Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 362

At the entrance of the ancient martial society, there stood a middle-aged man, and at this moment, this middle-aged man was striding towards Zhang Xuan here.
Zhang Xuan looked at the middle-aged man, raised his eyebrows, and the foot that had stopped in mid-air because of the other party, once again stepped on it.
Liao Sheng’s miserable scream rang out again.
The middle-aged man’s face changed because of this action of Zhang Xuan.
“Kid, you are unbridled!”
Liao Sheng rushed the middle-aged man and let out a painful cry for help, “Uncle, save me ……”
“Beat the little one, the old one to give the head?” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth showed disdain, and his foot was even harder.
“Ah!” Liao Sheng opened his mouth wide and let out a hiss.
The middle-aged man accelerated towards Zhang Xuan, and as he rushed to Zhang Xuan, he slammed his fist towards Zhang Xuan’s face.
Zhang Xuan looked at the other party with cold eyes, watching his fist enlarge in his pupils, and Zhang Xuan was just about to strike to abolish the other party’s arm when his fist stopped.
The face of the fist was only ten centimeters away from Zhang Xuan’s face.
In addition to Zhang Xuan, no matter who it seems, it is thought that Zhang Xuan did not even react, if not for the opponent’s hand, this punch will have to hit Zhang Xuan’s face.
In fact, as long as Zhang Xuan is willing, in this short distance of ten centimeters, he can post-attack, before the other party’s fist touches him, the other party’s arms will be abolished.
The middle-aged man was gasping for air and staring at Zhang Xuan with a strong struggle in his eyes.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, he knew that the other party was bound by the ancient martial arts community and did not dare to directly strike at himself.
The middle-aged man looked at the smile on Zhang Xuan’s face and hated his teeth, but he did, indeed, not dare to make a move, once this fist was struck, the consequences were not something he could bear, and would involve the entire Liao family.
The middle-aged man glared at Zhang Xuan, lowered his voice and spoke, “Kid, I don’t know what your origin is, but I advise you, don’t mislead yourself!”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan laughed lightly and asked, “I misunderstood myself? This matter, didn’t your Liao family start it?”
“You have crossed the line!”
“If I were the one lying here now, would you stand up and say something like that?” Zhang Xuan snickered.
Zhang Xuan lifted the foot that was placed on Liao Sheng’s hand, Liao Sheng’s palm, at this moment, had been completely deformed, ten fingers, all of them were broken by Zhang Xuan’s tread, Liao Sheng himself, was also weak, and could faint to death at any moment.
“You are arrogant, I hope you have the capital to be arrogant, don’t let me down!” The middle-aged man let out a vicious sentence, bent down to pick up Liao Sheng, and shouted at the members of the Ancient Martial Arts Society to call an ambulance.
Faced with the middle-aged man’s threat, Zhang Xuan’s face indifferent, threatening him, he has seen too many people, but none of them can do what they say.
Su Cai and Su Yiran stood aside, their faces were very unattractive, they did not expect that Liao Sheng was so defeated, this Lin Qinghan’s husband, in the end what kind of person!
Su Cai and Su Yiran looked at Zhang Xuan just in time to welcome Zhang Xuan’s gaze.
In Zhang Xuan’s gaze, Su Cai and Su Yiran, saw a sneer, a contempt, such a gaze, making the two very uncomfortable in their hearts.
Ever since they came to Yinzhou, the two of them had a superior heart, and their status as Su family members made them look down on anyone, and now being treated like this by Zhang Xuan made them extraordinarily angry, such a mentality was like a person being provoked by an ant, and they couldn’t wait to trample the ant to death.
A fight that ended in such a way made many people sigh.
Liao Sheng had been arrogant in Yinda for a long time, and this time he was defeated by someone with a thunderbolt, which also made many people feel relieved in their hearts.
Zhang Xuan chatted with Xu Wan and the three of them had classes in the afternoon, so Zhang Xuan left first.
Just out of the gates of Silver University, five Audi A6, stopped in front of Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan glanced at one of the cars and saw the middle-aged man, the uncle of Liao Sheng.
The door of the Audi A6 opened, and from each car came down two strong men in black, blocking Zhang Xuan, one of them sneered at Zhang Xuan and said, “Kid, come with us.”
Zhang Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent face, “Let’s go.”
Zhang Xuan had already thought that the other side would retaliate, but did not expect it to come so quickly, just as well, this matter will be resolved sooner or later, so take advantage of today to finish.
Two strong men pressed Zhang Xuan into an Audi A6, and then raised the dust and left.
Zhang Xuan got into the car, was put on a hood, for such tricks, Zhang Xuan has long been accustomed to, even wearing a hood, he can clearly know how long the car has been driving, at which intersection to turn, his brain, there has been a whole map of Yinzhou.
In Zhang Xuan’s heart silently counted to one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six seconds, the vehicle stopped, at the same time, the hood over the head was also removed.
Zhang Xuan took a glance, at this time the car has driven to an estate.
According to the route he came, Zhang Xuan concluded that it was a date farm not far from the city.
“Go down!” A strong man shoved Zhang Xuan and pushed him out of the car.
When he got out of the car, Zhang Xuan saw that more than ten strong men, were standing with their bodies straight, and Liao Sheng, that uncle, was also standing not far away.
Inside the manor, there is a stone chess table, two old men with white hair, is sitting in front of the chess table playing, for the captured Zhang Xuan, the two did not look at a glance.
“Ai, I put this piece of black pieces here, and you don’t move.” An old man sighed.
The other old man smiled, “This black seed of yours is tempting, but it is not something I can eat whenever I want, put this black seed here, I can still continue to develop, if I eat these black seeds of yours, I may not be able to withstand it in the face of your backlash ah.”
Liao Sheng’s uncle walked up to the two old men and said to the old man who was holding the black seeds, “Family head, the man is brought.”
“Hmm.” The old man with the black piece nodded, glanced at Zhang Xuan, and spoke to the old man with the white piece in front of him, “You all know how important that black piece is to me, it’s my last hope for this game, poor my eldest son left early, my Liao family has been passed down for so long, and now it’s a single lineage, but by chance, my poor grandson was broken in the sternum and his hands were ruined. You say, this matter, I care or not?”
The old man smiled, “Management is to manage, but pay attention to the way, you know, I as the manager of this area, do not make it difficult for me to do.”
Old man Blackie nodded, got up, patted the dust on his legs, looked at Zhang Xuan and opened his mouth to ask: “Kid, which family are you from? Don’t play dumb with me, although I’m old, my eyes are not confused.”
Old man Bai Zi also got up and took out a wooden token, “Young man, old Liao asked you a question, you answer truthfully, otherwise, I can’t protect you.”

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