Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 340

With a single sentence, Zhang Xuan made the tense atmosphere between him and Su Lie, climb to the extreme.
Su Lie subconsciously squeezed his fist and stared at Zhang Xuan, after a few seconds, Su Lie unclenched his fist and laughed twice, “Haha, good one looking down on me, how about we, compare?”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Yes, how would you like to compare? I remember, yesterday there is also a Su family young master said such a thing, I do not know if today out of the hospital.”
“Heh.” Su Lie laughed lightly twice, “There are just too many people who can beat a loser like Su Zheng, I’ll play with you today.”
“Okay, say the rules.”
“Very simple, the old rules, whoever can’t get up first, who loses.” Su Lie bared his teeth.
In the Nangong family cellar, Nangong Jing Yun is still interrogating the killers, they heard people say that Su Lie of the Su family has come and wants to make a move with Zhang Xuan.
“Make a move? This Su Lie came to seek death?” Nangong Jing Yun mouth subconsciously uttered.
How powerful Zhang Xuan, Nangong Jing Yun also appreciate, Nangong family as an ancient martial arts family, there is no weakness, but just more than ten of their own family together, were crushed by Zhang Xuan, this Su Lie, a junior of the Su family, what has the courage to make a move with Zhang Xuan.
“Older two, you interrogate the person first, I’ll go up and take a look, don’t let Zhang Xuan break Su Lie.” Nangong Jing Yun gave a message to Nangong Yu’s second uncle and left the cellar.
Inside the Nangong family estate, Su Lie brought people’s, surrounded the city in a circle, forming a natural ring.
Su Lie and Zhang Xuan stood in the circle, looking at each other.
Su Lie reached out and squeezed his fist, “Boy, do you know how many people, what so-called city sparring champion, provincial sparring champion, all think they are extraordinary, in the end, they still kneel before me and beg for mercy.”
Zhang Xuan smiled and shook his head, “I don’t know.”
“Arrogance!” Su Lie bellowed.
Zhang Xuan’s defeat of Su Zheng and Su Wu at the Combat Hall yesterday, Su Lie had heard about it, even so, he would be this confident, enough to see that his strength had surpassed the older generation of the Su family, this kind of person, the arrogance in his heart was great, and it could be said that among his peers, he was already invincible.
As soon as Nangong Jing Yun came out from the cellar, he saw the people brought by the Su family in a circle, he accelerated his steps and said Lang Sheng: “Su Lie Xian nephew, when did you come, and did not give me as an uncle to say?”
Nangong Jingyun pushed aside the people brought by the Su family and walked into the circle.
Su Lie saw Nangong Jing Yun’s two black eyes faintly, then said: “Uncle Nangong, came in a hurry, thought not to trouble you, today is mainly to come, to guard some curse.”
Nangong Jing Yun waved his hand, “Su Lie Xian nephew, do not hear any gossip, let the water washed away the Dragon King Temple, come come come, uncle this some good tea, you came this time, first to your father to bring back some.”
Nangong Jing Yun said, want to take Su Lie to leave, he really does not want Su Lie and Zhang Xuan fight, in case Zhang Xuan hit a little heavier, this Su Lie hit a long and two short, this in their own home, they are not good to Su family.
Nangong Jing Yun is such a thought, but Su Lie is not sure what Nangong Jing Yun really think, Su Lie spoke: “Uncle, this is between me and him, you should leave it alone for now, it will be over soon.”
“I mean don’t fight either, brother Su, it’s not much fun to fight and fight.” Another voice sounded, Nangong Yu’s cousin, his face was putting on a bag of ice, came over, he also did not want to watch Su Lie get beaten up, not heartbroken Su Lie, just this surname Su was beaten up in the Nangong family, the back of the trouble is still a lot of it.
“That is, I think fighting this kind of thing, no meaning at all, in the future, we should come to some civil combat.” Nangong Yu’s cousin also came over, his face also put on an ice bag, eyes scornfully looked at Zhang Xuan, really do not understand, a person so young, how to have such a good body.
The people of the Nangong family are discouraging Su Lie, meaning that they want Su Lie not to make a fool of himself.
Su Lie looked at the three people and said, “Everyone, people of our generation, themselves admire martial arts, and everyone knows that I, Su Lie, love Yu’er, what is happening now, is not just a simple matter of fighting for power, this has nothing to do with the Nangong family, it is just a personal grudge between me and this kid, it is better for you not to interfere.”
“Ai.” Nangong Jing Yun sighed, “Since Su Lie’s nephew has said so, there is nothing I can do.”
“Brother Su Lie, I really don’t want to see you guys fight.” Nangong Yu’s cousin said seriously.
“Don’t worry, this will be over soon.” Su Lie said with confidence.
Nangong Yu’s cousin nodded, “With Su Lie’s strength, it will indeed be over very soon.”
The meaning of Nangong Yu’s cousin’s words was that Su Lie was too weak and was like a mayfly shaking a tree compared to Zhang Xuan, but in Su Lie’s ears, it didn’t mean that.
Su Lie nodded his head, “Not bad, it will indeed be over soon.”
Since dissuasion is ineffective, the Nangong family several people also do not intend to speak again, they should do what has been done, is Su Lie bent to take their own humiliation, Su family can not blame their heads.
Su Lie stared at Zhang Xuan and sneered, “Kid, do you choose your own way of death, or do I choose for you?”
Zhang Xuan shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever.”
“In that case, I’ll choose for you!” Su Lie bellowed, then fiercely rushed towards Zhang Xuan.
Su Lie’s movements, in the eyes of the onlookers, were incomparably swift, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, they were broken at every turn.
For the Su Family, Zhang Xuan would not hold back his hand, and because of Lin Qinghan’s relationship, anyone who was involved with the Su Family would have to endure Zhang Xuan’s wrath.
When Su Lie rushed to Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan, who had been standing there without moving, raised his knee violently, and Zhang Xuan’s movement was not something that Su Lie could react to.
A sharp pain came from Su Lie’s abdomen, Su Lie’s face showed a painful look, his eyes were full of shock, he didn’t even see how Zhang Xuan struck.
Immediately afterwards, Zhang Xuan slashed at Su Lie’s neck with a hand slash, causing Su Lie to black out and almost faint. Zhang Xuan grabbed Su Lie’s hair in a smooth manner and slammed Su Lie’s face with his elbow, and as a piece of blood gradually came out, several teeth flew out from Su Lie’s mouth and landed on the ground.
Abusive killing! Absolute sadistic killing!
At this moment, Zhang Xuan showed the Nangong family a few people, a drenching violent aesthetics, a few simple movements, full of percussion, if not seen with their own eyes, the Nangong family a few people would even think that this is in a movie.
Su Lie, who was so confident one second ago, and who was so wild that he wanted to choose a death method for Zhang Xuan, now couldn’t even say the words he was beaten.
When several people from the Nangong family thought that Zhang Xuan would just let the matter go, Zhang Xuan grabbed Su Lie’s hair and hit him with several consecutive knees to Su Lie’s face.
Nangong Yu saw with his own eyes that Su Lie’s high nose was completely deformed by Zhang Xuan’s knees, making people feel a pang of flesh pain just by looking at it.

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