Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 311

The matter about the police escorting Prince away soon exploded on social forums.
Countless Prince’s fans began to @ the official account of the Silver State Police Department, some unknown netizens, also began to pay attention to this matter, and soon, this matter was fired up very hot.
There are even a large number of Prince’s fans, not only with their own social accounts, but also created numerous small numbers to pressure the Silver State officials from the network.
Questioning the Silver State police, why they didn’t arrest the assailant, instead they wanted to arrest their own prince.
In this situation, Chief Wei’s phone was almost smashed by his superiors, asking him how exactly he was handling the situation.
Faced with layers of questioning, Chief Wei replied that he would give everyone a reasonable explanation.
When this matter fermented to the top, the Yinzhou police official finally spoke on the social forum, they only posted two photos up, these two photos, one is the prince painted dress, beaming mouth, fist pinch selfie, the remaining one, is Yu Hao Yu and Yu Hao Yuan brothers wearing female clothing standing in front of the mall photo.
Once this photo was posted, the following instantly filled with comments.
“I say you Yinzhou police are sick in the head, who are these two crooked people! Put them together with our prince, do they deserve it!”
“Our prince is sexy, is beautiful, these two people look like this and still wear women’s clothing, disgusting.”
“I want to see our prince in women’s clothing, it must be beautiful, I don’t know when we will have such a benefit.”
“The prince is so handsome, the remaining two are so disgusting!”
“Human demons, dead perverts, disgusting, disgusting! Or our prince handsome!”
“Your prince is handsome, a big man, every day beak cute, Mr. Bruce Lee used his strength to prove that we are not the sick man of East Asia, all ruined by this kind of beak cute goods.” A netizen could not stand it anymore and spoke out.
Once this comment was posted, it immediately accumulated hundreds of likes, and of course, there were people who replied to him later.
“Who is Bruce Lee, I don’t know, our prince is the best!”
“Our prince is the one who knows kung fu!”
As the internet was about to start a scolding war, the Silver State Police posted two photos out again.
The first one, still of the prince, except that the upper body is shirtless, lean upper body, ribs can be seen clearly, and the skin is white and tender.
“Wow! Our prince this skin is too good, right, so envious, so want to know how the prince is maintained.”
Another one, a photo of the Yu brothers, also with no clothes on their upper body, unlike the prince’s fair skin, they both have dark skin and look rough, with scars all over their bodies.
“These two ugly monsters are so disgusting, their bodies are pitted and pockmarked, putting them together with our prince’s photo is simply an insult to our prince!”
“That’s right, it’s so ugly.”
“There are bruises everywhere, it’s ugly.”
A bunch of mocking comments, again, made the netizens look away.
“You guys know a hammer, the injuries on a man’s body are the most attractive part.”
After another five minutes, the Yinzhou police sent out a dynamic again, this time, not a picture anymore, but a line of text.
Analysis! About the prince’s maintenance secrets: sk-iisk2 fairy water with skii skin care serum, plus facial serum set hydration repair moisturizing set, can make the skin white, lustrous!
Analysis! About the other two injury secret: eighteen years old to serve, nineteen years old to participate in the peacekeeping team, in the world’s most dangerous places to carry out the task, only when the prince with the fairy water maintenance, they pick up the knife and criminals to fight, only when the prince with skin care serum, they rushed in the first line, only when the prince with facial serum hydration, they soaked the whole body with sweat, with blood to defend dignity, with life to protect The country, that is!
Once this piece of news was sent, the original much-noticed dynamic, within a minute, there was no comment, into a burst of eerie calm.
A minute later, underneath this message from the Yinzhou police, there appeared words like unanimous admiration and salute.
“Ridiculous, there’s no such thing as a war now! Can you guys stop blowing off steam?” One of Prince’s fans commented.
“It’s true there’s no war, who’s fighting a war, who’s fooling?”
“Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean there isn’t one!”
“Yes, you guys live in China, in the most stable country in the world in terms of security, of course you won’t feel it.”
“Good, I have lived abroad, the security is not at all as good as at home, and have seen some wars launched, the people of the peacekeeping team, are heroes!”
“I want to know, what happened? The prince was beaten and arrested, and these two heroes, what is the connection?” Someone asked so.
After a few more minutes, the Yinzhou police, once again sent out a dynamic, this time a long picture of why the Yu family brothers appeared in front of the mall in women’s clothing, the prince said that these two were not male and female, issued to make fun of the matter from beginning to end narrative.
When they saw that the Yu family brothers did so as a tribute to their sacrificed elder brother, but were teased by the prince for being unmanly, netizens were outraged.
For Zhang Xuan’s name, the Yinzhou police did not announce, only mentioned a mouth, “enthusiastic citizen Mr. Zhang can not stand such a blatant insult to heroes by the artist Prince, indignant, now concluded by the police, the artist Prince, as well as his assistant, agent, guilty of insult, will be transferred to the court sentencing trial, about Mr. Zhang, found to do justice and spread positive energy, without any Punishment.”
The moment this dynamic came out, a chorus of shouts of approval immediately rang out.
“This Mr. Zhang did a good job, I support him!”
“Good, this is to maintain the reputation of our people’s heroes, if this has to be punished, we absolutely can not look down!”
“Good job Mr. Zhang!”
Those fans of the prince, knowing that the prince was going to be handed over to the court this matter, all showed an unacceptable attitude.
“Why? We have our own mouths, what do we want to say, what do others care? Why should they arrest our prince?”
The Yinzhou police, who sent out several dynamics in succession, once again resumed silence, the matter, has been completely resolved, so big, even if the prince has more influence, and how can exceed those silent heroes, brainless star-chasing is only a minority of people, most people, or very sensible.
The first thing you need to do is to get to the car and go to the Xin Kai Hotel, Zhang Xuan does not know that he has been praised on the Internet, he is not very concerned about this aspect of things.
On the contrary, Li Na, while waiting for the traffic light, even took out her cell phone to take a look at it. When she saw the roar of praise on the internet, Li Na excitedly said to Lin Qinghan: “Mr. Lin, look at the social forums, Mr. Zhang has become famous!”
Li Na handed her phone to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan looked at the comments displayed on the screen, those hails, those praises for Zhang Xuan, her face could not help but appear a smile, her own husband was praised so much, for her, also felt a burst of relief inside.

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