Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 381

Lin Qinghan listened to Zhang Xuan’s words and smiled sweetly, Zhang Xuan was the one who understood her so well.
“What time is the flight, do you want me to help you pack your luggage?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“No need.” Lin Qinghan shook her head, “You can accompany me to pick up mom.”
When Lin Qinghan and Zhang Xuan came out of the mausoleum, it was already almost four o’clock.
Lin Qinghan held his mother’s urn in his hand, looked at the mausoleum behind him, and murmured, “Mom, I can finally bring you home.”
“Wife, going home is a good thing, be happy.” Zhang Xuan patted Lin Qinghan’s shoulder.
Lin Qinghan revealed a smile, “Honey, then I’ll go first.”
At the entrance of the cemetery, listened to an Audi A8, responsible for Lin Qinghan’s transportation.
“Take care of yourself.” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to embrace Lin Qinghan in his arms.
Zhang Xuan this embracing action, Lin Qinghan did not have a trace of resistance, with sweetness on his face, whispered in Zhang Xuan’s ear, “Remember to think of me.”
“Thinking of me all the time.”
“Poor you.” Lin Qinghan’s pretty face flushed, “Then I’m leaving, you too, take care of yourself.”
The driver opened the car door for Lin Qinghan, who sat in the back row and waved at Zhang Xuan.
The Audi A8 left with a roar, Zhang Xuan sighed, drove into Lin Qinghan’s Mercedes GT and headed for the city.
Arriving at an ordinary residential area, Zhang Xuan took out the key from his pocket and opened the door of a room.
The room was neat and tidy, without a bit of dust, the only thing that was missing was anger.
The two pots of forget-me-nots placed on the balcony have sprouted and grown buds, and when autumn comes, they will be able to bloom completely.
Zhang Xuan’s mind, the figure of the female Tyrannosaurus rex, with her character, in the sharp edge, will certainly be desperate to train it.
Zhang Xuan picked up the shower and sprayed the water droplets on the flower bones of forget-me-not, he sat quietly in this house, waited for the time, went to the airport and boarded the plane.
The underground king has been silent for too long, and some people, even, doubt whether he is still alive in the world.
The moment Zhang Xuan stepped on the plane and headed to the Zhu family, it was destined that his name would once again ring in the ears of others.
The Zhu family, in Duhai, although not very famous, not even compared to some large corporate groups, but its power, is not small at all.
The top gentry in the sea, all know that there is such a family Zhu family exists, and even behind many gentry, have Zhu family support, Zhu family did not go to the forefront like Su, they are always behind the scenes.
Zhang Xuan to the sea, it was already late, casually found a place, ready to board early the next morning.
The night passed quietly, the next morning, Zhang Xuan out of the hotel, unlike Yinzhou morning there will be sunshine envelope, the Duhai morning, gray and dreary, let people feel depressed mood.
The Zhu family, like the Su family, does not live in the city, the entire Zhu family, all live in a large manor on the outskirts of the city, which covers an extremely large area, with its own martial arts field, farmland, and even livestock area, want to have such a large manor in the outskirts of the city, not just money on the line, need official special approval.
Although the Zhu family is not well known in the sea, but its status, that is quite powerful.
Almost every day, in front of the Zhu family, are lined with people visiting the door.
Ordinary people do not know the name of Zhu family Zhu Laozi, but those official senior, business predators, Zhu Yuanjiu’s name, but like a thunderclap.
Everyone knows that the owner of the Zhu family estate, is able to speak in the center of China’s most leadership level, such an identity, it can be said, stamping a foot, the sea are to shake three shocks.
After all, in the center of China to speak on the level, and can contact the center of the level, are two completely different concepts, that is to have real power ah!
Ordinary people do not know Zhu family, hear the surname Zhu, also feel nothing, but those Duhai red children, the third generation of rich, hear the surname Zhu, will not help but look tight, first clear each other is not from that Zhu family, if so, they have to be careful.
Zhu family Chuang gate, stood a lot of people, these people, if there are ordinary citizens standing here to see, will be surprised, this is usually will appear on the TV news, usually rare to see, at this moment a glance, there are so many.
Although there are many people in front of the Zhu family, but there are not many vehicles parked, everyone parked elsewhere and came on foot, so it is clear that the prestige of the Zhu family, in the end, how high.
Zhang Xuan came to the Zhu family once, with the route from memory, called a car and gave the driver directions.
When he was still a kilometer away from the Zhu family’s manor garden, the cab driver looked at both sides of the road with wide eyes.
“My God, what is this, all luxury cars, more luxurious than engaging in car shows, but also all licensed, look at that, is the official license plate ah, and that, five eight.”
The driver looked at the cars on both sides of the road, holding the steering wheel hands are shaking, this to accidentally encounter a, this life can not pay.
These luxury cars, lined up in a row, more than thirty meters, and further, the road is empty on both sides, not a single car.
When the cab arrived here, it was stopped by someone.
It was a middle-aged man in a police uniform, and after he stopped the cab, he knocked on the car glass.
“Hello, officer.” The cab driver shook down the glass and lost his smile.
The middle-aged policeman looked at the cab driver with an impatient face, “Who told you to drive the car here? Back off!”
The taxi driver had a bitter face and spoke up repeatedly, “Officer, there is no no no-go sign here, I drove here, this is back, this is back.”
The taxi driver didn’t even drop his words, he put on the reverse gear.
“Master, I’ll get off first, the money two-dimensional code swept to you.” Zhang Xuan opened the car door, stepped down and took a look.
Zhu family Zhuang Yuan, covers an extremely wide area, just the courtyard fence is tens of meters long.
The vermillion gate, itself, represented a status.
Zhang Xuan lifted his leg and walked towards the Zhu family’s gate. Only after two steps, he was stopped by someone, none other than the middle-aged policeman who had just pulled the cab over.
“Stop, what are you doing?”
The middle-aged policeman looked at Zhang Xuan with a wary face.
“Crosstalk, what’s up.” Zhang Xuan nudged his mouth in the direction of the Zhu family’s front door.
“Stringing doors?” The middle-aged policeman looked at Zhang Xuan’s empty-handed appearance and felt a little funny, who came to the Zhu family, that is not carrying valuable gifts, afraid that people do not accept, this kid is good, empty-handed came, think this Zhu family is what place?
“Go and register first.” The middle-aged police officer reached out and pointed to the side.
Zhang Xuan took a look, there was a registration desk, many people with handheld gifts, were standing there to register.
“You’re from the Zhu family?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously, he didn’t remember that there was this part of coming to the Zhu family.
“Mr. Ping arranged it, let you register and you go!” The middle-aged policeman said with some displeasure.

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