Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 348

The might of the Island of Light envelops any part of this world.
There was no one who did not fear the power of the Island of Light.
When Su Yu saw the black card, he completely understood that the other party did, indeed, have the ability to destroy the Su family.
The light island is a place of strict hierarchy, if not in the light island has real power, even with the identity of the hell walker, will not just make big moves, each hell walker, are very clear what their duties are.
Su Yu looked at Zhang Xuan in front of him, he did not understand how that niece of his, how to get connected with the Island of Light.
“Remember, what should compensate her, you have to do well by yourself.” Zhang Xuan looked deeply at Su Yu and left the Su family hall with a step.
The moment Zhang Xuan walked out of the door, Su Yu took a long breath and got up from the ground.
Zhu Yuanjiu sighed, “Hey, what he said, you should not take it as a child’s play, do not let the old Su family business, destroyed in your generation’s hands ah.”
Zhu Yuanjiu finished, patted Su Yu’s shoulder and walked out of the hall.
Nangong Jing Yun looked at Su Yu, did not say anything, at the same time Su family accident, Nangong Jing Yun also felt a trace of sadness.
Nangong family and Su family, the same Yanjing two ancient martial arts family, Su family in front of the Bright Island, so unbearable, their own Nangong family, and how good can it be? Maybe in the eyes of others, the Nangong family, is a huge thing, but in the eyes of such forces as the Island of Light, but just ants.
A group of people left the Su family.
The martial law on the periphery of the Su family has been lifted, and the public declared that it was a fire drill to raise people’s awareness of fire safety.
But Zhu Yuanjiu and others know clearly, just now if Su Yu’s attitude is a little bit wrong, this time, it is not as simple as the external declaration drill.
The original lively, like to pull Zhang Xuan’s arm, call him little brother Zhu Ling at the moment followed behind Zhang Xuan, eyes some fearful look at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan, who was walking at the front, suddenly turned back and looked at Zhu Ling, “Girl.”
“Ah?” Zhu Ling scared a shiver.
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhu Ling’s appearance, helplessly smiled, “Why, am I that scary?”
Zhu Ling subconsciously nodded, then shook his head, “No, no, no, you’re not scary at all.”
Zhang Xuan slapped his head and looked at Zhu Yuanjiu, “Old man, are you always using my name to scare your granddaughter?”
Zhu Yuanjiu smiled awkwardly.
From Zhu Yuanjiu’s smile, Zhang Xuan understood that this old thing definitely did not use his own name to scare people, which Zhang Xuan has long seen strange, many underground forces, treating that kind of naughty junior, will take out Satan’s name to scare their own children, over time, Satan’s name, in the eyes of many people, is the same as a cannibalistic demon.
But people who live in Bright Island are very clear, Lord Satan, is not what the outside world rumors, in Bright Island, Zhang Xuan is very beloved.
Zhang Xuan looked at Nangong Yu again and gave a laugh, “Little slug, a few years not see, have grown into a big girl.”
Nangong Yu’s pretty face flushed and pouted, “You’re the slug!”
Nangong Jing Yun stood aside, somewhat puzzled, whispered in Nangong Yu’s ear and asked, “Daughter, what is your situation here, is not the little ……Satan adult your boyfriend?”
“Father, I know his identity before which ah, is I invited back to lie to you.” Nangong Yu rolled his eyes.
“Ah?” Nangong Jing Yun was a little confused, murmuring in a voice only he could hear, “I thought our Nangong family had turned over ……”
“Well, I’ll leave now, Zhu girl, little snot, Nangong uncle, these two days, thanks for your hospitality, when you have the chance, go to Yinzhou, my wife and I will treat you to dinner.” Zhang Xuan said hello to a few people and waved goodbye.
“You really got married?” Nangong Yu still had some disbelief, the king of the underground world, Lord Satan, if he got married, it would be earth-shattering, but now there was not a sound.
“Mm ah.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “Let’s go first ah.”
In Nangong Yu’s eyes, was a loss that could not be concealed.
Zhu Yuanjiu walked up and whispered to Zhang Xuan, “Don’t rush to leave first, I have something that I have to tell you.”
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhu Yuanjiu suspiciously and nodded his head.
After bidding farewell to each other, Zhang Xuan gradually walked away amidst the lost gazes of Nangong Yu and Nangong Jingyun.
Zhu Ling puffed up her cheeks and glared at Zhu Yuanjiu with bright big eyes, “Grandpa, you’re lying to me, little brother Zhang Xuan isn’t mean!”
“Not mean?” Zhu Yuanjiu’s face showed a trace of oddity, “You say he is not fierce, because you have not seen him really angry look.”
At eight o’clock in the evening, in a Yanjing tavern.
The sky was dark.
Zhang Xuan and Zhu Yuanjiu sat at a small table.
The entire tavern was antique, and all the tables and furniture were made of wood.
Zhu Yuanjiu sighed, “Times have changed so fast, in our time, there were such taverns everywhere, now, high-rise buildings, when I was your age, I didn’t even imagine that there would be so many high-rise buildings in the future.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “People live, it is necessary to imagine, I just think that in the near future, there will be a lot of unexpected things, such as extending life expectancy, restore body functions and these.”
Zhu Yuanjiu laughed, “It’s your Bright Island that is researching these, right?”
“It seems that something has really gone wrong.” Zhang Xuan picked up a small wine cup and put it to his mouth to take a sip, “All the research of Bright Island will not be known to the outside world, now, a lot of news about the island has been flying all over the place, you deliberately told me this, what are you trying to imply to me?”
“Not only our Zhu family has problems, your Bright Island, also something happened ……” Zhu Yuanjiu stared at Zhang Xuan, “At that time you went to the European King’s Association, after a battle, disappearing traces, I tried to find you many times, did anyone tell you. ”
Zhang Xuan pondered and shook his head, “No.”
“During this time, have you not even been involved in the underground world?” Zhu Yuanjiu asked again.
“No.” Zhang Xuan continued to shake his head.
“The underground world has been chaotic, Europe, has become a pot of porridge, China has the major families as well as the bondage of the sharp edge, is still considered harmonious, a new power rising, this power, has penetrated many places, although I do not want to admit, but the fact is, we Zhu family when, there has been a change of heart, even our Zhu family have problems, the rest of some ancient martial arts Family, also have problems.”
Zhu Yuanjiu sighed: “The original you, only a few years to rise, standing at the top of the world, for us, you are a young generation, but for the next generation, now you, is already a senior, since the ancient Yangtze River after the wave pushed the wave before, you can not always invincible, someone, want to replace the light island.”

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