Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 347

Hundreds of people stood there, except for the sound made when the clothes rubbed together, there was no half a redundant sound.
Su Wu, who originally had a sneer on his face, at this moment, his gaze, became dull.
This fang ghost face mask represents what, he knows too well.
Su Wu subconsciously twisted his head and looked at the Zhang Xuan beside him.
Under Su Wu’s gaze, Zhang Xuan also took out a ghost face mask from his back waist, then slowly put on his face, a dark golden ring, was Zhang Xuan on his finger, casually pull out a black card, gently thrown.
A breeze blew, the black card in the air with a cyclone, slowly fell at Su Wu’s feet.
The moment the card landed on the ground, Su Wu, who was still arrogant and unbeatable, his legs went limp and he knelt down in front of Zhang Xuan, his eyes went to the ring on Zhang Xuan’s finger and his body trembled.
“Satan ……”
Including several people in the hall, the gaze also became dumbfounded, although they could not see Zhang Xuan called those hundreds of people, but they could clearly see Zhang Xuan standing in front of the hall door, when Zhang Xuan took out that ghost face mask and put on that ring, each person, with disbelief.
“It’s him …… surprisingly it’s him ……” Nangong Yu red lips slightly trembled, no wonder so similar, temperament, personality, even the way of speaking, are so similar, it’s a person, it’s him!
Nangong Jing Yun looked at the masked Zhang Xuan, reached out and pinched his thigh, incredulous: “Girl, when did you take down the Bright Island’s island master?”
Zhu Ling’s mouth opened wide, as if it could have stuffed an egg.
As for Su Wu’s father, it was a pale face.
Zhang Xuan turned around and glanced at the middle of the hall.
Just this glance made everyone in the hall, including Zhu Yuanjiu, have a feeling of cold hairs exploding.
Zhang Xuan reached out and closed the door of the hall.
In the moment the door closed, the people in the room, through the gap, saw a splash of bright red spray.
Zhu Yuanjiu counted silently in his heart.
Nineteen seconds later, the door was opened from the outside, the station outside the room Su Wu, as well as Su Wu called the thirty or so people, all disappeared, there was not the slightest trace of blood at the door.
The only person standing in front of the door was Zhang Xuan, taking off the ring, taking off the mask, the others, as if they had never appeared in general.
Sweat dampened Su Wu’s father’s old face, he could already think, how is his son now.
At this time, Nangong Jing Yun’s phone rang, Nangong Jing Yun carefully picked up the phone, and heard Nangong Yu second uncle’s voice ringing in the phone.
“Big brother, what’s the situation, I let the people closest to the Su family rush over first, but all the people within five kilometers of the Su family are under martial law, saying that the Su family’s Zhuang Yuan is on fire and no one survived.”
Nangong Yu’s second uncle’s words, through the phone, reached the ears of everyone in the house.
Nangong Jing Yun took a deep breath, looked at Zhang Xuan, his eyes full of awe, he did so, is already ready to destroy the Su family ah!
What happened to the Su family soon caught the attention of the Su family head.
Su Group in financial terms, was suppressed by all sides, Su Yu as the Su family modern family head, the year in fifty, did not sit in the manor, but busy in the company, at this moment is worried about the company, heard outside the Su family fire, no one survived the news.
This makes Su Yu the first time to return to the Su family estate, when he saw the intact Su family, the heart understood, Su family, provoked the big man.
Su Yu returned to the manor, the entire manor looked very cold, the air was filled with a faint smell of blood, so Su Yu’s heart rose a burst of bad premonition.
A cry came from the hall.
Su Yu rushed to the hall and saw Zhu Yuanjiu, as well as Nangong Jinyun and others, sitting in their seats, his own second uncle, who was currently kneeling there, with his legs already broken.
Su Yu gaze swept a circle, in the main seat, saw a youth, this youth he had a little impression, these two days, Su family rumors of many junior fighting, Su Yu also know, Su Zheng and Su Lie, was injured by this person in front of him.
Now look, this youth sitting at the main seat, even the Zhu family’s old man can only sit on the side, it can be seen that this youth, is not an ordinary junior just.
“You are the current head of the Su family?” Zhang Xuan looked at Su Yu and spoke in a questioning tone.
Su Yu frowned, “Who is your Excellency.”
“Su Yu!” Zhu Yuanjiu, who was sitting on the side, shouted sternly, “If you don’t want to ruin your Su family, answer his question properly, otherwise, no one can protect you!”
Once Su Yu heard this, his heart had already cooled a great deal, even the Zhu family’s old man said this, it seems that the identity of this youth is something that he simply cannot provoke.
Su Yu nodded, “Yes, I am the head of the Su family.”
Zhang Xuan asked again, “Do you know that there is a woman surnamed Lin in Yinzhou, named Lin Qinghan?”
Su Yu looked slightly dull and nodded, “Yes, that’s my niece.”
“A good niece.” Zhang Xuan sneered and suddenly drank, “Niece, is that what you use to kill!”
Zhang Xuan’s voice was like a thunderclap, causing Su Yu to unconsciously take two steps back, “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”
“Don’t understand?” Zhang Xuan sneered, “Let me ask you, how much do you know about sending to Yinzhou to kill Lin Qinghan?”
“Kill Lin Qinghan?” Su Yu’s expression changed greatly, “Who dares to kill Lin Qinghan?”
Zhang Xuan got up, slowly walked to Su Yu, waved his hand and heavily slapped Su Yu’s face.
This slap from Zhang Xuan caused Su Yu to fly out and fall on the ground, losing two teeth.
Su Yu’s heart was horrified, the other side of this slap, he could not even react, and the force, a big heart-breaking.
“As the head of the Su family, you don’t even know that someone is trying to kill your niece?” Zhang Xuan sneered at Su Yu, and then his gaze locked onto Su Wu’s father.
Su Yu instantly understood what was going on and glared at Su Wu’s father, “Second Uncle, what have you done!”
Su Wu’s father knelt there, his face full of blood, without saying a word.
“Don’t ask him, he can’t talk anymore.” Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out faintly.
Su Yu looked at his second uncle, and his gaze subconsciously moved to Zhu Yuanjiu and the others.
Zhu Yuanjiu and Nangong Jing Yun, are full of sadness looking at Su Yu, the tang Su family, also has a place in Yanjing, but because of provoking the wrong people, but also to cease to exist.
Zhang Xuan’s voice, once again sounded in Su Yu’s ears.
“Your Su family, guilty of her mother and daughter, I do not want to see similar things happen again, otherwise Su family, there is no need to exist, understand what I said?” Zhang Xuan took out a black card and threw it in front of Su Yu.
Su Yu looked at the black card in front of him, and his mood was hard to calm down.
“Hellwalker …… Bright Island ……”

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