Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 50

Zhang Jie saw that in the box, there were several beautiful-looking, hot-bodied women who were surrounding a fat middle-aged man with a big belly, and one of them, even sitting on the middle-aged man’s lap, drinking a cross-cup with the middle-aged fat man.
“Yo, a few more beauties, come on in, have a drink.” As soon as the middle-aged fat man saw Zhang Jie, his eyes lit up and he stretched out his fat hand to Zhang Jie and kept waving it.
Sun Lan, who was standing at the door, was also shocked by the scene in front of her, she really didn’t expect that these people were playing so crazy, and she saw that the beautiful woman sitting on the middle-aged fat man was the one who entered the company with herself at that time.
“Sun Lan, come on!” A man who looked in his thirties and had a big back hair, as soon as he saw Sun Lan, his face immediately showed a look of surprise, tonight, he called these girls, the best figure and appearance, that belongs to Sun Lan, tonight he was waiting for Sun Lan to accompany the drink.
“That manager, I …… I ……” Sun Lan stood at the door, not daring to enter, his mouth stammering.
“You what you, boss Wang but asked you several times, you are late, have to punish yourself three cups first ah!” The manager winked at Sun Lan one after another.
Boss Wang is the middle-aged fat man, at this time a pair of eyes lustful stare at Sun Lan, will she from head to toe sizing up a turn, stick out his tongue, disgusted lick the lips.
“Punishment what punishment, to drink, you yourselves to drink, we came today, is to Sun Lan’s previous salary!” Zhang Jie picked up a wine glass and smashed it on the ground with a “pop”.
The sound of the glass breaking, so that the entire box into an eerie silence.
“Who the hell are you? You’re here to cause trouble?” The manager with the big back hair “miso” stood up from his seat and looked at Zhang Jie with an arrogant face, “Little girl, you’re looking for trouble in the wrong place!”
Boss Wang waved his hand at the door of the compartment, “Alas, young and ignorant, who does not have an impulsive time, sit down and have a drink with me, this matter will be considered over, how about it?”
An arrogant manager nodded at Boss Wang with a flattering smile, and then looked at Zhang Jie, “Hear Boss Wang’s words, come over and drink two glasses with Boss Wang, admit your mistakes properly, and I’ll pretend this didn’t happen.”
“I have to say no?” Zhang Jie stared at the manager.
“No?” The manager smiled, “Since you do not know how to behave, then today, no one will leave!”
The manager picked up a glass cup, threw Zhang Jie’s feet, the glass cup smashed in front of Zhang Jie, the broken glass gradually Zhang Jie a foot, at the same time, a large group of strong men appeared in the hotel corridor, oozing around the box door, as many as seven or eight people.
Zhang Xuan saw this scene, shook his head, shaking his shoulders into the box, eyes searching around to see what to take advantage of the guy.
Xu Wan saw Zhang Xuan’s action, reached out and pulled Zhang Xuan’s sleeve, shook Zhang Xuan’s head, she just look at Zhang Xuan’s appearance, all know what Zhang Xuan wants to do, for Zhang Xuan dare not to make a move on the people in this box, Xu Wan has no doubt, what Wang boss, and the manager of this modeling company, in other people’s view, may be what successful people, but in front of the Lin’s, weak as ants, Zhang Xuan then even Wang Wei said to beat, and how dare not beat these people.
“Brother-in-law, don’t do it, Zhang Jie can solve it.” Xu Wan whispered to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan was slightly surprised to look at Zhang Jie, then also understood, this woman dared to aggressively come over to find trouble, now facing so many strong men, but also a fearless face, to say that she does not have some cards, who can believe?
Thinking of this, Zhang Xuan also gave up the direct shot to cripple these people ready, simply stand beside Zhang Jie, to avoid her from any harm.
This action of Zhang Xuan, in the eyes of this group of strong men, is to look weak, he was present a big man, but also hiding behind a woman.
“I say little sister, this is not the helper you hired, right?” The manager looked at Zhang Xuan and snickered.
Zhang Jie coldly snorted, “Who my helper is, you’ll know later!”
“Wait?” The manager laughed, then his voice suddenly became ruthless, “I want all of you to kneel down now, do it!”
The manager gave an order, those who surrounded the door of the box, immediately rushed in, the leader of a strong man, with a grim smile at the corner of his mouth, reached out and grabbed towards Zhang Jie’s body.
The rest of the people, also unsuspectingly towards Xu Wan and Sun Lan grabbed.
A cold glint flashed in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, his waist twisted gently, and one hand clenched his fist, ready to fire.
Just then, a loud roar rang out from outside the box.
“I’ll fucking see who dares to touch them!”
Before the voice fell, a group of young people with sticks in their hands rushed in from outside the box, and after a cursory glance, there were no less than twenty of them.
The appearance of this group of young people, so the manager called the strong man to stop the action of the hands, dare not move.
The next thing you see is the eyeliner-painted Zhang Cheng walking in from outside the box, in Zhang Cheng’s side, also followed by his two brothers, as well as two female college students dressed flamboyantly and wearing heavy makeup.
Zhang Cheng just walked into the box, the group of youths holding sticks bowed their heads in unison and shouted Brother Cheng.
Zhang Cheng nodded in satisfaction, boasted handsome lit a cigarette into his mouth, put his gaze on the manager, “I heard at school, there is a scum forced our school students out to do, today I think I caught you, not small, even Xiao Lan’s idea dare to hit?”
“Who are you people?” The manager frowned at Zhang Cheng, he specializes in public relations, although Zhang Cheng appeared to be very young, but its body wearing this brand name, so the manager did not dare to take lightly.
“I’m from the Green Leaf Society, have you heard of it?”
“Green Leaf Society!” When the manager heard this name, his face showed a touch of shock, they themselves with some association color, for this silver city underground association leader, naturally scorned three points.
“It seems that you have heard, since you have heard, you should know, our boss Lei Gong once sent a message, you scum, do not put the idea to the Silver State University, you fucking deaf to it? Do you want me to tell my boss, Brother Pao?” Zhang Cheng took a wooden stick from a youth and looked at the manager with a threatening face.
“This ……” the manager looked at these people Zhang Cheng brought, and then looked at Boss Wang, in this moment, he thought about the pros and cons of the relationship, and then immediately put his head down, “Sorry, it’s us who crossed the line. ”
“Still don’t get lost?” Zhang Cheng’s eyebrows crossed.
The manager gestured to the girls in the compartment one after another, not daring to stay a moment longer himself, and ran out of the compartment like a flee.
Those strong men called by the manager took a look and also retreated.
The girls in the compartment you look at me, I look at you, and finally one of them led the way out, the rest also followed, the belly of Boss Wang which dare to face such a battle alone, the more than 20 young people armed with sticks, scared his legs and stomach are shaking, bent over, did not say a word, did not even dare to look at Zhang Cheng ran out of the compartment.

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