Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 377

Cheng Guang this sentence who the hell are you ah, let Xiao Bo face hard to see the extreme, this is so many people watching it, their beloved woman is still sitting here.
Xiao Bo now wants to curse back, but he did not dare, lend him five guts, he did not dare to have a little disrespect to Cheng Guang.
Xiao Bo put on a smile and looked at Cheng Guang, “Brother Cheng, I am Xiao Bo, Xiao Sheng is my uncle.”
“Who the hell is a brother with you, what are you?” Cheng Guang looked at Xiao Bo with an unhappy face, he was a total dude, “Xiao Sheng is your uncle? His son came, also fucking have to look at the old man, you think you are great?”
“This ……” Xiao Bo looked ugly, his eyes subconsciously swept his own table, found that the crowd are looking at themselves with a strange gaze, which made him a face burning.
“What, I’m here to teach people, you want to be a fucking bird? Don’t look at what you are yourself, and give you face, what face do you have?” Cheng Guang looked at Xiao Bo with a snicker.
Xiao Bo was scolded by Cheng Guang, did not dare to say a word.
There are two tables next to hear Cheng Guang’s scolding sound, turned his head to see Cheng Guang, immediately moved away.
Cheng Guang has how the second generation, many people have heard, offended Cheng Guang, that can have suffered.
Cheng Guang scolded Xiao Bo did not even dare to talk back, just the confidence, now disappeared without trace.
“Damn it, just like you, still have the face to come to our Cheng family dinner, bah!” Cheng Guang said, a mouthful of saliva. Cheng Guang said, a mouthful of saliva spat onto the table of food, “Let you eat!”
After saying that, Cheng Guang left with a big step.
Zhang Xuan still gnawing on the chicken leg in his hand, just ready to go to clip the dish, saw a mouthful of thick spit fall on the plate in front of him, this scene, let Zhang Xuan’s face, became gloomy cold down.
Seeing Cheng Guang leave, Xiao Bo, and Xiao Bo’s friends, and their table, all relieved, who just worried about Cheng Guang’s attention, then the future of life can not be easy, but fortunately, the Cheng family son did not bother with himself.
Looking at Cheng Guang’s departing back, everyone had a hint of gratitude.
“Stop, who told you to go?” A low shout sounded from their table.
In this low voice sounded at the same time, all hearts jumped a little, who ah, he damn this is not looking for death!
The crowd looked toward the person who spoke.
“Zhang Xuan, if you want to die, don’t drag us into it!” A man glared viciously at Zhang Xuan.
“Yes, what are you doing?”
A person sitting next to Zhang Xuan, forcefully moved the stool, away from Zhang Xuan a little.
Cheng Guang walked away a beat, and then slowly turned around.
Watching Cheng Guang turn around, Xiao Bo and other people’s hearts were in their throats.
The crowd looked at Zhang Xuan with the eyes of a psychopath, taking the initiative to provoke Cheng Guang, this is not a fool!
“I want to leave, who the hell dares ……” Cheng Guang turned around, cursing, the words were not finished, he swallowed into his stomach, he saw Zhang Xuan sitting on that table.
Just now, Cheng Guang did not even look at the table, naturally did not see Zhang Xuan, now see, the angry expression all of a sudden disappeared, replaced with a look of goodwill, towards Zhang Xuan this, “Aiya, brother Zhang Xuan, it is you, you said you came how not to give me a greeting.”
Previously, after Master Cheng’s birthday, after the Cheng family chose the heir, Master Cheng specifically called Cheng Guang over and gave him instructions not to mess with the son-in-law of the Lin family.
Cheng Guang arrogant, but also in front of others, in front of Elder Cheng, he obeyed just like a good baby.
Moreover, the current Cheng family, Cheng Qing is in charge, when Wang Wei gave Cheng Guang Lin family shares, Cheng Guang are honestly, the original seal returned.
Ning province military district hand Ning Changhe, some time ago suddenly fell, this matter many people are not clear inside, but Cheng Guang as Cheng family second son, naturally clear, is Ning week provoked the Lin family son-in-law, directly by the highest layer of China personally investigated, learned these, Cheng Guang scared a cold sweat, fortunately they did not offend the Lin family offended too deep, otherwise their grandfather can not protect themselves.
For Zhang Xuan, Cheng Guang is not dare to have the slightest offense.
Xiao Bo and other people, see Cheng Guang to Zhang Xuan is this attitude, let them stare in disbelief, can let Cheng Guang initiative to address as a brother, this must be what identity ah?
Zhang Xuan stood up from his seat and smiled at Cheng Guang.
Cheng Guang also hurriedly compensated a smile.
The smile on Zhang Xuan’s face suddenly disappeared and he slapped Cheng Guang’s face heavily.
Cheng Guang was Zhang Xuan this slap half of his body on the table, the rice stained face.
Originally thought Zhang Xuan and Cheng Guang relationship Xiao Bo and other people, were Zhang Xuan this action was a shock, what the situation, this is hitting people? And hit Cheng Guang?
Just when Xiao Bo and others thought Cheng Guang would be angry, but found that Cheng Guang still compensate a smile, “Brother Zhang, where did I offend you, you say is, I apologize to you.”
Cheng Guang’s attitude, once again made Xiao Bo and others stare, just now they thought that Zhang Xuan’s identity is the same as Cheng Guang, but now they found that they still underestimated Zhang Xuan, this is the person that Cheng Guang did not dare to offend ah!
Zhang Xuan grabbed Cheng Guang’s hair, pressed Cheng Guang’s head on the table, expressionless: “You spit on the table, then you will eat the whole table, no leftovers, quick.”
Although Zhang Xuan’s expression was calm, no ripples, but his words, like the cold wind of the waxing moon, made Cheng Guang’s sweat hair explode.
Cheng Guang looked at the table in front of a full eighteen dishes, face bitter, “Brother Zhang, I ……”
Cheng Guang just wanted to say something, Zhang Xuan directly picked up a porcelain plate, shattered on the table, picked up a fragment, forcefully towards the back of Cheng Guang’s hand.
The sharpness of the fragment cut through Cheng Guang’s skin, penetrated the back of his hand, and stuck on the table.
“Ah! Ah!”
Cheng Guang let out a painful shout.
Xiao Bo and the others couldn’t help but shiver as they watched Zhang Xuan’s actions, this was the second son of the Cheng family, saying that he had struck, and he didn’t hold back at all!
The people sitting at the same table with Zhang Xuan, looking at Zhang Xuan’s action, and thinking about their mockery just now, felt a pang of fear.
“If I tell you to eat, you will eat.” Zhang Xuan spoke again, his voice carrying a powerful sense of oppression.
The king of the underground world, the leader of hell, Lord Satan, his tenderness, will only be given to those he loves, other than that, no one can provoke him at will, otherwise, he would not be standing at the top of the underground world, so that everyone is in awe.
Cheng Guang’s body trembled with pain, tears could not stop flowing out, Zhang Xuan’s voice made his heart tremble, he was afraid, he was really afraid, not facing Zhang Xuan directly, could not experience the oppressive force that Zhang Xuan brought.

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