Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 313

Wang Congfeng looked at the glass of wine handed to him by Zhang Xuan, his face kept changing, in this cup, but there is the presence of compulsion!
“No, it’s better for me to toast you guys, I’ll pour myself another cup.” Wang Congfeng pushed away the glass of wine handed by Zhang Xuan.
“Why?” Zhang Xuan had a smile on his face, “Aunt Wang, you don’t want to drink this glass of wine, can’t it be that there is something in this wine?”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Wang Congfeng’s heart subconsciously tighten, she forced out a smile, “How could it be, in this wine, what could be in it?”
“Well, I thought there would be bugs or something like that in it.” Zhang Xuan deliberately said, “Then since there is no, Aunt Wang also don’t push back, that wife, is my wine poured? This time this misunderstanding is too big, I also have to properly toast Aunt Wang one.”
Zhang Xuan took the glass of wine handed to him by Lin Qinghan, and then took the previous glass of wine and forced it into Wang Congfeng’s hand.
Wang Congfeng held this cup of wine with hidden compulsions, her face was full of embarrassment as she leaned over and winked at an old man repeatedly.
“Junior! That wine was poured to you from Feng, and it’s not appropriate for you to return it, so, girl Qinghan, take the cup of wine in your Aunt Wang’s hand and give a toast to your Aunt Wang with your husband.” The old man said.
Zhang Xuan jerked his head and looked at the person who spoke, “Old thing, keep your mouth shut!”
This sudden attitude of Zhang Xuan caused the people in the box to flinch, no one expected that Zhang Xuan would suddenly say such words.
“Husband!” Lin Qinghan pulled Zhang Xuan’s lapel.
“Little Zhang, you’re going a bit too far.” Lin Jianyu said with a reproachful face, the old man that Zhang Xuan had chided, even he had to call him uncle politely when he saw him, but he ended up being called an old thing by Zhang Xuan.
The rest of those who were of the same generation as old man Lin also let out a reproachful sound.
“Old Lin, this grandson-in-law of yours doesn’t know how to behave.”
“Still need to educate more, a door-to-door son-in-law only, don’t give him too much face.”
The old man who was reprimanded by Zhang Xuan, anger grew on his face, “Junior, do you know who you are talking to!”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan smiled contemptuously, “I don’t know who you are, and I’m not interested in knowing, I just want to know how many benefits this Wang Congfeng has promised you to help her so much!”
Wang Congfeng’s face changed violently again, “Surnamed Zhang, I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“Don’t know?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow, lightning-like hand, directly stuck Wang Congfeng’s throat, “If you don’t know, then take this glass of wine in your hand and drink it for me!”
Wang Congfeng was stuck by Zhang Xuan neck, can not break free, she squinted at the glass of wine in her hand, heart a ruthless, force the glass of wine towards the ground, even if the compulsion can not be down, but also never drink it yourself.
Wang Congfeng this idea, just raised his hand, found his hand empty, originally held in her hand, the glass of wine, back to Zhang Xuan’s hand.
Zhang Xuan let go of Wang Congfeng, holding the wine cup with the compulsion, walked to the old man who just spoke for Wang Congfeng, “If she does not drink, or you drink?”
The old man looked at the glass of wine in Zhang Xuan’s hand, there was no reason for a trace of fear in his eyes, but he knew what was in this glass of wine.
“I …… I do not drink.” The old man waved his hand.
Zhang Xuan sneered: “Old thing, what you all dare not drink, let my wife drink?”
Lin Jianyu frowned, “Little Zhang, what is going on here, this cup of wine, is there anything wrong with it?”
“Of course there is.” Zhang Xuan nodded, he lifted the wine glass, tilted the mouth of the glass, the wine in the glass, slowly flowed out of the glass and spilled onto the ground.
As the red wine in the glass slowly poured out, a red maggot, appeared in the middle of the glass, the maggot wriggling appearance, let the crowd see a burst of nausea.
Wang Congfeng’s face became extremely ugly, she simply could not understand, how Zhang Xuan knew about this matter!
Including the old man, his face was also unspeakably ugly.
Zhang Xuan pulled the maggot out of the cup and said loudly: “Do you think, this Wang, really think he’s wrong? What will happen when this maggot is eaten in the stomach, I don’t think anyone is willing to try it.”
After the initial daze, Lin Jianyu slammed his palm onto the table, stood up, and cursed angrily, “Surnamed Wang, what the hell do you want!”
He didn’t expect that Wang Congfeng would play such a trick with him, to poison his granddaughter.
The rest of the elders invited by Wang Congfeng, also you look at me, I look at you, can not say anything.
Wang Congfeng’s face was a little pale, “Surnamed Zhang, I don’t understand what you’re up to, I’ve never seen this bug before?”
“Really?” Zhang Xuan grinned, he walked to Wang Congfeng’s seat, took Wang Congfeng’s satchel, unzipped it and poured out all the things inside.
A palm-sized tambourine poured out from Wang Congfeng’s bag, Zhang Xuan picked up the tambourine and tapped on it, the red maggots, in front of everyone, secreted a pile of black liquid.
“Wang Congfeng, this tambourine, you also do not know what is going on?” Zhang Xuan teasingly looked at Wang Congfeng.
Now, anyone could see that this maggot, definitely related to Wang Congfeng.
“I …… I ……” Wang Congfeng shook her head, looked at the direction of the box door, took a deep breath, turned her head and ran towards the box door.
Her movements, Zhang Xuan in the first time cognizant, did not stay at all, a foot will Wang Congfeng kicked over to the ground, breaking Wang Congfeng to escape.
Zhang Xuan pinched the maggot and walked to the old man who was working with Wang Congfeng, “Say, what benefits did Wang Congfeng promise you! Otherwise, I will have to verify the effect of this compulsion on the spot.”
The old man was so scared that his face turned white, he shivered and spoke: “I said, I said, Wang Congfeng told me that as long as this into the mouth of others, she can control others, she said …… she said that the Lin family to Qing Han’s generation, a single lineage, as long as she is controlled, the Lin family is within reach, when the time comes can share a third of my Lin family shares.”
“One third?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Congfeng, “The surname Wang, you are quite generous, but you did remind me to use this to control people, in that case ……”
Zhang Xuan strides to Wang Congfeng, forcefully pinch open Wang Congfeng’s mouth, the maggot, into Wang Congfeng’s mouth, maggots once in the mouth, then crazy towards Wang Congfeng stomach, Wang Congfeng’s eyes, appear as dead ashes.

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