Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 333

Although Zhang Xuan left a lot in the force, but in the action above, but not at all soft, he attacked each time, are the vital position.
This knee up, so that the original kneeling Su Zheng, the whole person are leaning back in the air, and then fell heavily to the ground.
This knee collision to be placed on ordinary people, it is estimated that directly fainted past.
Su Zheng is in the end practiced, lying on the ground, hands struggling to get up.
Zhang Xuan got up, flicked the dust on the cuffs, then went to Su Zheng, and kicked him fiercely in the side ribs.
Su Zheng, who was still struggling to get up, was kicked by Zhang Xuan so that his whole body moved a few meters sideways and could not get up completely.
Zhang Xuan’s series of actions, in the eyes of bystanders, several words popped up in their minds.
Decisive, powerful, ruthless!
Nangong Yu looked at Zhang Xuan standing there, his eyes emitted a strange look, in that moment, Nangong Yu put this person in front of him, and the memory of that figure, reunited together.
They are the same decisive, in the process of striking, do not leave any opportunity for the opponent, the same strong, at the very least, the current Zhang Xuan, is crushing Su Zheng.
Of course, this feeling was only for a moment, Nangong Yu certainly would not think that this person in front of him, could be compared to that Island Master of the Island of Light.
The scene of Zhang Xuan defeating Su Zheng was undoubtedly shocking, it was a complete crush.
Zhang Xuan laughed lightly, “It looks like I’ve won.”
“Wow!” Zhu Ling exclaimed with glowing eyes, “Little brother, so you’re so powerful.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “It’s because he’s too weak.”
With such words, Zhang Xuan made the rest of the people in the combat hall, all a bit ashamed, they were all disciples of ancient martial families, and from the bottom of their hearts, they had a feeling of being superior, but now, the best among them, was easily defeated by an unknown outsider, and more importantly, this person was not from the ancient martial world, at least, they had never heard of such a person.
“What should we do? Su Zheng looks like he’s not lightly injured.” One person looked to where Su Zheng was, at this moment Su Zheng was lying on the ground, motionless, if he hadn’t let out a low painful sound, maybe everyone would have thought he was dead, after all, those few moves Zhang Xuan just made, all of them hit the vital points.
“Call the Su family to come, this time Su Zheng was beaten, the Su family will certainly not be easily dismissed.”
The two exchanged a moment, took out their cell phones and notified the people of the Su family.
Nangong Yu got up and asked to Zhu Ling, “Girl, still watching? If not, let’s go.”
“Do not look, do not look, there is no point.” Zhu Ling shook his head repeatedly, saw Zhang Xuan just like that way of striking, and then look at those ring fights, really feel the fist are soft.
Nangong Yu nodded, “Let’s go.”
With that, Nangong Yu took the lead and walked towards the club’s front door.
“Wait.” A person reached out, stopping Nangong Yu.
“What?” Nangong Yu smiled.
“Nangong girl, you can leave, but he can’t.” The person who stopped Nangong Yu looked at Zhang Xuan, “He beat up someone from the Su family, if he walks away like that, I believe that you, Miss Nangong, will have to be implicated as well.”
Nangong Yu’s willow eyebrows frowned slightly with a puzzled face, “Aren’t they a normal duel?”
“It’s a normal duel.” The man nodded, then added, “But the Su family, can not be touched!”
After the man’s words fell, several more people walked out and blocked the club’s door, meaning clearly that Zhang Xuan would not be allowed to leave.
“You guys are simply unreasonable!” Zhu Ling puffed up her cheeks, “It’s clearly a normal duel, why not let people go?”
“No way.” The man who spoke also showed a helpless expression, “Who let him beat up someone from the Su family?”
Zhu Ling’s shoulders shook, and when he was about to speak again, he was stopped by Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan patted Zhu Ling’s shoulder and smiled at those people blocking the entrance, “You guys are thinking that you can stop me?”
“This ……”
Zhang Xuan’s words, to those people blocking the doorway asked a frosty.
Yes, with their own and other people, can stop people? Just people just that hand, beat themselves and other people is not just like playing?
“If you go, you have to consider the consequences.” The person who spoke first could only raise the Su family to press Zhang Xuan, “I don’t know who you are, but I know that no matter what your status is, after offending the Su family, in this place of Yanjing, you won’t be able to get along.”
“Ai, okay.” Zhang Xuan sighed and nodded, “Then I won’t leave.”
Seeing that Zhang Xuan had conceded, those who were blocking the entrance had a happy look on their faces.
Nangong Yu, on the other hand, shook his head with some disappointment, although this person is very similar to the shadow in his heart, in many places, but the person in his heart, he will not give in to softness.
Nangong Yu this idea just out, Zhang Xuan’s voice, once again sounded.
“Since you guys won’t let me go, then I’ll just beat him up again.”
This voice of Zhang Xuan scared the people in the combat hall, and their eyes all looked at Zhang Xuan.
What did he mean? He wanted to confront the Su family.
Zhang Xuan squeezed his fist and went to Su Zheng, who was still lying on the ground, grabbed Su Zheng’s collar and lifted him up effortlessly like a small chicken.
You can see that Su Zheng is now very weak and can’t use any strength, if Zhang Xuan lets go of his collar now, he will be back on the ground in the first place.
Zhang Xuan grabbed Su Zheng’s collar and said: “Your name is Su Zheng, right? Let me explain to you first, it’s not that I want to beat you, but someone doesn’t want me to leave, since it says to notify your family to come over, I think your family can’t come for nothing, right? If you do not beat you harder, your family is not a trip for nothing.”
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s words fell, he grabbed Su Zheng’s hair and knocked Su Zheng’s head hard towards the wall next to him.
A “dong” sound, as if in the hearts of the crowd, so that those people in the combat hall, can not help but hit a jolt, this is really with the Su family dead end ah.
Nangong Yu’s pair of beautiful eyes looked at Zhang Xuan and muttered under his breath, “Like, it’s really too like.”
With the violent impact of Su Zheng’s head and the wall, a smear of fresh red flowed down from Su Zheng’s head.
Su Zheng himself, on the other hand, was not able to resist at all, just now, his ribs were all broken by Zhang Xuan’s kick.
Zhang Xuan threw Su Zheng towards the ground casually, that look like throwing garbage, clapped his hands and looked towards the door again, “Now let me go?”
“You …… you ……” the man who spoke before, now looking at Zhang Xuan, his voice was a bit stuttered, “you are simply playing with fire! ”
“Still won’t let me go?” Zhang Xuan said, and picked Su Zheng up again and walked towards a side table.
The crowd subconsciously looked at the table in front of Zhang Xuan, and their eyes locked on the sharp corner of the table.

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