Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 332

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.
The name of Nangong Yu, in the circle is also extraordinarily loud, its outstanding temperament, beautiful appearance, including the identity of Miss Nangong, let her pursuers countless, but, again, more suitors, Nangong Yu also not a single can look at the.
As soon as Zhu Ling arrived at the fight club, she looked excited. In the club, there were people practicing boxing in front of sandbags, some people with some fitness equipment, and others in the ring, dueling one-on-one, two-on-two, or less-on-more.
Zhu Ling excitedly ran to the ring, looking at the man in the ring, his mouth kept shouting words like beat him, beat him, his big eyes were filled with excitement.
On the contrary, Nangong Yu appeared to have no interest at all.
Zhang Xuan also did the same, picked a sofa and sat on it.
Zhu Ling watched for a while, found that the three people who came together, just by themselves here excitedly shouting and screaming, suddenly felt some boring, she ran to Nangong Yu, “Sister Yu, why are you not interested at all ah.”
Nangong Yu looked at the ring and smiled faintly, “Too weak.”
“Weak?” Zhu Ling followed the gaze of Nangong Yu just glanced at the one that Nangong Yu said was too weak, just in the ring one-on-three are not down.
Zhu Ling smiled bitterly, “Sister Yu, it’s not that people are too weak, it’s that your heart expectations are too high, you always compare others with that person, if anyone was as strong as him, there wouldn’t be only one Bright Island Master in the world ah.”
“He ……” Nangong Yu’s gaze is ghostly, “Do you think he still remembers me?”
“I don’t know.” Zhu Ling shook his head, “sister Yu, that is the Lord of the Bright Island, ah, called the world’s strongest man, surrounded by countless beautiful women la, listen to my grandfather said, he has been missing for months, so many people are looking for him, until now there is no news, want to see him, it is too difficult, you can not always think about that kind of people.”
Nangong Yu looked at Zhu Ling and asked, “Girl, after you’ve seen the vastness of the ocean, will you still be excited about ordinary rivers?”
Zhu Ling big eyes appeared puzzled look, “Sister Yu, what do you mean?”
“You are still young.” Nangong Yu smiled faintly and rubbed Zhu Ling’s head, “Go and watch, after watching we go to dinner.”
“Nangong? You’re here? When did you get here?” A surprised voice came from the ring that Nangong Yu was just looking at.
I saw the young man who had just beaten three people without losing a fight, jumped out of the ring with a flip and came towards Nangong Yu.
“Accompany this girl to see.” Nangong Yu pointed down to Zhu Ling.
“Yo, isn’t this the pearl of the Zhu family’s old man? What, sneaking out to play?” The youth looked at Zhu Ling.
Zhu Ling glanced at his mouth, “Su Zheng, keep your mouth shut, don’t talk nonsense!”
“Heh.” Su Zheng gave a careless laugh and looked at Nangong Yu again, asking, “Nangong, what do you think of what I just played?”
“Not bad.” Nangong Yu said something on the field.
Once, Nangong Yu had seen the world’s top level battles, and compared to that kind of battle, what Su Zheng and the others fought in this ring was just like a joke.
Su Zheng’s eyes casually swept, just saw Zhang Xuan sitting on the sofa next to Nangong Yu, “This brother, it seems that we have not seen before ah?”
“Yes no, I came for the first time, with them.” Zhang Xuan nodded and sized up this Su Zheng, the Su family, which was the target of his visit.
Once Su Zheng heard that Zhang Xuan had come with Nangong Yu, his eyes were instantly filled with hostility, “First time here? This club is not for everyone, right?”
Su Zheng said this, mainly for Nangong Yu to hear.
Zhang Xuan also understood the meaning of Su Zheng’s words, but still deliberately said, “What do you mean? This Combat Entertainment Department, I still can’t come and take a look?”
“Oh, take a look? Can you understand it? Don’t you know how to pretend to understand?” Su Zheng gave Zhang Xuan a contemptuous glance, deliberately finding fault, only because Zhang Xuan and Nangong Yu arrived together.
“I’ve practiced for a while, so I can read some of it.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “The …… you played was very average.”
Zhang Xuan gave a provocative look at Su Zheng.
Once Zhang Xuan’s words came out, Nangong Yu, who was sitting next to him, couldn’t help but look at him more than twice.
Anger appeared on Su Zheng’s face and glared at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, what did you say?”
“I said that you played, very general, like a child playing house, what’s wrong with that?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows.
“Big talk!” Su Zheng shouted violently, “You said I fought in an average manner, then how about, trying?”
“Sure.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “How would you like to fight?”
“Simple.” Su Zheng sneered and squeezed his fist, “Fight until one person gets down.”
“Good.” Zhang Xuan responded and bared his teeth, followed by a punch towards Su Zheng’s face.
The moment Su Zheng spoke against Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan thought of his later plan, instead of letting himself take the initiative to reach out to the Su family, he would passively let the Su family accept him.
Hitting the Su family is the swiftest and fastest way to do it, and hitting it here will not cause the other party to be alert.
Zhang Xuan’s punch was sudden and swift, so fast that Su Zheng could only be able to react to dodge.
This is the result of Zhang Xuan’s hidden strength, otherwise it would only take a moment, Su Zheng would have to be beaten down.
Su Zheng dodged Zhang Xuan’s punch and was just about to fight back when Zhang Xuan kicked him again, hitting him squarely in the chest.
Su Zheng was not surprised to be knocked over by Zhang Xuan’s kick.
Such a scene had already attracted the attention of the rest of the people in this club.
Su Zheng had just defeated three people in the ring, and his strength, among these people, was one of the best, but now he was kicked over, which naturally attracted a lot of attention.
In front of so many people, being kicked in the chest by a stranger made Su Zheng lose face, he got up from the ground with a carp and attacked towards Zhang Xuan.
Watching Su Zheng’s movements, Zhang Xuan sat on the sofa from the beginning to the end.
“You move too slowly.” Zhang Xuan softly spoke, when Su Zheng rushed to him, once again a kick out, accurate kick in Su Zheng’s knee.
Su Zheng, who was rushing forward, stumbled and knelt right in front of Zhang Xuan.
Such a scene made the whole combat hall widen their eyes.
Su Zheng felt a sense of humiliation in his heart, in front of so many people, and his favorite woman was also present, he made such an action!
Su Zheng yelled out and was about to get up.
“Weak.” Zhang Xuan laughed disdainfully, his voice clearly reaching Su Zheng’s ears, followed by Zhang Xuan getting up and obediently using his knee on Su Zheng’s jaw.

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