Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 312

Outside the largest box of Xin Kai Hotel, the hotel manager stood at the door, acting as a waiter, the teapot in the passing room was always full of water, just because this box is sitting in the entire Yinzhou business circle’s most influential person, Master Lin.
The hotel manager understands that even if his own boss sees this old man Lin, he must also be polite.
“Old master, it’s my son who doesn’t know the rules, I’ll drink a toast to you, after my indisputable son, to make amends to you.” Wang Congfeng stood in front of the dining table and raised the wine cup in his hand.
At the table, not only the old man Lin and Lin Jianyu, there are some other older generation entrepreneurs, these entrepreneurs are specially invited by Wang Congfeng, now although everyone has withdrawn from the business circle, but the influence is still there, from this it is also not difficult to see, the Zheng family’s position in the Yinzhou business circle.
The old man of the Zheng family and the old man of the Lin family were close friends, but now the old man of the Lin family is still alive, and the older generation of the Zheng family is no longer there.
Old Master Lin raised his glass and said with a smile, “Young people are inevitably angry, our two families are also old friends, what is the matter, just talk about it.”
“Haha, old Lin ah, you are older, people are also more atmospheric ah.” A person of the older generation spoke.
“I think when we were young, in the business world, who has not tripped each other ah, this Yinzhou is so big, we are still sitting at a table to drink when we are old.”
“Yes, in the end, are friends, misunderstanding this thing, can put down also put down, from the Feng ah, old Lin is not what a stingy person, you go back to let your son out, back up a thick gift, on the Lin family to apologize, this thing will also be over.”
Some of the older generation spoke up, the words showed the meaning is also very obvious, Wang Congfeng invited them to come, also gave the specific circumstances, these people so help Wang Congfeng speak, is obviously also received benefits.
Elder Lin took a small sip of wine in his cup and said to Lin Jianyu: “Jianyu ah, wait for that girl Qinghan came, give her a word, Zheng Chu that child, how also counted we grew up, is some small misunderstanding, young people’s fight, can be counted forget it.”
Lin Jianyu nodded, “Got it, Dad.”
As he was talking, the compartment door opened and Lin Qinghan walked into the compartment, holding Zhang Xuan’s arm.
“This girl Qing Han, really grows more and more beautiful, no wonder that son from Feng is crazy about her, if I were a few dozen years younger, I might also do something confusing.” An old man with white hair laughed.
“Qing Han ah, I heard that you and the Zheng family this boy a little misunderstanding, this from the Feng have personally arranged a wine to thank you, so let it go.”
Lin Qinghan gaze swept a circle, saw all the elders of the older generation, in fact, she knew yesterday that Wang Congfeng invited his grandfather to dinner, also all thought of this matter today.
Lin Jianyu opened his mouth, “Qing Han, your grandfather also said that it was all a misunderstanding, so don’t take it personally.”
Lin Qinghan smiled faintly, “Since the elders have spoken, Qinghan should listen.”
“Qing Han, I apologize to you on behalf of Xiao Chu and toast you.” Wang Congfeng walked to the side, picked up a glass of red wine, and handed it to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Jianyu’s face changed and said, “Qinghan, this can’t be accepted, how can Congfeng be your elder.”
“Yes, from Feng, young people’s affairs, young people to solve, when your Xiaochu comes out today, let him give Qing Han a good apology.” An old man said.
Wang Congfeng shook his head with a smile on his face, “Uncles, this child was not educated well, and I, as a mother, have a direct relationship, this cup of wine, I must toast.”
“From Feng, you are really a good mother.”
“Not bad, Qing Han ah, since that’s the case, you should take the wine and drink it first.”
Seeing that so many elders had spoken, Lin Qinghan had nothing to say, so she took the wine cup and said, “Aunt Wang, our two families are originally family friends, so I will drink this cup of wine first, and all the misunderstanding before will be lifted.”
Saying that, Lin Qinghan put the wine glass to her mouth.
As long as Lin Qinghan drank the wine, not to mention his son will be fine, the Lin’s will be his own in the future, let’s see if this Lin wants money or life!
Just when Lin Qinghan’s red lips were about to touch the mouth of the cup.
“Wait!” Zhang Xuan suddenly spoke out, causing Lin Qinghan’s movements to subconsciously beat.
Zhang Xuan gently stopped Lin Qinghan, so that the wine cup was a little further away from Lin Qinghan’s mouth.
Wang Congfeng subtly changed his face, then revealed a smile, “Is it that Mr. Zhang still thinks that I, Wang Congfeng, am not sincere enough?”
“This is Qing Han’s son-in-law, right? He is a talented man.”
“But late senior, from Feng how to say is also your elders, put down his body to apologize to you, you do so, but some inappropriate, right.” An old man gave Zhang Xuan a dissatisfied look.
“Old Lin ah, your granddaughter-in-law, usually have to teach more, our Chinese, the most important a respect and etiquette, the elders made the decision, can not be changed by a junior ah.”
“Indeed, my grandson-in-law would never dare to interrupt when I make a decision!”
These people, before coming, heard Wang Congfeng say that this, the Lin family is looking for, is a door-to-door son-in-law, treating the door-to-door son-in-law, these people are naturally less polite.
“Husband, grandfather has opened his mouth, I’ll drink this cup of wine.” Lin Qinghan said, to raise her glass again, she rushed Zhang Xuan repeatedly winked, meaning that Zhang Xuan should not make grandpa angry.
Lin Qinghan does not know is that the old man Lin, even if angry with anyone, is not likely to be angry with Zhang Xuan, people in every stage, will be compared, as a child than the New Year’s money, than study, to youth than clothes, than cell phones, graduated than work, with children, than children.
Like Master Lin this age, we usually talk about, not how they live, but how their own offspring live, the better their offspring live, the more light they have on their faces.
Master Lin more than once others have praised their grandson-in-law, what returnee ah, doctor ah, educated and talented, to these, Master Lin are not envious, because he knows, no matter how good these people are, are not as good as their own grandson-in-law, that is known as the living king of hell!
Previously, the old master Lin’s old friend Song Dan told him, this living hell, in the upper class has what kind of status, someone funded a billion to ask the living hell, the living hell not even look at that person, said not to save, not to save!
Zhang Xuan smiled and shook his head, received the glass of wine in Lin Qinghan’s hand into his own hand, “That, Aunt Wang, right, everyone also said, you are the elders, which you toast us, so ……”
Zhang Xuan said, while handing the wine cup in his hand to Wang Congfeng, “This cup, count us to you, wife, you pour me another full cup.”

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