Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 302

Zhang Xuan’s words caused Mr. Zhao’s face to darken completely.
The middle-aged woman, who had just finished apologizing to Zhang Xuan, cursed on the spot: “Kid, are you fucking kidding me?”
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly at the middle-aged woman and asked rhetorically, “Did I not show it obviously enough?”
“You!” The middle-aged woman pointed her hand at Zhang Xuan, and those big men in suits, at this time, also surrounded towards Zhang Xuan.
Looking at these murderous strong men, Zhang Xuan’s face was relaxed and relaxed.
Mr. Zhao’s face changed one after another, and then waved his hand, signaling those big men to all back off.
“This little divine doctor, it seems that I still somewhat underestimated the misunderstanding between you and my brother and sister, truth be told, Mr. Zhao is a businessman, I believe that under this heaven, there will not be eternal enemies, both sides are enemies, just that their interests have not yet reached unity, so, how about you helping to save my third brother, we pay the corresponding reward?”
Mr. Zhao held out a finger.
“As long as you can save my third brother, I will give you one million.”
Mr. Zhao’s words fell, the middle-aged woman was the first to show her displeasure, “Second brother, look at this kid’s poor look, all his clothes add up to less than a thousand dollars, he is not worth a million, give him ten thousand is considered a bargain!”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Mr. Zhao, right, what you said, I really agree, there is no permanent enemy, as long as the interests are unified, anyone can become a friend.”
Mr. Zhao nodded in satisfaction, “It seems that the little divine doctor is a smart person, I, Mr. Zhao, like dealing with smart people the most.”
The middle-aged woman stood next to her, that face is as ugly as constipation, one million ah, why give this kid a million, as far as her mood now, tore up these money, burned, not even willing to give Zhang Xuan.
“Little miracle doctor, you tell me your account, I will transfer you now, how?” Mr. Zhao waved his hand and a big man brought over a cell phone.
“There’s no rush.” Zhang Xuan reached out to stop Mr. Zhao’s movement, “I think, your third brother’s life, should be more than one million, and my price for one shot, is also more than one million, this price, is still far from enough ah.”
“Kid, don’t you fucking go too far!” The middle-aged woman again cursed out, “One million, enough for a goods like you to live a lifetime, what you still do not like!”
“Don’t say a word.” Mr. Zhao glared at the middle-aged woman with a dissatisfied expression, then smiled at Zhang Xuan and said, “Little divine doctor, then according to you, how much do you think is appropriate.”
Zhang Xuan held his chin, pondered for a moment and said, “I think, with the show you’re putting up, your third brother’s life must be worth at least 10 million, but I’m not one to ask for a price, I’ll let you have five million.”
Mr. Zhao smiled and nodded, “Reasonable, then little divine doctor, how much is it worth for you to make a second shot?”
Zhang Xuan held out a finger.
“Ten million?” Mr. Zhao faintly froze, followed by a smile, “With the little divine doctor’s skills, it’s worth this price, just ten million.”
“No, ten million is more than that.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“One hundred million?” Mr. Zhao’s brow furrowed.
Even though Mr. Zhao had just opened his mouth to reprimand, the middle-aged woman couldn’t help herself, “One hundred million! You are so poor, do you know what 100 million is! How dare you ask for it!”
Zhang Xuan put on a smile and spoke softly, “One billion.”
One billion!
The figure that Zhang Xuan uttered caused the middle-aged woman to freeze violently, not knowing how to refute it for a while.
“Hahahahaha!” Mr. Zhao laughed out loud a few times, “One billion, little divine doctor, you really know how to joke, do you know, what is the concept of one billion?”
Mr. Zhao asked this question, without waiting for Zhang Xuan to answer, his face instantly became gloomy, his eyes were like hawks, staring at Zhang Xuan, “One billion, enough to buy your whole family’s life!”
“Wow!” Zhang Xuan showed a look of horror, “What do you mean, do you want to kill? This is a society under the rule of law! There’s an official next to me, and you’re threatening me like that?”
“Little brother, I, Mr. Zhao, appreciate people who are capable, that’s why I call you a little miracle doctor, if you don’t have this medical skill, you are just an ant in my eyes.” Mr. Zhao threw the phone he had just gotten his hands on, “This world is not a world of cynics, nor is it a world of reasoning, it is a world of money, it is a world of power, one billion? Do you know, people like you, in the eyes of people who have a billion, what is it?”
In the way Mr. Zhao looked at Zhang Xuan, it was filled with a contempt for life.
Zhang Xuan asked curiously, “What does it count as?”
“Nothing counts! I give you one last chance, 10 million, you save my third brother, I will pretend that nothing has happened! Otherwise the consequences, you consider yourself, I give you three seconds to think, three!”
“No need to think about it.” Zhang Xuan directly interrupted Mr. Zhao’s words, “I am a person, the thing I am most not afraid of is the consequences, that President Ma, I will leave first ha.”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand at President Ma, and then walked out of the ward without even looking at Mr. Zhao and the others.
Mr. Zhao obviously did not expect Zhang Xuan to make such a choice.
The first time Zhang Xuan left, Bureau Fan was anxious to express himself and asked at President Ma, “President Ma, this person you found, what is his identity?”
President Ma laughed dryly twice, “Fan Bureau, this little divine doctor, is the husband of Lin’s group’s General Manager Lin ……”
Last time Lin’s fire, President Ma also heard about it, for the relationship between Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, is also considered to understand, this, President Ma not a bit surprised, there is even a should be so feeling, also Lin’s Lin’s General Manager, can be worthy of such an excellent man ah.
Fan Bureau and Mr. Zhao and other people, hearing the words of President Ma, are expression a frost.
The prestige of Lin’s, being in Yinzhou, who has not heard of it, the status of the old man Lin, is unmatched, and now Lin’s group is fully handed over to that girl surnamed Lin, this is the future Lin family’s helmsman ah.
The middle-aged woman opened her mouth and held it for half a day, but she didn’t know what to say.
A market value of ten billion group’s husband, she said is a poor boy, and said to give 10,000 are considered people burning incense, this to spread out, they must be laughed to death.
Fan’s face, is a little pale, just to please this Mr. Zhao, but he did not say a lot, but in the end, he offended the husband of Lin’s boss? This ……
Lin’s how influential, Fan Bureau is very clear, the other side slightly against the following themselves, their own director, will not be comfortable ah.
As for Mr. Zhao, is frowning, “Lin’s …… interesting, it seems, the conflict between us, another layer ah.”

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