow and find a way to put these two parasites into the mouths of those two bitches!”
Zhang Xuan was lying on the window outside Wang Congfeng’s house, and the conversation between the two people inside the house was clearly transmitted into Zhang Xuan’s ears.
Zhang Xuan was wondering, this Wang Congfeng, in the end, what method to use the compulsions?

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