Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 361

Among most ancient martial arts families, there is a transcendent mentality that one has to be superior and know things that others do not know.
Because of the rules, Liao Fan was unable to participate in the various sparring competitions, and in his heart, he also looked down on the so-called sparring champions, thinking that it was just because he didn’t participate, and over time, the arrogance in his heart would become more and more prevalent.
When he heard Zhang Xuan mention the title of champion, Liao Sheng was disdainful from the bottom of his heart.
Zhang Xuan took out his ears and deliberately said, “Who can’t say big words, I want to take the championship, I also acid others.”
“Lazy to talk nonsense with you, believe me, today you will definitely kneel here!” Liao Sheng stretched out his finger and pointed to the opposite side.
On the side, Su Cai and Su Yiran, both smiled coldly, waiting to see Zhang Xuan make a fool of himself.
Liao Sheng, dressed in white martial arts training clothes, stood there with an outstanding temperament.
“Surnamed Liao, don’t do all the bullshit there, wait I’m afraid you won’t fulfill the bet!” Zhang Cheng shouted.
“Heh, noisy!” Liao Sheng gave a fake cold cry, and then with a single step forward, he rushed towards where Zhang Xuan was.
Liao Sheng’s action was very dashing, after he rushed to Zhang Xuan, he got up and leaped, and kicked Zhang Xuan in the air with one leg, that action was as dashing as in a martial arts movie, which drew a whole lot of screams.
“So handsome!”
“Too handsome, right!”
These screams reached Liao Sheng’s ears and made him extraordinarily proud, he even thought of the scene when Zhang Xuan was hit by his own kick to the head and fell to the ground.
The smug Liao Sheng was unaware that his actions, in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, were just like a douchebag.
The most taboo for martial arts practitioners is to have an unstable center of gravity when fighting an enemy, and now Liao Sheng’s kick in the air can be said to leave him no way back, unless the strength can absolutely crush the opponent, otherwise such a strike is no different from sending death.
In the face of Liao Sheng’s kick, Zhang Xuan’s action is not as flashy as his, but more practical, raised his fist, aimed at the empty space in front of Liao Sheng’s chest, a heavy punch smashed down.
Liao Sheng jumped in the air, without any point of impact, facing Zhang Xuan’s punch, there is no way to dodge, by Zhang Xuan’s fist smashed in the chest.
This scene is a long story, but in reality, it happened in just a moment.
The girls who were screaming for Liao Sheng had just finished shouting how handsome they were, when they saw that Liao Sheng, who was kicking in the air, was smashed from the air to the ground with a “bang” as if he was hit by a heavy hammer.
This scene, very visual impact, for the people watching the battle, the brain can not help but appear a few words.
One power down ten meetings!
“What the hell is this Liao Sheng? Fancy stuff!” A boy disdainfully skimmed his mouth.
“He also kicked in the air and showed a hammer, and was smashed over with one punch.”
Originally, in many people thought that this might be a one-sided massacre belonging to Liao Sheng, or slightly evenly matched, even Zhang Cheng, thought that Zhang Xuan would have a few moves with Liao Sheng, but unexpectedly, it ended like this?
The scene of Zhang Xuan’s one-punch victory was too impactful.
Zhang Xuan looked at Liao Sheng, who was lying on the ground with a painful face, glanced at his mouth, “Just now, after talking big words for half a day, I thought I had something, but in the end, this is all?”
Liao Sheng was lying on the ground, how much he wanted to get up now and get the scene back, but the severe pain in his chest made him unable to do so at all.
The punch that Zhang Xuan had just thrown had directly broken Liao Sheng’s sternum.
“Yo, what did someone just say? Saying what the champion is nothing in his eyes, saying that others are ignorant? Now what is this doing? The appointment was initiated by you, how about the bumper?” Zhang Cheng’s mocking voice rang out.
Those two words, bumper porcelain, caused a burst of laughter.
As the president of the ancient martial arts club, Liao Sheng, with his superior strength, usually in the school, that is not less than to show their arrogant side, has long made many people upset, but because of his strength, many people are too angry to say, now this opportunity to fall on the well, the crowd naturally will not let go.
The laughter, in Liao Sheng’s ears, is so ear-splitting.
All along, he has been in school, there is a feeling of beating all invincibles, this is the first time he was defeated, and in front of so many people, in such a direct way.
Zhang Xuan raised his head and scanned the crowd of ancient martial arts club members standing on the side, “Is there a referee for this competition? I should have won, right?”
“This is also considered winning? Our president didn’t concede defeat!” A member of the Ancient Martial Arts Society stood out, he was actually the referee of this competition, if it was Zhang Xuan who had fallen to the ground, he would have rushed out at the first opportunity to announce the result, but now, the truth was not as he thought, so he had not said anything.
“Didn’t admit defeat?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows, then reached out and grabbed Liao Sheng’s waist and just lifted Liao Sheng up with one hand, lifting him over his head with one hand amidst the shocked gazes of many people.
Immediately after, along with a girl’s scream, Zhang Xuan dropped Liao Sheng heavily on the ground, the “bang”, so that people subconsciously close their eyes.
The sternum was broken and Liao Sheng was vomiting blood from the fall.
Zhang Xuan looked at the ancient martial arts club member, “How about it, still not announced?”
The ancient martial arts club member clenched his teeth, anyone can see that Liao Sheng has no fighting ability at all, but he just does not want to admit the fact that the president has lost.
Zhang Xuan laughed and brought up Liao Sheng again.
“Enough, are you still a person? Our president is clearly incapable of fighting, you’re committing a foul!” The ancient martial club member shouted out.
“Then you are conceding defeat?” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes.
“Of course not, we didn’t lose, this time it was you who broke the rules first!” The Ancient Martial Arts Club members strained their necks, “Winning or losing will have to be divided next time.”
This shameless approach immediately drew a chorus of ridicule.
“Your Ancient Martial Arts Club is really full of justice!”
“I’ve seen and learned.”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “All right, since we don’t fight this time, it’s okay to fight next time, if the competition is over, next, it’s a personal grudge between me and him! ”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, a cold aura appeared in his eyes, he threw Liao Sheng on the ground, lifted his foot and stomped hard towards Liao Sheng’s palm.
“Ah!” A heart-breaking roar came out from Liao Sheng’s mouth.
Just listening to Liao Sheng’s roar, one could feel a pang of flesh pain.
Liao Sheng deliberately spread those words against Xu Wan’s reputation at school, just now Zhang Xuan also heard some on the way here, for this kind of people who hurt their own family, if Zhang Xuan can easily let him go, Satan’s name, that is all for nothing.
Zhang Xuan forcefully crushed Liao Sheng’s palm, when it was obvious that Liao Sheng’s fingers had been shortened by himself, Zhang Xuan raised his foot and stepped towards Liao Sheng’s other hand.
“Kid, stop!” A stern voice rang out from the entrance of the Ancient Martial Society.

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